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 The Pride of XMW

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The Pride of XMW Empty
PostSubject: The Pride of XMW   The Pride of XMW I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 24, 2014 11:54 pm

(The camera cuts to a dark room where King Mustafa is shown sitting on a throne laughing.)

King Mustafa: Welcome one and all to my palace! Look around! Look long, and look close! Do you like what you see? I have gold... yes. But there is always much much more room in my collection. Much much room for more. King Mustafa is a gracious host you see. All are welcome, all may enter.

(King Mustafa giggles to himself.)

King Mustafa: It is true. Few may leave. One of life's sad truths wouldn't you say? In wrestling as well as life... there is no escape. Thus...

(King Mustafa claps as TLA enters standing behind the throne.)

King Mustafa: Ah how the Pride grows! A warrior of my very own Palace! Allah is well pleased as is King Mustafa! But you see nothing pleases me more than what is yet to come. Life is so full of possibilities and Affliction is nothing if not a possibility. Wouldn't you say TLA?

TLA: I got this shit locked down. I'm goin' hard with Matt Miles. I don't live off rep or destiny, I make my own. Y'all don't know who you dealin' with but you 'bout to find out. Look around like the king here be sayin'. Do you like what you seein'? You mad? You appalled? Aww you ain't like the way I spit? I'll spit in yo face 'n' we gonna see how you like it then. This the Pride motherfuckers, you 'bout to get ate by the motherfuckin' lions wit dat panther roaming among 'em.

King Mustafa: I could not agree more. For the black cat among us will finally have his day. An outcast no longer, accepted into the main event of what can only be called a spectacle! Our day has arrived! The ones known as TLA and Matt Miles they shall bring glory and honor to the Pride! And the Palace of Lions shall praise them and sing in unison with the masses throughout the world.

TLA: Cuz you see ain't nothin' changed. I got locked up. I got out. I'm kickin' ass. That how I do. I break them chains and I come at you until you got the strength to throw me off. I am the warlord of XMW, fightin' for what I believe in. Can y'all say the same? Can y'all say you confident in just who and what you is? We got Matt Miles he gonna be rollin' with the Pride this week. Rollin' with the big cats. Playin' that Game of Thornes, cuz y'all heard this just be a game. We got the white boiz tryin' to cheat all up in the game like they do. Ain't gonna be tolerated no more. Matt Miles and TLA see straight through yo games. We see where you at. Adrian Thorne, y'all think you bad? You think that right now on the very first show of XMW you have EARNED anything? You ain't done shit yet, none of us have. This is proving time for us all and that includes you holmes. You think you can come at us and we gonna sit and take it? Look me in the eye holmes. Does it look like a give any fucks about what you think of me? Does it look like I am trying to impress you? Like I am playing in your little games, like I am even runnin' in the same lane as you are?

King Mustafa: You are not even in the same kingdom! Young Adrian Thorne believes he is a threat to my Nation! That he may storm my Palace! That he has evolved into something greater. This is the very start. Nothing has yet been earned. But it shall come to pass. I know the inner workings of evolution and I have seen Allah's plan laid out. And he knows that TLA has been blessed before he steps into that ring. A man so humble he has never seen!

TLA: Fuck humility. Allah can come with me or imma cum on his bitch. Either way, haters gettin' dropped. Adrian Thorne you want the XMW World Heavyweight Championship, you gonna have to go through me. You gonna know you don't know shit 'bout who TLA is. You don't know shit 'bout where I'm comin' from or what I'm gonna do to you. You got yo head in the clouds if you think you know anything cuz this is where it all begins. This is the beginning. The first show. The night where all bets are off. Because this is where we define ourselves. Where the entire world realizes exactly what each and every XMW wrestler is capable of. The night to bring in your best and prove that you deserve to stand in the main event in front of one of the greatest groups of talent ever assembled. Y'all think TLA and Matt Miles ain't even gonna be a challenge. Sad to say homies, you ain't gonna get a challenge. You gonna get a war.

King Mustafa: There is not only crying in war, I am sad to say. King Mustafa has fought many a battle and many a war. Such is the way of my people. We do not stay still for long. The Pride does not rest, it only consumes. Your trophies will deck the walls of my Palace XMW! You have been chosen as the site where my Empire shall be built! An Empire by the people, for the people, a Nation they may be proud of. They shall chant my name in the streets, and I shall bring peace and prosperity to all to those who cry out for a messiah!

TLA: I ain't no hero. I ain't no villain. I'm whatever the fuck I wanna be. The world ain't black nor white. People in the stands wanna chant or cheer for TLA. That they given right. My job is to kick ass, and do it better than anyone else in the world does it. Voy a quemar el mundo y gobernar sobre las cenizas. Imma fisherman 'n' y'all just worms on mah hook. And if the worms keep writhin' they just gonna get BURNED OUT. Beast stronger. Feast longer.

King Mustafa: The Pride is moving. Don't go where the lions go.

(King Mustafa smiles as he examines the golden rings on his fingers before the camera fades to black.)
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The Pride of XMW
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