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Isaac Hunter

Isaac Hunter

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PostSubject: Get out of my way   Get out of my way I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 01, 2014 2:25 pm

** Isaac is seen studying his match from Affliction in the dark room with an old projector. The bell rings with Isaac getting his hand raised by the referee. Isaac doesn't seemed satisfied with his performance, even with a win. He pauses the video and the lights flicker back on. Isaac is wearing a black hoodie with his hands still taped, covered in blood from hitting himself in the head repeatedly. **

"Hooray I won! Whoopty fucking doo. No seriously I'm thrilled. Can't you see? I just want to jump for joy and celebrate my victory all night. Gotta love sarcasm am I right? Let me cut to the chase. Beating Michael Jordan isn't a big deal. Maybe if I beat the real Michael Jordan on the blacktop then maybe I would brag a little. But Michael Jordan, the professional wrestler? Who? Go on the street and ask people about him and they'll look at you with a blank stare. By small chance they do know who he is, I promise you that the next time I get my hands on him, I'll personally disfigure his face to the point his own mother won't recognize him. Yeah I'm a little pissed off and that's an understatement. Why the long face Isaac? I'm upset because I didn't end him. I know he'll be back this week, like nothing happened and when I see him walking around, I'll be kicking myself because I know I could have and SHOULD HAVE put him in a wheelchair. And his girlfriend Mia? She tried to do everything in her power to give her boyfriend the upper hand. It was cute really and it made my heart all warm and fuzzy because that right there is true love right? I think it is. I'm not so sure because from what I've seen love is a fragile connection between two people who will most likely go their separate ways at some point. Love is poison. We are told that we should settle down when we meet Mrs. or Mr. Right. Why? Why get tied down? Why would I pick one girl when I can bang two or three girls a night? That to me is real love. Love is passion and my passion is professional wrestling while Mia's passion is Michael. It's a shame really. He's destroying her future, taking her prime years away from her for selfish reasons. When I first saw her I actually liked her. I thought she was an angel for a quick second and all of that changed when her hand greeted my cheek with a slap. Little does she know I like it rough. Anyways what's left to be said? I won like I always do, even with the odds stacked against me. Just kidding I was the favorite to win since the second the match was announced. I tried to be humble just now but it didn't quite work out. Oh well, I'm making progress either way. Aren't you proud of me? I'm trying to impress you. I'm trying to take your breath away and in the end, when I have conquered every man who steps foot in XMW and win every championship that this company has to offer, I'll do just that. Just know the best has yet to come."

"On Affliction the GM announced that I'll be in this Uncensored championship tournament or whatever you want to label it as. All I know is I need points and points is what I'm going to get. Yeah there's some kind of system but I don't remember and I don't care. All that's on my mind is winning. This top three BS is something I'm not worried about because a top three doesn't prove anything. To some it might, but to me? I want to be the top dog. I want to slaughter my opponents one by one until XMW is forced to give me the Uncensored championship. Besides, when you think about it that title was made for me. It's home is around my waist and it deserves my lips to kiss it and it deserves to be thrown around and dragged across dirt and glass. Woah where did that come from? Why would I do that to something so prestigious? It's simple really. I'm not going to sweat and bleed to get the fools gold or whatever metal that fucking thing is made out of. I want the bragging rights. That right there is more important to me. Think about it. The championship is just an object. Objects are something people want. Objects are something people have stolen from me and will continue to steal. There will be many Uncensored champions throughout XMW's history, but to be called the first one ever? It's something I need. My competition can try and stop me, they can try to push me away while I dust them off and I run them over and kick them while they're already down because that's the classy thing to do. This week I face two men. Men who want to win as badly as I do, but will have to deal with coming in second and third place. One of them has this sob story. It's like I'm watching America's Got Talent, where every singer shares his or hers life story filled with struggles and uphill battles. Stories such as fighting in wars and unfortunately losing a leg, or someone who has fought a different battle with depression, or someone who has been bullied since they turned five years old, or someone who just lost a family member or longtime friend, or someone who has some kind of illness that prevents them from living a 'normal life.' Yeah that's all sad stuff and even I feel bad for them, but when you hear them sing, nine times out of ten they sound awful. Sometimes it's so bad, I want all the judges to hit their X, but they give them the benefit of doubt. Even they know that singer is horrible but they know if they hit that X, people in the audience will give them dirty looks and they'll start to boo because everybody is cheering for them since they are all suckers for a feel good story. That goes for wrestling as well. Stan Strong, the former college athlete star, a wrestling 'icon' even though I don't know jack shit about you, and let's not forget a former fireman. To most you are a hero. You used to save people's lives until you cost one. Yeah I'm sure there are some people who are just dying to sock me in the face, but it's true. The reason you became a fireman is because you wanted satisfaction. You wanted to feel like you make a difference in this world while I believe you just wanted the recognition. Just saying how it sounded to me. For years you've been weak. You turned to alcohol to help ease the pain when in reality all you did was add more flames to the already existing fire, no pun intended. You have a lot of demons and so do I. We all do. But I don't use those demons as excuses. You want to return to glory because you are looking to acquire more of that satisfaction. You want your name in bright lights again. You want the fans to cheer you on and chant your name. They want to see you climb the mountain top and why is that? Well like you said everything comes full circle. It's because everybody wants to witness a feel good story. They got that last week. They saw their hero secure a pinfall in a forgettable match, congratulations. You really earned it when Chris Elite had his back turned, wondering why that punk Richards decided to bail. Let's give you a parade for all of your hard work. Let's take a moment to remember that victory of yours because this week you won't be drinking the sweet nectar that comes from W's. This week you'll know how it feels to be like Mike. Great movie by the way. Part of me will feel bad for you. A small part of me wants to cheer you on like the thousands in attendance but an even bigger part of me wants to destroy you. I want to tear you from limb to limb because I believe that equality is key. Everybody should be treated the same so if I see a handicap spot in a busy parking lot, I believe I should be able to take it without receiving any judgment. Aren't I just a great guy? Yeah I'm a real blast to hang out with. Stan last week it was hard to understand you because of all the alcohol you consumed, but I see you found time to make fun of and mock the names of two men on this roster. You sure are a role model yourself. Because Stan Strong is so great right? All it does is remind me of this South Park episode where Stan has his own little LiveStrong bracelet saying that reads stand your ground. Sound a little familiar am I right? So the way I see it, you can't be a judge of what's generic and what is not. Just go back to killing the remainder of your brain cells so you don't have to waste our time, thanks."

"My other opponent is A-Will right? That's great because I want to personally tell him to shut the fuck up. Last week I forced myself to listen to this man talk nonstop and I know what you're thinking, why would I torture myself like that? It's because I always try to scout my opponents, no matter if they're great, good, average, subpar, or embarrassing, or even worse, A-Will level. Let me start off by saying your a tool. I could call you something far more worse, but the term tool is accurate enough. Last week we watched you talk and talk and there was even a clip where you laughed for ten minutes straight. I'm sure that helps the views and ratings. Your vocabulary...... is unique let's go with that. Actually no, it's not unique, it's what typical teenagers say. You talked about eating pussy and you use words such as faggot, fucktard, and nigga, when you're clearly white and I don't care if you grew up in all black neighborhood, it's just sad that's all. Somehow you're twenty four or whatever when you look 36 at the earliest. Must have that Benjamin Button disease. I want to say that I was wrong when I said Michael Jordan is an embarrassment to XMW, when that award clearly goes to a judgmental, homophobe like yourself. Remind me to give you a Michael Sam jersey for Christmas. I hope you know that I don't like you. As a matter of fact I can't stand you because every time you talk or wrestle, my IQ lowers a few points. Men and women who are aspiring to become wrestlers, just watch what he does so you know to never duplicate or mimic it. What happened last week has left me scratching my head. How you won on Affliction is beyond me but this time around you won't be so lucky. This Sunday you aren't facing a pretty boy, you're facing an alpha. You are facing a man who will go the extra mile just to make sure your life is miserable for the day. I'm sure when you respond you'll say more immature things and that's fine. Some of us never grew out of our teenage phase and you're a classic example. In a few days the fat will be trimmed. The weak link will be removed from the chain and A-Will will get his skull bashed in into a thousand pieces. 'Its real A-Will, it's damn real.'"
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Get out of my way
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