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 Promo #2: One of the Top...

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C5 Ion

C5 Ion

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Promo #2: One of the Top... Empty
PostSubject: Promo #2: One of the Top...   Promo #2: One of the Top... I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 10, 2014 12:57 am

Promo #2: One of the Top... S6q2w0

Sunday Night Affliction
Match Stipulation: Singles Match | Reward: None
C5 Ion vs. Alioth Starre

Insider: Matrix Insider!
...On the last edition of XMW Afflicition, there was two men that made their debuts and they both turned out to be the Spotlight Stars of the Week. The two men are the two that are facing each other tonight and that is C5 Ion versus Alioth Starre. They was chosen together as Spotlight Superstar of the week, but this week it shows which one is going to be the better man as they face each other one on one...

The scene opens up with "Real Deal" by Tyga and the crowd starts to buzz. From backstage, C5 Ion emerges, and walks out to the ramp, bouncing slightly. He looks around and let's out a bloodcurdling howl before racing down to the ring and sliding in. He scrambles up a turnbuckle and howls again, and this time the fans respond with their own howls. Ion hops off the turnbuckle and heads to the corner, where he asks for an microphone to speak.

Whats up XMW a Universe! I'm back again, are you having a good time?

The crowd explode with cheers, rattling the arena.

Of course...Uhh, as you see, I'm not in the beard condition right now, not as much as I would love to be, but if you watched the match again from last week, I landed wrong on my elbow when I executed the 450 Splash, but Alioth...I wouldn't have poured my swear and tears in that match if I didn't want to take it to the next level. I am truely the sole survivor of the XMW and I have a feeling that I will be here for a much longer time here. I came here to rebuild the XMW legacy...If I fail to, then it was meant to be then...But you see, I have time on my side because my championship match in the future is just around the corner and I see that the Destiny pay per view doesn't have a match yet, so what better way to start the main event with an Championship Match, with me involved...I know I can't just put matches out there of my own by that's a proposal I want to make to Mr. Steele...

When I saw that the ref had hit the mat three times, I knew it was my chance to redeem myself to regain the chance of being noticed in this company and become a contender for the World championship. Once I saw that Alioth was trying to run, I had to make my presence known at all costs. So, that's why Mr. Steele issued the match official to see who can take the limits to a higher point...

Ion pauses as he shakes his head.

If your new to seeing Affliction...I am the Creator of the Matrix, C5 Ion...The man who will show Alioth the light tonight...Tonight and its our first matchup against each other...I was told that my time is coming and all I have to do is do what I have always been doing and that's for me to just entertain...You see, I was confronted by XMW Officials about me being the breakout star of XMW...And it turned out that I am becoming a great breakout star...Im going to tell you...The XMW Universe that I've been showing a little sign of slowness in my step and its just about that time...No, I'm not retiring...I'm too young to be this slowed on my step, after I made an huge shock in my step...But, I will get back to that later as superstars from around the world compete...

The crowd starts to boo, but then they start to chant "The Matrix" over and over.

This...This is Saturday Afternoon Affliction! Featuring superstars such as me, TLA, Samuel King, Isaac Hunter, and many more...We put out bodies on the line and enter matches week after week to show that we are the top stars in this company and we're not going anywhere for awhile. Alioth, I don't hold nothing against you because your time is up and you will realize why your not supposed to be on the dark side of what you thought you was...Maybe you get more TV time or you get a better paycheck...I don't care...I'm here to become the best and show why I am championship material and also show why I deserve to be one of the top superstars in XMW...

Ion walks around the ring as he listens to the fans chant his name repeatedly. He is here to change the XMW by defeating Alioth Starre. He's also here to show that he's a force to be reckoned with.

We'll since I'm back again this week, I'm going to have to put down the law that I'm here to stay in the XMW...I alway have to steel the shows, even if I lose, and then show love to the fans and that's what I do...Tonight is the night. I compete before the cameras even go on, meaning that I compete by being the most daring alive on this planet. Either way, I'm still competing to my best and winning. I'm in XMW for a reason and that means I will become champion and carry this company on my back for all I can...The XMW needs someone like me because if you realize, there's not that many good guys that can still show the light around here and superstars that acre about the XMW Universe and I can lead the XMW to greatness...I am one of the young guys in this business, but I'm still one of the phenomenal wrestlers in the business today on top of that...

Ion drops the microphone and leaves the ring walking towards the back...Now it's all up to Ion to do what he have to do...Everyone is behind him in this match and he's the favorite to walk out Affliction as the winner...The question still stands...Is Ion the superstar we've been waiting on to beat this man twice or will Alioth prove to be the better superstar? Tune into Sunday Afternoon Affliction!

My Original Character-Portrayed by; Robert J. Tevis
Signature specially Made For Me by Mike of Another Efed
Promo #2: One of the Top... Acrdrp
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Promo #2: One of the Top...
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