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 Promo #1: Shut up Trent or I'll Kill You (TLA vs Trent Richards)

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Promo #1: Shut up Trent or I'll Kill You (TLA vs Trent Richards)  Empty
PostSubject: Promo #1: Shut up Trent or I'll Kill You (TLA vs Trent Richards)    Promo #1: Shut up Trent or I'll Kill You (TLA vs Trent Richards)  I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 07, 2014 2:28 pm

(TLA is shown mixing a Baja Blast with purple drank like a mad scientist.)

TLA: Aww yea I'm goin' all out with that crazy boi swag. I am hyped up for my match with Trent Richards, been pumpin' that iron hard. Been training all week, feastin' and beastin'. TLA is ready. I am going to be ready for anything that the hater Nick Angel has to throw at me. I am going to maul Trent Richards like a crazy motherfucker and we are going to find out who the better man will be on that night.

(TLA makes a healthy choice by donating his Baja Blast mix to a homeless man on the street as he sips a protein shake instead.)

TLA: I admit that I am a health addict. I don't want that much television, I don't play much video games. What I am all about is wrestling. Some people might find that boring but I am a very simple man with simple needs. If I got an ass to kick in the ring that's all I need. But that don't mean I will tolerate being fed shit. Which is why I am pleased to see that Nick Angel has provided me with top competition this week. Not like last week, where TLA was watching from the sidelines. This week TLA will be straight up in the action blowin' shit up like only yo boi can. Cuz there be a lot of shit wrong on this show and it looks like its up to TLA to sort this mess out.

(TLA leans against his lowrider as white people cross the street to avoid walking past him or making eye contact like cowards.)

TLA: First we got the authority hyping all to shit all of these overrated jackass talents. Guys who ain't even done anything yet cuz their reputation precedes them. These wannabes can all fuck off. You ain't proven shit to XMW yet I don't give no fucks how many World Titles you won in whatever lame ass companies you worked for in the past. If you really that great then you can let yo actions speak for you. This ain't no job interview this is fighting and we ain't askin' for your qualifications. In most cases, y'all got that shit from biased management not even cuz of your true talent. That's called being overrated not being a legend. A true legend becomes successful in spite of the odds. True legends are the ones who walked that hard road. XMW officials can book all of these bullshit ranks and lists about rising stars and feuds and trying to put all of these people in the spotlight. They can do that all they want because Nick Angel and Jacob Steele's opinions are completely meaningless to me. They have already shown their cards that they are biased after Nick pulled that shit on Affliction trying to pawn off the XMW Championship like a toy. This is meant to be the top prize in this company, it ain't no trophy, it's what true champions will fight to wear, and until you have proven yourself a true champion you do not deserve to wear it. Luckily, Casey Jones was smart enough to realize this. He did not give into his greed, he treated the industry as a whole with the respect that it rightfully deserves. And I can truly say right now, that Casey Jones is one of the greatest wrestling talents in the world today and I can only hope that XMW management realizes this and gives him the chance he deserves.

(TLA begins blasting out classic reggae from his car radio.)

TLA: Speaking of chances, Trent Richards has gone on record saying that this is his first chance to go one-on-one with TLA. My memory ain't so good cuz of all this weed so I don't know if that's true or not. What I do know, is that I will be treating this match like it was the first time. I will treat this match like how I treat all my matches, like it is the first and last opportunity that I will ever have. I live each day and each moment like it is my last, because it could be. I appreciate Trent Richards showing me some respect before our match as that is all too rare in this business. I will do my absolute best to live up to his expectations, I will show my respect to him by giving him a true challenge, and I expect him to do the same. If he takes me down, if he gives me an asskicking, I will make damn sure that he respects the effort it took to do so. And if Allah favors the Lions, then I will do what I do best and give Trent Richards a beating that he just can't help but respect. I am not taking you lightly Trent, this is no time for jokes. I ain't takin' no personal shots or gettin' involved in any of your business with Chris Elite or Matt Miles. Yo beef is yo beef. My beef is with Nick Angel. If he has hired you as his hired gun then so be it. I will go through you to get to him. You can't hide behind your shields and borders forever Nick. Eventually, TLA always gets in.

(TLA gets into his car and drives off down a street in Orlando.
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Promo #1: Shut up Trent or I'll Kill You (TLA vs Trent Richards)
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