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 An Enigmatic offer (RP#1)

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An Enigmatic offer (RP#1) Empty
PostSubject: An Enigmatic offer (RP#1)   An Enigmatic offer (RP#1) I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 05, 2014 11:24 pm

~ The scene opens in a run down, destitue roadside roach motel somewhere on the outskirts of Orlando, Florida. Parked outside is a silver 1967 Ford Mustang with a chrome X logo on the grill. Inside the room shuffling of paperwork and baggage is heard. You knock on the door as it opens just slightly. ~

Delivery Agent - " Pardon my intrustion, I have some equipment for Michael Xavier.

~ The door opens a bit more as the agent slides an electronic pad through, it is quickly given back. ~

" Leave the equipment right there, please leave! "

~ The agent leaves the equipment at the doorstep, as he pulls out of the parking lot the door is swiftly opened, the equipment is taken inside the room. A few clicks later the case is opened, the tripod set up and the record button has been pushed. The room is pitch black but the man recording prefers it as such, especially on a night like tonight. ~

" August 10th, 2014 is a new beginning for the Notorious Enigma. On August 3rd, XMW felt what a real impact can do when I speared the one man revolution, Casey Jones. This man talks of revolution of grandure, but I am going to cut straight to the point. Casey, you can't start a revolution all by yourself, you have to get by with a little help from your friends. Which by the looks of things, you don't have any. What you have said sounds very desperate for attention. And in a war of this scale, desperation just means your already loosing. I still remember watching from afar before I joined XMW, I saw what you said about revolution and you being the king of XMW. I have a problem with that. No one is the king until you go through me. Which will not happen. I am notorious for going on long spree's in the squared circle, I make people never want to come back to the promotion. I have been in this world for a decade. I have seen your type Casey. I have seen the ones who come into a promotion talking about taking the reigns and becoming the top only to fizzle out weeks later. That is you Casey, you talk a big game but that is all. You see I've been in your shoes, only I wasn't stupid. When I called for a revolution, I had back up. Now don't go saying you don't need back up. Because when your against Xavier Serikaz, you'll need back up. "

~ Xavier stops cold for a moment as he twitches, a thump is heard as he falls to the floor laughing manically. ~

" He really needs to shut up, Casey Jones. What you have to understand is your not fighting just Xavier Serikaz. Your fighting the Enigma, my name is Psycho Sohn, a .... friend of Xavier's from the state mental facility. He and I go way back to his rookie days, I took him in at his time of dispare and made him into the wrestler he is today. We are the type where we will do anything to make a person bleed, thus the kendo stick we carry around. Understand, pain is like porn, we get off on making people bleed. The more, the better. Casey, your one man revolution is put to an end on Affliction. But there is one more in this war, Matt Miles. "

~ A small room light is turned on as Xavier shakes his head. ~

" What the hell just happened? "

~ Xavier walks over to the bathroom which has a small plug in light and turns on the water. He fills up his paper cup and splashes it on his face. ~

" This can't be happening again, not now. Not when i'm about to make the biggest move in my career in XMW. "

~ His reflection turns his head sideways and a smile comes across the face of his reflection. ~

" My friend, this time you have no choice. What we did at Affliction against Casey Jones brought us out once more. Its playtime Xavier, let us help you and we can take you places you've only been a few times before. We promise, we will only step in during your shows. Not like last time, we'll stay out of your personal life. "

~ Xavier turns off the water and exits the room. He walks over to the bed and takes a seat grabbing the camera from the tripod. ~

" Casey, Matt. This is what you get to deal with. I am not right in the head, I talk to myself in the mirror. I am the true definition of Enigma, A person that is mysterious and puzzling. I cannot make any promises as to my mental health come August 10th, all I know is that this is the first time back in a wrestling ring in three months and I cannot wait to get back in the ring. "

~ Another twitch makes Xavier drop the camera on the bed as it goes to static as a psychotic laugh is heard as the video stops. ~
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An Enigmatic offer (RP#1)
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