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 Ultimate destroyers tryout tape leaked

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PostSubject: Ultimate destroyers tryout tape leaked    Ultimate destroyers tryout tape leaked  I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 23, 2014 9:58 pm

The XMW is having a tryout battle royal in an old gym for new talent and over 25 people were sent an invite and he was one of them but they were wary almost scared of letting him in becuase rumors were he killed people in matches maybe accidently and maybe not >

the people fill out the application and then physicals and what not ..well everyone but him since hes had wrestling experience he can skip the amature stuff

The battle is about ot begin

XMW ref  "ok this just a tryout so theres no need to kill each other over it so just show us some talent ..... its a 45 minute match"

the bell rings and every one comes out 4 and 5 at a time doing wrestling moves and guys are getting slammed around and armbarred clotheslined and such

then all of a sudden alarms and sirens fill the air and destroyer runs down to the ring and does a lap with a permanent look of fury among the black and white face point .. muscles rippling lke there about ready to explode ..he jumped up to the ring apron and grabbed the first person he was near lifting him up by the hair and punching him in the throat and dropping him on the floor

he then grabs one of the girls and oddly backhands her just hard enough for her to fall over the ropes on the apron and he shoves her off like hes being nice about it

Now seing no more women in the ring he roars loudly and wades in the pile of people just clubbing everyone in his way not giving a rats ass of a tinkers damn if they live or die he sees someone down and just stomps his face into a pulp standing on his chest and punting him in the chin nearly taking his head off  

The EMT's  look on in horror as they drag the maimed and bleeding person out of the ring he knocks down one guy and grabs him by the ankels and raises him up over head and slams him into the turnbuckle then flipping him over for the elimnation.

The last dozen or so guys are rethinking the fight and some are jumping over themselves so they can live to fight another day

Theres about 4 guys willing ot fight it out and they all rush UT as a group and he catches one in the head with a fist clotheslining another he grabs them both and climbs the top rope with his hand around each ones throat and he does a flying choke slamin the middle of the ring taking the two and anyones else there > The others having seen and having had enough they bail on the ring leaving ud standing there alone roaring and pounding his chest>

The ref nods and rings the bell and hope he calms down to sign the contract hoping he dosent pay for bringing this monster in
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Ultimate destroyers tryout tape leaked
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