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 That's gonna leave a mark.

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That's gonna leave a mark. Empty
PostSubject: That's gonna leave a mark.   That's gonna leave a mark. I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 08, 2014 8:58 pm

*Camera fades in where Ignitex is standing beside the headless, broken mannequin he performed “decapitation” on* 
*Ignitex starts to pick up the mannequin up again* 
This no good son of a gun will have his… 
*Ignitex starts to prop one of his powerful moves, the Havoc Buster* 
…Havoc and hell will be brought up… 
*Ignitex locks in the Havoc Buster…* 
…from the fires of brimstone and ash… 
*Ignitex picks up the mannequin over his stomach…* 
…with every conscious… 
*Ignitex is in a posture to slam down the mannequin…* 
*Ignitex forcefully slams down the mannequin, leaving the mannequin with irrepairable damage that breaks the plastic limbs apart* 
*Ignitex makes a 180 degree turn to the Camera* 
Did you see that? When anyone gets to face against me in combat, they’ll get the final words they deserve to finally shut that trap of theirs. This mannequin doesn’t represent just a mannequin, it was the mannequin of one who I have defeated and pinned down on the canvas last night…  
*Ignitex walks over to the dismantled mannequin…* 
*Ignitex spits at the broken mannequin, showing no remorse or feelings* 
You know… every time I get to face in one of the matches I get to follow at, my opponents get into this sort of physicality. A bloody former shell of a mess that made them for sure know that I give them the serious business they so truly deserve. But this isn’t just a message toward my opponents I have crumbled down last week,
*Ignitex stares a hard, glare look at the camera’s field of view* 
This is going to the two people that will get theirs at this Afflication. But this one person is going to get the most damage of this entire match… 
*Ignitex walks up to one of the puppets hanging from the ceiling, examining on the limbs of the puppet*
*Ignitex chuckles*
*Ignitex brings up a creepy wide grin as he walks up to a wall of this room and picks up the weapon he values best, his barbed wire masochist weapon*
Looks like it’s what the doctor has just ordered…
*Ignitex then just… Oh my god…*
*Ignitex using his barbed wire weapon to batter the hell out of the puppet… over… and OVER AGAIN*
*Ignitex uncontrollably beating the puppet hanging in the wall with full force as just, no, TOO UNBEARABLE TO WATCH*
*The string attached to the puppets begins to snap off as the puppet just has only one string attached to a side…* 
*Ignitex lets one vicious blow go to the head of the puppet and the puppet just collides down to the floor with a hard impact*
The medicine I will give onto you…
*Ignitex then tries to carve out a phrase with a sharp, wooden, handle edge of his barbed wire weapon…*
*A-WILL appears onto the forehead of the soft material of the puppet*
WILL POISON YOUR CHANCES OF EVER WINNING THIS TITLE TOURNEY. A-Will, if you think I’m playing, I’ve got something special planned out to you at this Affliction. You’re going to witness something that you’ll have to embrace to believe, but I don’t want to spoil all the fun I’m going to have, it’ll come when you are ready for it. I’m going to give you amputations on your limbs with this one, believe it A-Will, you’ll have to schedule a MRI appointment afterwards as a precaution. The massacre I have planned for you in that very ring will give you a taste of what a true beast like me could ravage on your chances of ever winning and touching the gold plate I truly want. The freedom from you facing on that ring with me will have to be reduced trifold into what I’ll have in store…
*Ignitex walks over to a wooden, closed box and then lifting the lid off of it*
*Ignitex brings up a devilish smile when he exposes the steel chains in his hand*
You know what I’ll have to make you go through…
*Ignitex puts the steel chain around the hollow puppet’s neck and begins to…*
A-Will, save yourself before it’s too late…
*…choke the hell out of the puppet, Ignitex making it flail around the space he’s in*
that I’ll HAVE to make you my slave, MY BITCH.
Jordan, if you’re hearing this, LEAVE THIS TOURNEY. You’ll not want this happen to you too.
*Camerman slowly gets out of the room as the puppet begins to shed the soft material of it’s next, leaving a mark around it’s neck*
*Scene fades out*
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That's gonna leave a mark.
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