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 Short but Sweet

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PostSubject: Short but Sweet   Short but Sweet I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 08, 2014 4:52 am

*Michael Jordan and Mia are in their home in Lansing, MI*

This week, I look to redeem myself and pick up 4 points in this Uncensored Championship Series. My opponents this week happen to be Ignitex and A-Will.

Ignitex is one big, dumb, son of a bitch. I mean, the guy's from MINNESOTA. A state of losers. The Minnesota Vikings: Only have one decent player, and couldn't get the playoffs if their lives depended on it. The Minnesota Timberwolves: Lost the only player that made that team barely relevant. And let's not forget to add Ignitex to that list. My man, you aren't going to be anywhere near this match come Destiny, and you sure as hell ain't gonna be anywhere near MY Uncensored Championship.

And next we got A-Will. Mr. Antonio Williams. Southern folk. You're from MEMPHIS. The town that bred Elvis and Justin Timberlake. One of the white people capitals in the world and YOU LIVED IN A BLACK NEIGHBORHOOD? Seems like your parents weren't that smart, and guess that rubbed off on you, considering you're getting into the ring with me, and you actually think you have a chance in hell of winning this tournament.

I know my words are short, but I'd rather not waste my time on wastes of life, and save my energy for that triple threat match at Destiny. Welcome to the Jordan Era.

*Michael and Mia make out as the camera fades to black*
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Short but Sweet
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