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 Sick and tired of losing!

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Terry Chambers

Terry Chambers

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Sick and tired of losing! Empty
PostSubject: Sick and tired of losing!   Sick and tired of losing! I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 09, 2014 4:05 pm


---Terry is seen in the lobby of his hotel room checking in at the front desk as the cameraman approaches him---

Terry: Hey you yeah you sneaky cameraman that XMW sent you! I want you to record some things I have on my mind! As everybody all knows I fucking lost again in that fatal 4 way to a scrub named Starre and my reaction to that was I was fucking upset because that means for 2 straight fucking weeks I lost to 2 scrubs who barely know anything about wrestling and I am not even being mean right now! Now I am being placed in this random match against Samuel King and I will admit I have seen your work and you are a ehh to me because I don't see that much potential in you and that fact XMW did to hire you is ridiculous and it is not just you it is half the the XMW roster itself! The past 2 weeks I have lost to scrubs and I let myself down, my family down, and the entire wrestling business down because I am the wrestling machine dammit and XMW just doesn't realize it! Just because I lost to a couple of fluke matches to scrubs does not mean I do not have it anymore and that is exactly why I am going to give it my all come tomorrow night on Affliction and if you get in my way then you can guaran-damn-tee you can kiss your fucking career goodbye! If I somehow lose this match come tomorrow night then 100% all of the XMW roster can kiss my ass and they are all in danger because when I go in full focus mode you are in danger when you stand across the ring from me and its not like there's any difference anyway because pretty much 97% of this XMW roster is worthless pricks who do it for a paycheck and are talentless fucks! So Samuel King I am warning you now that I will not be responsible for your injuries if you attempt to piss me off! It also pisses me off the way Starre took the easy way out last match and snuck in the victory and ran away like a little bitch because everybody knows he's scared of me and he didn't want any part of me but hey I guess the past in in the past so I will see you in my kingdom known as the squared circle come tomorrow night on Affliction and Vic Vendetta I am not afraid to wipe you out if you get in my way also so I advise you to stay the fuck out of my way! Now move because I got to unpack in my room and then go to the gym for a workout!

---Terry goes on the elevator with his assistant Jack and the doors closes as the camera fades to black---
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Sick and tired of losing!
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