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 Promo #1.2: I'll wait

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Samuel King

Samuel King

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Promo #1.2: I'll wait Empty
PostSubject: Promo #1.2: I'll wait   Promo #1.2: I'll wait I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 24, 2014 4:35 am

This man Antonio is definitely compensating for something I mean who pays a million dollars for a hotel room he is going to be in for like 4 hours? I mean that's why he has to devour women because he ain't go shit else to offer they ass. You know what they saw you are what you eat, so what does that make you? Well simple you could take it two ways you eat pussy, you a pussy. However if you want to claim you eat women, then that makes you a bitch. Either way from how I am looking at it it's not a good look for you and I hope that this knowledge will help you make better decisions in what you do in the future. Some niggas never learn, I plead to you, don't be one of them.

Other than the ludicrous amount of money it also shows how selfish he is, all that wasted money. That's not even the part I am upset about he tried to mock the relationship that I have with my mom. I mean people just don't think they are capable of disrespect. It's okay you just don't understand black parents, I wish I would even try to pretend to threaten my mom I'd be 6 feet under so quick you would swear I was in the middle of a sentences before I was buried. See you white people don't understand you be 12 years old cussing your mother out, if I said a replacement cuss words I got my a--. See got me paranoid I was having flashbacks and almost couldn't finish my thought.

By the way it wasn't the words body and oil that made you gay it was you imagining MY body and oil. That word faggotry, ignoring the fact that that's not even a word, don't mean nothing but a cover up to me. You still gayer than Neil Patrick Harris at a Pride Parade. I mean have you seen some of them pictures? The women be looking hot as a fat girls pussy in the middle of the desert in the summer. Lawd Jesus every time I look at them I just feel sin creep into my heart. I just want them, wait ride me until the wheel fall off. Enough about the immense possibilities I have tonight. I didn't come here for this I wanted to ask you a question.

What exactly do I have to be jealous of I am God's gift to women and your gift to wrestling, so where should I be envious of you. The first show of this company hasn't even been recorded you and I are in the same place, meaning we are in the same position in the company, and both of our records say 0-0. You're not in the main event, you're wrestling Samuel King somewhere between the beginning and the match before the main event. I mean explain to me what you have that I don't at this point? That's fine I can wait.......

Promo #1.2: I'll wait NdV8YfZ

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Promo #1.2: I'll wait
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