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 Promo #4: You gon' learn Sunday, son

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Promo #4: You gon' learn Sunday, son Empty
PostSubject: Promo #4: You gon' learn Sunday, son   Promo #4: You gon' learn Sunday, son I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 24, 2014 5:14 pm

(A-Will, rubbing sweat off his face and body with a drying towel, is walking from the gym around the corner back to his hotel. Before he walks through the gates, he looks to his left and sees the same XMW truck in the same spot as it was this morning. A-Will walks towards the truck while saying something.)

A-Will: This will be hilarious. Let's see what new loads of garbage this idiot managed to come up with.

(A-Will chuckles. When he got to the van, the same camera man is in the truck, sitting in front of the steering wheel. He looks to his left and sees A-Will.)

Camera Man: A-Will, I've got something in the trunk for you.

(A-Will, with a curious look on his face, goes to the back of the trunk and waits on the camera man. The camera man opens the trunk and gives A-Will a video tape that was entitled "Back On Topic".)

Camera Man: It's from Samuel Kings, sir.

A-Will: Well, what do you know, that nigga actually sat in front of a camera.

(A-Will chuckles and then puts the tape in the VCR set up in the back of the truck. He laughs his ass off halfway through the video, but held it in until the end of the video. After the video ends, he laughs his ass off some more. It took ten minutes before he could stop.)

A-Will: Boy, that Samuel King sure is funny. I wonder what thesaurus he used. Set the camera up now.

Camera Man: It's already set up, sir. I'll just have to turn it on.

A-Will: Great, buddy.

(The camera man turns the camera on and points it at A-Will, who is sitting in the trunk with his towel.)

A-Will: Sam, I thought you were one that had at least a tiny grain of a brain, but you don't even have that. Who bashes the intelligence of a man that has more than just one way to get the job done? Do you think? It doesn't show because you can't tell a camcorder from a big filming camera even when it was in this tech truck and, apparently, someone that's as dumb as you bashing someone that's smart enough to think outside the box like me is in style these days. Are you obsessed with me? Why do you feel the need to bring up what I do in my personal time so damn much, especially the incident with my hotel room? I find it funny that you insinuated that I don't take the time to prepare for my matches, but I'm very much more attentitive on my matches than you. When I turn around, that's all you bring up, and you say I'm repetitive.

(A-Will and the camera man chuckles and shakes their head. A-Will continues to talk.)

A-Will: Nigga, the only thing you could ever end with it you're God's gift to women and professional wrestling, but that's not even the slightest ounce of truth. This is one of those moments where I believe you when you say you're confident, but my confident is low. It's low because my true will in reality to win is high. Women look at you and get turned off by your yellow teeth. Those yellow teeth always runs them away, man. Several women kept saying that since they saw me and heard that you were saying you were just the shit. Well, guess what, I'm closer to a sex bomb than you could ever be. You can't even be stable around pussy and you believe in pussy power. I'm experienced, youngster. You should take notes instead of trying, and still failing, you pathetic attempts to one-up me. Even in that video, I still see that look in your eye. You don't believe what you're saying, but hey, congratulations on learning the word fathom from Google Search. It must be real hard to read off a teleprompter instead of speaking from the heart. I'm even destroying you in a battle of words because I'm speaking from my heart. I, more than strongly, believe that I am the best and, no matter how many facts there are to back it up, you ignore them like it's your kryptonite. After Sunday, I'll make you a believer in the ring and, yeah, it'll be like my senior year in high school, with you pushing me to the limit and me putting you in the Crippler Crossface. Oh, how I miss locking in my first Crossface on a bitch ass nigga like you. If I thank you for, it's for letting me reminiscent that incredible memory that I cherish so much. Oh it's real, it's damn real.

(The camera man cuts the camera off and A-Will jumps off the trunk. He walks into Hotel Palomar Chicago.)

A-Will: Well, I'll see you when that dick head wants to stress himself out in verbal form again. I'm going to the pool.

Camera Man: Okay, A-Will, enjoy your day.

A-Will: You too.
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Promo #4: You gon' learn Sunday, son
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