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 Promo #3.1: Caveman

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Samuel King

Samuel King

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Promo #3.1: Caveman Empty
PostSubject: Promo #3.1: Caveman   Promo #3.1: Caveman I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 08, 2014 11:54 am

*Samuel King is sitting in front of the camera in a chair hunched over in a mild sweat*

Wrestling isn't easy. All my life I've been striving to make myself better. It's a full time commitment. To be the best, you have to work the hardest. You have to chase what seems impossible over and over and over again, because giving up is not an option, and when you feel like you've reached your limit, it's only the beginning, that's when the time to dig deep, to find the courage to push some more, because if you've got the drive, the discipline, and the bizarre to do what it takes to make yourself great, then the rewards are endless. You can hate me now, but I won't stop now. You can hate what I do, you can hate what I say, you can hate my lifestyle, you can hate the fact that your girlfriend is giving me the side eye when you guys go out, but I won't stop being who I am.

*Samuel King sits up and begins to laugh.*

Now before someone get's their panties in a bunch, yes, I did steal most of that from the opening of 2k14 and LeBron James. So what are you going to do about it nothing, because the truth is it doesn't matter what I say to my opponent this week. I'd probably have more time reasoning to a cancer diagnosed dog about how he may live to be 30 human years, than to get through the meat head that calls himself Terry Chambers. He may call himself a barbaric carnivore I just think he is a caveman. Me Chamber, me win, because me big. Shut up you ain't shit, you ain't never been shit, and guess what you will never be shit. People just don't think they are capable of disrespect do they. You sir are in no way in the running to be the first XMW World Heavyweight Champion, however I don't think it would look bad around my sexy waist. Of course all that is irrelevant, because this is a XMW title match. You have talked about things that didn't ever matter like that one time you gave an excuse to why you lost a qualifier match. See I never deny when I lose a match, because instead I ignore it an act like it never happened.

Terry you aren't a wrestling machine because I am your gift to wrestling from God and I don't remember him crafting you as a back up. By all means I am sure he isn't that pathetic that a wrestling machine could be so full of bugs. Figuratively and in actuality. You like hurting people well in just a few short days you are going to find out what it is like to be hurt.

Promo #3.1: Caveman NdV8YfZ

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Promo #3.1: Caveman
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