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 IDK what to call it

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Isaac Hunter

Isaac Hunter

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IDK what to call it Empty
PostSubject: IDK what to call it   IDK what to call it I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 09, 2014 5:20 pm

** Isaac is seen throwing empty beer bottles at the side of closed down factory. He chugs one more and throws it. A next door neighbor tells him to keep it down because his kids are trying to sleep and Isaac gives him the middle finger. It appears Isaac has had a few too many and tries to hit the cameraman but misses by a mile and almost loses his balance. **

"Let's keep moving. Fuck that guy for yelling at me. What did I do Joseph? That is your name right? Oh who cares. I feel like a million bucks right now. I'M ON TOP OF THE WORLD. I'M 2-0 IN XMW, WOOHOO! Where the hell is my pay raise? Where's the gold star next to my name huh? I've proven myself already in my eyes. Don't you think? Shake your head yes. That a boy. But no matter what I do, I won't be taken seriously. Sure I might get my hands on the Uncensored championship soon enough but that's nothing more than a stepping stone to me. I want to be seen for what I truly am and that's a world title contender. But why won't my name be in contention for that title you ask? It's because I don't have the reputation that some of these guys do. Some of these guys have built legacies in previous companies so they automatically get to leapfrog over me when it comes to great opportunities. That's fair isn't it? It's fair to everybody except me because if we all started on a level playing field, I would be the focal point of XMW and that's the way it should be but I'll succeed the old fashion way. I'll work my way through the ranks and I'll take out your favorite heroes and despised villains. I will keep going until I'm the last man standing while the others are too busy nursing their brutal injuries in the comfort of their own home. You saw what I did on Affliction yes? I won. I put on a great match for the fans and then I took their beloved Stan Strong and I planted his head in the mat. I didn't want to do it. Okay maybe I did but at times it pains me to destroy people's futures. The way I see it I'm the grim reaper of XMW. With just one touch I can kill careers. Does that make me a bad guy? That's a hot debate right? Because whenever my music hits, the fans don't know what to do. They don't know how to react to such a rare talent like myself. So half of them cheer me while the other half decide to boo me. To those who cheer me, what's your reason? Is it because you like me? Is it because you can relate to me? Are you a fan of my work or is it the cool thing to do? And to those who boo me, what is your reason? Is it because you think I'm the scum of the earth? You think I'm a little too cocky? Is it because I don't look like your prototypical professional wrestler? Yeah I don't have cartoonish muscles or perfectly groomed hair, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm not perfect in your eyes but I'll settle for pretty damn good for now. Joseph tell the world do stop spinning."

** Isaac continues to stumble and uses the cameraman's shoulder as a crutch. Then Isaac tells him to get off of him. He has no clue what he's doing but continues to talk anyways. **

"So this is how Stan Strong feels 24/7 when he's drunk? Stan! Stan! Stan! Stan! Stan! Stan! Stan! Stan! Hi buddy how are you? Man it must suck to be you. First you lost your friend and then you lost something else just last week and that's your dream of becoming Uncensored champion. Who did you piss off? Huh? Because why would the boss man make you face me again? I killed your hype. I remember after your first match everybody said you were awesome or how you were the second coming or whatever. You caught people off guard. You got people's hopes up. They thought that you had the talent to one day become world champion. They wanted to see you succeed not because of how good you are in the ring, but because of your story. You are an underdog and people just love the David vs Goliath type of stories. I ended it though Stan and I'm glad I did it. I wasn't going to go easy on you because I feel sorry for you. If anything I wanted to ease the pain. I wanted to get you the Old Yeller treatment. This week I'll finish the job. All I have to say is you're welcome. Just know the struggle will be no more. As for my other opponent Randy something. He reminds me of a kid on Halloween. This year he decided to go as some kind of savior. Oh boy one of those guys again? I've seen about twenty men in this business who also thought they were a savior and in the end, they don't save anything, not even their career. They come and go. They realize they are a failure in life so they try to make themselves feel important but after a week or two they look at themselves in the mirror and they realize they are still at that failure state and they'll never escape it unless they put a bullet in their brain. Randy you pride yourself on this fake label and you lead this fake cause. You think you're special. Are you one in a million or do you come a dime a dozen? It's not a trick question. You insult the fans like the rest because it's an ego thing. It's also a tiresome tactic. You don't care if they live or die and I'm sure they would agree that they feel the same way about someone like yourself who just like Stan, are doing nothing productive with their career. All you are doing is wasting a roster spot. Soon I'll give the boss a reason to release your ass after he witnesses such a horrible performance on your behalf this Sunday. Last week you attacked your opponent. Woah you're tough man. I must avoid you right? On second thought I'll take my chances. You said that you're going to do the same thing this week. So you're going to lose again and then attacked the weaker of your two opponents, which would be Stan? I'm fine with that. Go ahead let your anger out. You have a right to be frustrated. I mean it must be frustrating to know that you aren't good enough to succeed, but at the same time it must be easy for you to deal with because you've been told that since an early age. I hope you're ready for another loss because ready or not, it's going to come."
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IDK what to call it
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