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 Official Promo/RP Guidelines

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Trent Richards


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PostSubject: Official Promo/RP Guidelines   Wed Jul 30, 2014 12:36 pm

  • Affliction matches will have an RP limit of 3/week.
  • Championship matches on Affliction will have an RP limit of 5/week.
  • FPV matches will have an RP limit of 5.
  • FPV Championship/Main Event matches will have an RP limit of 7.
  • If you can't promo post how long you will be out on the leave of absence in the forums. If you don't, you will lose whatever match you're involved with unless your opponent(s) did the same thing. You will never win a championship if you do not post.
  • Roleplay/Promo deadlines will ALWAYS be 11:59 PM EST the day before the show.
  • No challenging people to titles matches or taking their titles.
  • No random backstage beatdowns.
  • No racism. Period.
  • Promo's must be more than a few sentences. If the promo is not then you will not receive credit for the promo.
  • No mentioning other stream sites or E-Feds besides XMW, because no one here cares. Anything you accomplished elsewhere doesn't matter here.
  • Remember, its about quality, not quantity.
  • You can't destroy anything in the authority figures office or anything to that effect.
  • The authority figures are the General Manager(s) and Chairman.
  • Make sure if you're going to use someone in a promo they know about it.
  • It's alright if you try to start a fued within a promo, but don't try to make a storyline out if it. If you have a storyline idea, talk to Jacob Steele about it.
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Official Promo/RP Guidelines
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