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 Trimming The Fat

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Isaac Hunter

Isaac Hunter

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PostSubject: Trimming The Fat   Trimming The Fat I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 25, 2014 7:50 pm

** Isaac is backstage taping his hands and wrists for his upcoming match. He doesn't even look at the camera and begins to speak. Imagine this taking place ten mins before the match. **

No just stop. Stop talking and listen to me. Nobody cares about you Michael besides yourself and maybe that tramp Mia. Man you're making my job tough Mike. I don't like insulting you. Why? Because even my cold heart knows it's not funny or satisfying to pick on someone as clueless as you. When I think about it I don't even have to put you down. You do that well enough on your own. But I have a contract Michael. In my contract it says I have to hype my upcoming matches to get the fans interested. That's not hard at all. Once people see my name, their eyes bulge out of their sockets. Once my theme music hits, they get on their feet and they are just dying to touch me, to pat me on the back and if they're lucky enough to do so, they'll refuse to wash that hand for the coming weeks or even months. Gross ain't it? Then once I set up my finisher, the fans will get their cameras out because they know I'm on the cusp of picking up another victory, which is something that comes in bunches for me. Wins Michael, wins is all I want and wins is all I get. I win because I learn to adapt. I don't care what you throw my way. Try to hit me with a powerbomb or do something acrobatic like a frog splash and I'll still find a way to counter it. Michael I know counters to your counters' counters. I know you're just hoping and begging that you'll catch me off guard because that's the only way you'll ever steal a victory away from me, but it's not going to happen. You can dream about it all you want while I annihilate you in that ring and that's still not enough for me. Later that night I'll rock Mia's world not because I think she stands out, which she doesn't, but because I want to take everything away from you. Yeah I'm a sick guy like that. I want to ruin people's lives, not just their careers. Does that make me a villain Michael? I don't think it does, not from my perspective at least. I see myself as a hero. The things I do in XMW isn't just for myself. It's for the better of this company. If I have to trim the fat then I will. XMW is a strong chain Mike and you are a weak link. You are an anchor my friend. You are weighing us down. YOU ARE HOLDING US BACK. It's my job to remedy the cancer known as Michael Jordan. Not the famous one, the weak one. The one who won't win any championships. You said you love to do two things, two basic things. You want to win your matches and you want to entertain the fans. You'll do one of those Mike. You will entertain the fans WHEN YOU GET YOU JAW BROKEN AND YOU GET YOUR NOSE BROKEN AND YOU GET YOUR SKULL BROKEN! But winning? Winning is actually something you could achieve but not this week. You're going to have to wait for your first W and I know the saying is good things happen to those wait, but I don't buy it. Those who wait will miss out on opportunities. Opportunities that you'll have to chase down and tackle.

** Isaac finishes the slow taping of his wrists and pours water on his hair. **

I'm not delusional. I don't live in some fantasy land. I live in reality and in reality I'm a king! While you? You're a pawn. You're a piece that is expendable. People expect you to be taken out early on because you don't have the strength to do this for the long haul. Ouch! That sting, it must hurt. Might want to get that checked out. Mike I'm not going to waste my breath on a certain subject. You think this is all an act. Is that so? Yeah Mike you caught me. A guy feeds me these lines right? I rehearse what I plan on saying in the mirror right? Nope you're wrong. This is me. This is all of me. What you see is what you get and what you get is something extraordinary. Stop with the corny jokes and stop with the bullshit. I don't want to deal with your immature ass and maybe you're right Mike, maybe Mia is tougher than I am because she has to put up with you. She actually has to show her face with you in public, it must be a real struggle for her to wake up every day, living with regret. She could be with a real man, but instead she decided to date a kid. Might want to get Chris Hansen for this one boys. You can get crazy too? Don't talk about it and let's see it and even if you do, I'm still not buying it because you said you're going to kick my teeth in. That's the best you got? I actually don't mind seeing my dentist, so thanks in advance if you fulfill that promise. Before I go I just want to say you're right Michael. You're not a wrestler, a human being, or even a victim..... but you also won't be a fighter. Tonight you're going to be a domino and I'm going to be the one who knocks you down.
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Trimming The Fat
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