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 The Beginning

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PostSubject: The Beginning   The Beginning I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 01, 2014 1:37 am

The door of the famous Xtreme Mayhem Wrestling Headquarters opened as two unknown people walk in, in slow motion. Some faces in the crowd glanced and others gazed with awe, wondering with their eyes wide open who they are.

First to enter was Y2Impact, he took off his shades and boy, he was so handsome, wearing a black jacket with a T-Shirt in, and matching jeans. A lot of people recognized him for he was known as an accomplished competitor in many Wrestling Federations across the globe. And his appearance attested to that reputation, he carried himself with charm. He just loves the attention.

And behind him, holding his hand tightly was Minerva, the love of his life, the light that shines in the night. To match Y2Impact, she was so beautiful, so mellow but you just know from the look in her eyes that she is fierce. She wears an elegant pink top, and black skinny jeans. Unlike her love, she never bothered or cared about the dozen people looking at them for she was more focused on him. She always looked at Y2Impact and whenever she does, she smiles.

Minerva’s eyes wandered about, unfamiliar with the place and the people. Though she has been proven to be a very efficient and smart competitor, she has only been in one and only one famous wrestling company. She starts to speak in a soft tone.

Minerva: Well this is interesting… and awesome… (voice starts shaking)... and crowded. Please hold me.

Y2Impact: Have you noticed we’ve been holding hands the entire time? Seems like it’s a natural thing for you, Minerva. There’s no need to be nervous.

Minerva: I’m not nervous. Who’s nervous? I never get nervous. I’m strong as raging storm, fierce as an angry tiger, more forceful than the waves of the sea. I never get scared or nervous, and I am 100% FEARLESS!

Unknown person: … Excuse me, miss?

Minerva screams and quickly leaps on Y2Impact with her arms around his neck and legs around his waist.

Y2Impact: … Relax, Minerva. I know you’re a little shy, but it’s an interviewer. I’m sure you’ll manage. Now, if you could please stop gouging your fingernails into my neck, that’d be great...

Minerva slowly lets go and stands right back up. She fixes herself and acts as if nothing happened.

Minerva: (calmly) I don’t know what you’re talking about. Who’s this prick anyway?

Max King: Well my name is Max King, pleased to meet you too. I hear you are two of our newest competitors here in XMW, so please, I’m dying to know, why have you come here and what do you look forward to accomplishing in XMW?

Y2Impact: I've been everything there is to be, beaten everyone there is to beat, and conquered every obstacle set out before me. When you're fortunate enough to reach the point in your career that I've reached, you start wondering what's left. When I was contacted and told of the opportunity to further my storied resume in a company I haven't been in before, I saw the chance as clear as anyone else did; and just like that, I took it. When you can see success looming on the horizon and you don't capitalize on that potential, you neglect your responsibilities to yourself as a man. You neglect your honor and you prostitute your pride. I'm not going to sell myself short and call it quits when I know I've got more left to offer not only to this business, but to myself. This isn't one of those awkward situations where a veteran comes in, lives off of name value, and ends up tarnishing his legacy in the process. This is a reclamation of the domain that has belonged to me for years; a statement that will be heard echoing through the ears of this entire roster. I didn't come here to be a mentor to some ungrateful garden variety schmuck who lacks the talent and willingness to work that I do. I came here to win, and be the best. It's unfortunate that the likes of Samuel King don't share in that sentiment. It's unfortunate that I have to deal with a novice like him in my debut, spouting off verbal diarrhea that only a caveman could understand. I'm better than this. I'm far better than him. My career speaks for itself. The only thing he has that I don't is a big, bloated red button on his unsightly forehead enticing me to punch it in over and over and over again until this man is unconscious in a hospital bed, while the charges his small time family press against me live on as the last remnant of his relevant existence in the world of wrestling. Blindly making accusations without first and foremost doing your research is a good way to turn yourself into a punchline, but a horrible way to start off what you're hoping is a promising career. It's really nice to know you've been watching softcore porn with lookalikes whose beauty pales in comparison to the real thing, but really, stick to what you're good at and don't quit your day job -- I hear Target has a job opening. Your talents, or lack thereof, are much more suited to that line of work than something like wrestling which requires a rigorous training regimen and a dedication to excellence which your focus on toilet humor proves you clearly lack. Rest assured, you don't have to worry about Minerva taking you down for the count -- I'll do the deed myself just so you can see what it's like being manhandled by someone better, smarter, and yes, bigger than you. Maybe you'll learn a thing or two about flapping your gums and opening your fat-lipped mouth before you talk about a guy who throws three punches for every one, young Samuel.

If push comes to shove and Minerva is in any sort of danger, guess what? I'm right there, and what can you and Vic do to stop me? Absolutely nothing. You don't possess the intelligence I do, the in-ring awareness that I have, and I can sure as hell dig much deeper into my bag of tricks than you can in yours. I'm not relying on a miracle to win me a match I expect to win from the get-go. You're not even competition for Minerva and I. I'm confident in saying that because I know neither of you can beat us. Hell, put Minerva against either one of you backwater simpletons in a singles match and the result will be exactly the same -- she would win on her own the same way we're going to win as a team. You think I would align myself with a person who was incompetent? You look at Minerva and you see a female who is weaker and smaller than you. I look at Minerva and I see someone who has all the necessary resources at her disposal to win this match and pave the way for championship gold alongside yours truly. I see an able-bodied woman, and that's something you, in your narrow-mindedness, simply cannot fathom. You don't understand it, so your first instinct is to criticize someone who's been around far longer than you when you don't know the first thing about being successful. But in truth, it isn't the knowledge, the power, or the size that's going to be the most distinguishable ability in this match. It's the talent. It's the skill. If you were anywhere near as good as you boast yourself to be, you'd walk into the show and prove your worth in front of everyone. Instead, you're left jawing at me talking about the woman I choose to align myself with, talking about your softcore porn experiences, fluffing your tedious speech up with irrelevant websites that aren't going to help you win against me, and last but not least, questioning the loyalty of my partner! It seems like you've exhausted every cliche in the book. Shit, after Minerva and I are finished making a mockery of you and Vic, the next thing I'll be expecting from you is "both teams played hard" as the final icing on the cake for your cliche babbling. In the end, it's not the charisma or the size or the strength that's going to decide this match -- it's the talent. It's the fact that when you remove all of the window dressing and look at all of these competitors strictly on their own merits, I exceed every single one of them. In the end, young Samuel, it couldn't matter less that I'm more attractive than you are, more charismatic than you, a better in-ring technician and psychologist than you are, or anything inbetween. Indeed, the only thing that matters is that I'm better than you. All you are is a sacrificial pawn in a game of chess where I am your King;  and that's a reality you'll have the misfortune of finding out for yourself in due time.

Max King: Very well-said and thorough. I, along with the fans of XMW are very excited to see what you have in store. What about you, Minerva? What is the reason behind joining XMW?

Minerva: … because Y2Impact joined it.

Max King: Really? That’s it? He gave us all that elaborate explanation and you barely put a sentence together?

Minerva: Well yeah, I’d like to be by his side all the time because it’s the only way I’m ever inspired to do things. Call me obsessed but that's just how it is. I admire him so much, and I'd be willing to hurt and be hurt for his sake, or in the case of my next match, NOT be hurt at all. (smirks) Ask me why I teamed with Y2Impact and all I'll say is it's because he's the very definition of perfection, he's the only person I seek approval of and absolutely nothing else matters.

Max King: What do you have to say about Samuel King’s words about you posing for playboy and doing pornography? Do you have anything to say about this match at Affliction?

What are you talking about? And who the fuck is Samuel King anyway? Is he your brother? And do I seem like the type of person who would enjoy doing commercials and posing for playboy? I love my body, and I love the way I look, but it doesn't mean I am willing to parade it for desperate nerds who have nothing better to do on their free time but fuck their damn socks, and if mommy's not home checking on them. You're taking the word of the seemingly retarded Samuel King seriously. You do see how little sense this makes, right? He's probably mad, jealous at the famous studs he come across who are smart, attractive and has potential that he will never have. He says things in an attempt to ruin names and reputations because he has none of those. He has nothing to do but rat on those he sees as a threat because he doesn't seem to be that much big of a deal in comparison. He makes his pathetic existence shown on TV out of pity, lost his match and now he thinks he knows everything. So do you really think he has that much credibility? Do you think one would look at him and say "he is a believable man" or "he is a great man"?. To say it simply, I've never done those things, flattered as I am now, I'm not that popular, and I'm not willing to take my clothes off if its not in front of Y2Impact, but yeah that's... hardly the issue here. I think he watches too much porn and reads too much playboy he thinks every damn woman he sees, he's already seen. I came here to XMW out of desire to be with Y2Impact in all days of my life, and and of course, out of ambition. My ambition is to hold Championships, have victories over these little shits that you call Warriors, I guess thats just the thing, most of them can wield a sword or throw a punch, but none of them are strategic or even slightly talented, and that's where I come in. That's how I take advantage. That's how people like Samuel are weak as he focuses on irrelevant things rather than focusing on the match, ultimately letting his guard down paying attention less to what actually matters. It makes him nothing but an open target for Y2Impact and myself to freely hit. But I? I want to win it all, to impress the world, to surprise everyone on what I am capable of in that ring, and most of all to make my Y2Impact happy. For him, I'll do anything it takes to become champion. If it means breaking the gender barrier and fighting off slimy men, then so be it, I'll be happy to make history. I'll be happy to be known that way.

Max King: I like your spirit! Hopefully you can back it up on Affliction.

Y2Impact: We should really be getting on our way. Come now, Minerva.

Minerva: (gleefully) Yes, my love!

Y2Impact walks off holding Minerva’s hand, on their way to officially sign their contracts. Not an hour later and the XMW website declared that two new competitors have joined the roster -- The Team of Y2Impact and Minerva #OHFUCKYES!
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The Beginning
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