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 Promo #1: Brutality

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Promo #1: Brutality  Empty
PostSubject: Promo #1: Brutality    Promo #1: Brutality  I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 07, 2014 3:17 pm

(Crown by Jay-Z blasts over the PA System as Thomas Minns walks out to a chorus of boo’s from the crowd. He is followed by two huge, bald men who are wearing black suits. His theme song stops as he starts to talk while walking down the ramp.)

Why? Why Thomas? I have been asked numerous questions that contain that word lately. What do you have against Matt Miles? Why did you attack Matt Miles last week? Why did you distract Matt Miles on the first show of Affliction? So many questions, such little time. However, because I am such a nice guy, I will tell you just why I don’t like Matt Miles.

(Thomas Minns climbs up the steps and sits on a steel chair that is placed in the ring)

Matt Miles stands for everything I hate. The way that he panders to all of you and kisses your asses is disgusting. The fact that you support him is even worse. How deluded are you all that you actually think Matt Miles is a talented wrestler? How dare you all boo me and cheer him when I am ten times the man and ten times the wrestler that he is. I know that the only reason you cheer him is because he does everything for you. It’s pathetic. One of the biggest differences between Matt Miles and I is that I could not give less of a fuck about all of these fans. You may criticise me for that but I know that it will benefit me in the future. Matt Miles makes silly mistakes in the ring because he is more focused on winning fairly and impressing the fans than actually winning the match. Its cost him matches in the past and it will cost him in the future. I don’t make stupid mistakes like Matt does, I couldn’t care less about how I win a match. As long as I win than nothing else matters. Nobody remembers the guy who got cheated, everyone remembers the winners. The thing is, I know you are all judging me but I really don’t care. A lion never loses sleep over the opionon of a sheep. You and Matt Miles are all sheep. You all follow the same regime that I go against. Not because I am a rebel, it’s just because I am smart. I do want I want when I want because I am Thomas Minns. I am not some cookie cutter rookie, I am years beyond my age. I may be young but I have an incredible know how which is exceptional. I know you’re all asking yourself the same thing. Who are these two men stood outside the ring? I can tell you just that. These men are my insurance policy. They will protect me from idiots like Matt Miles. Matt is a mentalist and I don’t want him attacking me from behind like the pussy that he is. These men are paid to do what I tell them. I can afford to pay them whatever they want due to my vast riches meaning they can take Matt out whenever I feel like it. Matt is a cancer in this company and I am determined to eradicate him. I will finally have a chance to get my hands on Matt is a competitive nature this week, management had refused to put me in a match with him recently as they fear for his safety but I finally get to destroy him. I know that I will eradicate him this week with my tag team partner, Xavier Serikaz. You know Xavier and I aren’t that similar, you may have noticed that. That really doesn’t matter though. We have come together for a common goal. We both want to bring down fellow wrestlers and it makes it easier if we work together. Xavier clearly doesn’t like Casey and I will support him in bringing Casey down as long as he supports me in bringing Matt down. Even if we’re not similar I know that we are both talented wrestlers which means we can team up together well. Matt and Casey you better prepare for the worst. You two are both embarrassments to Xtreme Mayhem Wrestling and we are both extremely confident that we can remove you from this company. We are going to remove you with excessive force. We are like the Police and this is going to be Police brutality.

(Thomas Minns drops the microphone causing a loud bang in the area. He climbs out the ring and starts to walk down the ramp as his music plays. He stops on top of the ramp and his two bodyguards raise his arms in the air in victory as the camera fades to black)
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Promo #1: Brutality
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