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 the statement

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PostSubject: the statement    the statement  I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 01, 2014 12:05 am

::the xmw networks broadcast is interrupted by static  and then a black screen  then a signal comes in from the infamous destroyer home of the allegedly human beast known as total destroyer a eerrie glowing fog swirls around giving bries glimpses of total devastion on the island half destroyed buildings.. burned to charcoal trees still standing upright something indescrible  happened here    

the auto cam pans to the one known as ultimate destroyer hes wearing goggles his massive muscles bulging in rage every vein in his body slightly glowing as if they were going to explode  looking up   he begins to speak in a half whisper

You know this whiny bastard stomps out in a show and throws a tantrum and gets a match  ;shakes his head in disbelief:Well you should of been careful what you wished for becuase all your getting is pain misery and possibly death  

You see I dont give a rats ass of a tinkers damn about you your tramp or even your soul And as for victory and titles and that bs ? it matters not to me ..... all that matters is the combat the pain and knowing I hold your life in my hands  My measure of victory is  your funeral and tombstone  

I hope you have final arrangements planned and made peace with your family and version of god becuase youll need them after the match  For ill look over the crowd  when your beaten broken and just like in the arenas of rome the crowd will decide and given past perfomance the thumbs will be down

So rant on about titles and ppvs and meaningless bulls--- when you should be worrying about how youll get out of the match alive  

::::the camera cuts out and static fills the channel  as they a one moment please on the screen
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the statement
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