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 Promo #1: The Missing Piece

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Promo #1:  The Missing Piece Empty
PostSubject: Promo #1: The Missing Piece   Promo #1:  The Missing Piece I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 06, 2014 2:30 am

Max King catches up with Carmen Diaz as she’s seen exiting the gym facility.  Taking a drink from her water bottle and catching her breath, she walks up towards Max who has called her over to talk for a few moments.

Max:  Hello Carmen, I’d like to get your thoughts about your upcoming match with Flame Puppy.

Carmen:  I’m looking forward to the match.  It is Flame Puppy’s debut match to XMW and I’m interested to see what she can bring to the ring as a competitor.  She seems like the wholesome girl next door, an underrated talent that can come up and surprise you at any moment.  But, that ring is my home and there’s no way I’m losing in the second match of my career.  I’ve been told I bring in a whole new level of ruthlessness to the ring, and I’m going to be giving my 110% to this match.

Max:  As it is Flame Puppy’s debut to XMW, you no-showed to your match against Kendra last week.  We would like to have an update on your condition.

Carmen looked on at Max with confusion and pain evident on her face.  Her eyes are wide with shock as she looks on in disbelief.  She gathers herself and responds back to him.

Carmen:  What are you talking about?  I had my match with Kendra last week.  Weren’t you paying attention to the match?

With further confusion on Max’s face, he swallows hard and responds tentatively.

Max:  Carmen, you were a no show to your match last week.  Your titantron hit and it was announced that you were not in the arena that night.  The match was called and Kendra got the win.  Don’t you remember that?

Running fingers through her hair, Carmen starts to pace back and forth near Max.  Her breathing has increased rapidly as she looks visibly upset.  Looking back up at Max, her eyes have welled up with tears as her voice volume increases.  Several staff members start turning and listening in to the conversation.

Carmen:  I thought things would be different here.  I wanted a fresh start where I could finally focus on wrestling and not be victimized on a daily basis.  But, it seems like the lies from my previous company have followed me here.  You’re just like the rest of them, making a mockery of me.  Well guess what- it’s not funny and I’m not laughing!  Everyone tries to make me feel like I’m crazy and I don’t appreciate that you’re doing the exact same thing as the rest of them.  I know I was in the ring last week and got the victory.  I’m going to find the video of the match and make a fool out of you.  I’ll show you just how wrong you are…I’ll show you…I’LL SHOW ALL OF YOU!

As the camera catches glimpse of one stray tear rolling down her cheek, Carmen quickly turns around and walks briskly down the hallway.
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Promo #1: The Missing Piece
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