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 They call me Terry Chambers in wrestling for a reason!

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Terry Chambers

Terry Chambers

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They call me Terry Chambers in wrestling for a reason! Empty
PostSubject: They call me Terry Chambers in wrestling for a reason!   They call me Terry Chambers in wrestling for a reason! I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 01, 2014 2:28 pm


----The camera opens to Terry arriving at the Affliction arena unboarding his private jet as his assistant Jack hands him his bag and Jack carries the rest as they begin walking and the camera gets closer in Terrys face as Terry finally notices and begins to speak---

Terry: Hey Jack why don't you go get me a bottled water from the vending machine in there!

Jack: Yes sir i will be right back!

Terry: You know what it is a good thing that you Mr. cameraman came creeping up on me because I have got some things that I need to get off my chest! Yeah ahahahaha all XMW fans go ahead and laugh it up of me losing my match to Ignitex last Sunday on Affliction because I promise you it's the last damn time you ever see me lose here in XMW! The fact I lost in less than 60 seconds is simple, I was prolly nervous or Ignitex cheated and did something in that match hard to spot but Ignitex congrats on your little win because it's the only one you are EVER going to get YOU HEAR ME?!?! And the fact I am not in this Uncensored Championship tournament or something makes me sick! But you know what I really don't care because I am more fitted for the World Heavyweight Championship anyway so good luck to you Ignitex in that tournament! And now I learn this Sunday on Affliction I face 3 other competitors in a fatal 4 way match and it makes me wonder! It makes me wonder why XMW has the greatest wrestler on this god damn planet and they are putting him in fatal 4 way matches with some scrub wrestlers or entertainers or whatever they want to call themselves! I am Terry Chambers god dammit and I am the WRESTLING MACHINE and wrestling gifted me with this name with all the wrestling I have done all across the globe! XMW prolly thinks just because I lost a fluke match to Ignitex in less than a minute to that scrub, they think he is better than me?!?! Why don't XMW management and all the stupid imbociles everybody calls fans go search me up on Google and see why I am fucking better than Ignitex and the rest of these 4 men in this fatal 4 way match this Sunday on Affliction! But now I guess this fatal 4 way match is a wake up call for me to show everybody in the wrestling business that I created the art of professional wrestling and that I deserve to be the World Champion here in XMW and why I am the future of this damn business and with me here in XMW, this company is going to get a whole lot better than what it used to be! I am going to go through whoever gets in my damn path and that includes Ignitex and those 3 scrubs in this match I am in this coming Sunday on Affliction! Trust me when i tell you last Sunday on Affliction was not the REAL Terry Chambers because that was humiliating for me and the wrestling business and also trust me when I tell you that I am going to prove why I am called the wrestling machine and THE BARBARIC CARNIVORE Terry Chambers on Affliction this Sunday because I'm putting everything on the line to come out on top of that match dominant and to prove why I deserve better opponents and better matches than this! And pr0xy, Chris Elite, and Starre......I am going to do everything in my damn power to come out victorious and dominant and you guys are no worthy opponents of THE BARBARIC CARNIVORE AND THE WRESTLING MACHINE TERRY CHAMBERS! All you 3 are to me is a bunch of scrubs looking to make an easy buck so if I have to hurt you, injure you, or even end your careers...I WON'T THINK TWICE ABOUT IT! So I suggest not pissing me off in the mood I am in and if you don;t believe me giving you a beating....Just ask all my past opponents...and everything I say is a GUARAN-DAMN-TEE! See you scrubs on Sunday and in my kingdom known as the squared circle where you will be sorry you stepped into the ring with TERRY CHAMBERS!

---Jack enters the scene---

Jack: mr. Terry sir here is your water!

Terry: This is warm!

Jack: It;s room temperature!

Terry: Get me a cold one NOW!


---The scene fades as it sees Jack running into the arena with Terry walking in following holding his duffle bag and puts on his Beats headphones and then the camera fades to black---
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They call me Terry Chambers in wrestling for a reason!
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