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 Endless Tour of Pain

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PostSubject: Endless Tour of Pain   Endless Tour of Pain I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 31, 2014 7:52 pm

(Scene fades in into where Ignitex is located at a dark, enigmatic shelter where hooks, mannequins, and ceiling string puppets are in place.) 
(Camera tunes into where Ignitex is looking at a clock in which it ticks and ticks by the second hand until the minute hands follows also.) 
(Cameraman tries to poke Ignitex in the shoulder, but Ignitex slowly turns his head to the cameraman’s head with bloodshot eyes.)
(Ignitex hoarsely says)
Its time…
(A sudden pause for several seconds while the clock continues ticking along with the momentum beat of itself) 
(Ignitex turns a full 180 degrees to the Cameraman with his bloodshot eyes still lurking to the Camera’s video feed)
I have been waiting time… after time… AFTER SO MUCH TIME… for this opportunity. I have been waiting for a clear cut choice onto what makes a superstar be the best out of everyone below him, I have been waiting for this special choice that goes without question… I have been waiting for this moment since god knows how long. The XMW Uncensored Championship.
(Ignitex brings a sadistic smile to his face, thinking on how what he might do to win this title.)
This Uncensored Championship title will be mine for the taking and IF anyone who bothers in my way for this title will get, THEY WILL GET THEIR BODY AND SOUL MANGLED INTO PIECES BY A BRUTE FORCE OF DESTRUCTION.
(Slight Pause)
You know how it goes for these simpletons when they try to run over my road on my conquest for this title…  they will get the beating that deserves them and by that, I truly mean it with integrity into making sure in that they will NEVER try to mess with me again. After my beating with my opponents, they will leave out of the ring as a former shell of themselves with the environment in shameful disappointment. The environment will favor around me, the dark and crude monsters helping in grave cause in that I will pull a move that sends my opponents back where they came back from, the graveyard of forgotten souls who repeatedly tried time and time again killing parts of their bodies and limbs for a championship victory.
(Ignitex walks over to a poster of the tournament bracket with the XMW Uncensored Title on the top of the poster, shining bright and high with the final bracket under it.)
(Ignitex hovers the tournament brackets with his right hand.) 
After I’m done with ALL OF YOU UNWORTHY, UNGRATEFUL, UNDESERVING PILES OF WASTE, you’ll be sure you’ll want to disqualify yourselves first before even laying a finger on me. If you do that smart idea of choice, you’ll be able save ourselves from being harmed and potentially to the hospital emergency room because weak, simpleminded athletes take care of their health first before reaching to a prize…
(Ignitex quickly hovers his finger to the championship stock picture and implants his fingers to the title.)
that I WILL CERTAINLY, no matter the cost, NEED. 
(Ignitex puts his hands freely to himself on open space while he begins to wander back and forth near the poster.)
But there are 2 individuals who want to be on the same road as me for the title. 
(Ignitex stops near to the poster and examines the 2 names of his opponents.)
“Randy Reaume and Michael Jordan”
(Ignitex lays a finger to the name of one of his opponents for Sunday, Randy Reaume) 
But I heard first that this monstrosity of a man gave out his feelings to me straight out of the bat. 
(Ignitex leaves his finger out of the name and then starts to cover the name of Randy with the palm of his hand.) 
Randy, you are so pathetic that even I don’t even want to see your name in this poster. You haven’t seen what I’ve done to people on the past before Randy, I have given them their overdosing of bad wishes abroad. While they went into that overdosing state Randy, they have prayed to themselves that they will be okay, but look after on, the bad wishes got to them later. It was no longer wishes anymore, it was true reality that they felt after my whiplash of a beating to them that give them the effects they truly have gotten. They’ve had certain nightmares in their subconscious mind that what I ‘ve given to them in the past times lasted their entire careers into thinking that they will never try to mess with a ruthless, aggressive individual like me again.  But don’t fret Randy, you’ll get a much, MUCH MORE WORSE BEATING then I have done to individuals in the past. And you say I’m a puppet? Just look around me,
(Lifeless puppets begin to appear in the camera’s feed with hollow faces attached to invisible strings.)
THERE ARE PUPPETS AROUND ME; THESE ARE THE LIFELESS INDIVIDUALS I HAVE CARVED OUT OF THEM TO MAKE LOOK LIKE THIS. I have gouged their faces with my hands with missing facial features without having an eye for an eye, or tooth for a tooth, or what have you that go to my victims of my matches. And you think I’m a corporate shell? Hah, a corporation wouldn’t dare to speak with a person who put nightmares to minds. And yes, save your energy, before I take it away from you, from you even using it.
(Slight sadistic chuckle)
My skull was meant to be open Randy, give me your best shot, but it wont matter. Because what you will do won’t even go way over in my head. What I think way over in my head is the things I will make you sorrow with pleasure from me. I will make you even go to the E.R. room, stat, because what I did to my opponent last Affliction will instantly put you over in the ring canvas from my Havoc Buster ON THE PIN OF ONE... TWO… THREE… with your motionless, and helpless body in the ring… with medics carrying you over to that stretcher, to the backstage area, to the ambulance vehicle, and then FINALLY TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM. 
(Ignitex then grabs his barbed wire stick and delivers a hard blow to the name of Randy Reaume in the tournament poster.) 
(Ignitex then focus his eyes to the bracket name of Michael Jordan with a creepy smile.) 
Another one bites the dust huh. Mike, don’t try to suffer the same fate as your opponent on what I did to him. Because the fate he holds, will become in fact, career-threatening. Don’t even try to suffer what he has to endure. Because if you do, you’ll become a weaker version of whom you were earlier. Try seeking my weakness Mike, but your weakness is that you have proved nothing to me, you’ll just be like the graveyard of individuals whose dreams were reduced to ashes in that cemetery. You’ll also just be like a hollow puppet, with a career so hollow that it means nothing to a individual like me. Good luck Mike, you’re going to wish the dream ending warrant I give, will put out your dream out for good.
To everybody who stands in my path of getting this title, I say again, DO NOT TEMPT ME, simply don’t you’ll get the beating of a lifetime that will last for future matches to come.
(Ignitex walks over to a mannequin with wrestling gear and gives a menacing look to as he simply picks up the mannequin and performs decapitation so powerful to the floor that the head of the mannequin rips off, leaving the mannequin body headless.) 
(Ignitex looks over to the mannequin body and head with the camera fading out as Ignitex stares to the mannequin with a glaring, creepy look.)
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Endless Tour of Pain
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