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 The End of Heartache

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Kale Mercer

Kale Mercer

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The End of Heartache Empty
PostSubject: The End of Heartache   The End of Heartache I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 23, 2014 12:33 pm

The scene fades to an empty Los Angeles, California street, or so it seems. All the lights flicker and eventually go out. The street is completely empty, no signs of any life, no signs of anything. All but one of the street lights goes out, leaving this eerie feeling on the dark, seemingly empty street. Suddenly, you see someone emerging from the darkness, walking slowly.

The End of Heartache | ???
“You hear that? That’s silence. Silence is a true friend who never betrays. Silence is a source of great strength. Silence is serenity.”

After hearing the voice of the mysterious being, you can at least make it out to be a man. He draws closer and closer to the single, dim light. Right as he’s about to step into the light, the man stops. He closes his eyes. You can now see what’s going through his mind. He pictures the street being filled with people, then he shows up and rips every single last person’s heads’ off. The man opens his eyes again and smiles. He steps halfway into the light and halfway out.

The End of Heartache | ???
“I’m Kale Mercer… And I’m, ‘The Ripper’.”

Kale rolls his neck back and you can hear it crack a few times. He drops his head and takes a deep breath.

The End of Heartache | Kale Mercer
“A lot of people go on a tangent of explain who they are, why they are who they are, and what they plan on doing when they first enter a company. Usually, I don’t follow what people do. I’m my own man. I do whatever comes to my mind without a second thought. You people need to know what you’re up against now that I’m here. Here’s my brief history…”

Kale closes his eyes again and sighs.

The End of Heartache | Kale Mercer
“I fell in love with the woman of my dreams, she left me, I was broken, I shut off my humanity, and now I don’t feel a thing. That was the end of my heartache. Shutting off your humanity is shutting off any bad feelings you get. When you shut off your humanity… well… you turn into the monster that I am. You don’t second guess anything you do. You’re free from the hurt, the pain, the suffering every human being withstands in their weak, pathetic lives. I’m free. I don’t feel a thing. This is the best I’ve ever felt. Now, so you all know the destruction I can cause since my humanity is off, let me show you something…”

Kale walks over to a breaker unit and flips the switches. All the street lights turn on, revealing a street full of unconscious bodies, laying lifeless on the street. Kale walks over and lifts one of the bodies arm’s up, then lets it drop. He stands up, acts like he’s wiping his hands off by clapping them together, and smiles.

The End of Heartache | Kale Mercer
“Oh, don’t worry. They’re still alive. They’ll just be in a hell of a lot of pain when they wake up. They won’t remember a single thing that happened to them and how they even got to this street. But, now you know. This is what happens. I get bored and I do this. Imagine this happening to a single person in the middle of the ring. The carnage will be unbearable for most. For me, it’s just a hobby.”

Kale begins to walk in between the bodies, just walking back and forth.

The End of Heartache | Kale Mercer
“Xtreme Mayhem Wrestling had no choice but to sign me and immediately put me into the Main Event of the first Affliction. I am Mayhem. I am Xtreme. I am Xtreme Mayhem Wrestling. I am the face of this company. Whether you see it now or later, you will know. You will cringe. You will lose your breath at the sound of my name. Your heart will drop when you see my face. On the first Affliction, I’m up against two individuals that have already made me want to rip their heads off. If this is who is stacked up against me in my first match, I’m not quite sure everyone will be too satisfied with what’s in store for them. We have a wannabe gangster with a dog he put on steroids, which is quite illegal and could get him thrown out of here for, and then this Miles character that thinks I’ll be revealed as a fraud. It’s shit like this that just makes me so glad I’m here to rid of someone like this. Let me clear something up… No one has ever heard of me. I’m a completely new obstacle for everyone to try and go through. You can doubt me all you want, all you’ll get is disappoint and regret for doubting me in the first place. You see, right below my feet, is my work. This was just because I was bored. Imagine inside a ring with me… It’s that nightmare that no person wants to have, let alone, live. I am a walking nightmare. I can promise you, I’m not getting revealed as this fraud that you’re making me out to be so that you can make yourself feel better while you just talk your mouth off. I will win this battle, I will win this war. It’s impossible for me to lose. You might as well pack your bags and head on out of here far, far, away. You too, TLA. Bring your ‘dawg’, bring everything you got, you’ll lose it all right in front of your eyes.”

Coming to an abrupt halt, Kale clenches his fists and walks over to the breaker unit. He flips the switch as all the lights go off on the street, except one light that just flickers off and on. Kale steps under that light.

The End of Heartache | Kale Mercer
“I’m aware that no one knows who I am, but maybe after this message you have a clear understanding of who and what I am and what you should do to avoid getting your head ripped off. Adrian, this goes to you too. You’re my partner this week, but most of the time I don’t work well with others. You do your job, I’ll do mine, we’ll be good to go. As for you, Miles and TLA, I’m not sure if you understand yet, but you will in due time."

The light flickers on for a second. The camera zooms in closer on Kale’s face, making his blue eyes noticeable.

The End of Heartache | Kale Mercer
“Matt Miles… TLA…”

The light flickers off, then back on. Kale’s eyes turned from blue to bright red and every vein in his body can be seen, even some veins under his eyes.

The End of Heartache | Kale Mercer
“Your Final Judgement is coming. Whether it may be on Affliction, next week, or at the first FPV. Whenever it may be… Your Final Judgement is coming.”

Kale forms a grin on his face as the camera starts to fade. The light flickers off.

The camera fades to black.
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The End of Heartache
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