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 A hole in one’s potential…

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A hole in one’s potential… Empty
PostSubject: A hole in one’s potential…   A hole in one’s potential… I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 26, 2014 12:41 am

(Camera fades into where Ignitex is backstage, looking for chances to take on onto his upcoming match)

Well here we see one star rising out to the top, looking on in where which superstar dominates the other in a match. And that is me, you see Terry Chambers, you will simply turn to dust in what I have in store for you. You are just like the rest of everybody, a nobody that will never come close into reaching one’s level. Terry Chambers, you will regret this every time you will think about it, one will leave you mangled into thinking… “How can I even slay this monster?”  That is what you will be saying in that you are just a weak piece of slab meat while trying to conquer over a monster. You will surely rue that moment and shiver in fear after I’ve cleaned up your attempted act of even trying to slay the physique of a force of fear. Terry, not even your two powerful finishing moves can come into bear with two of my own: the Havoc Buster and Bloodshed. The Havoc Buster won’t simply lay you unconscious; it will lay you with a piece of remembering forgiveness, broken bones and torn limbs meaning you to think with seriousness from what you did to deserve this.

Hold on, I’ll be right back… *Snickers*

(Camera watches Ignitex leave part of the backstage area for a minute to then come back with a stick of barbed wire in his hand)

Terry Chambers… Think about where you’re heading into…

(Ignitex, with his two hands, starts to grasp the weapon slowly above his head…)


(Ignitex, with full force, slams the weapon into a table as hard as he can. Breaking the table with wooden spikes coming out of it and a crease happens to appear out of it.)

(Camera fades out)

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A hole in one’s potential…
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