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 Promo #6: Spear or Crossface

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Promo #6: Spear or Crossface Empty
PostSubject: Promo #6: Spear or Crossface   Promo #6: Spear or Crossface I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2014 11:38 pm

*A-Will, dressed in sunglasses, a black button down shirt, jeans, and solid black Nike shoes, is standing on the balcony of a hotel, watching the sunset in a relaxing mood. The camera is shown at a different angle to capture A-Will's face and he starts talking.*

Every morning I wake up, I look in the mirror and ask myself "When is the day going to end permanently for A-Will?" Then, I slap myself and tell myself "Quit being a coward, go out there, kick some ass, and be the best!" That's my motto. Over the past few weeks, I've been less productive than I should have, with every undeserving idiot in this company topping me when I wasn't on my game, but it stops here. Isaac, you're the unlucky one in this pair of lucky people. I've been in triple threats over the past two weeks and that hurts my record in XMW, but I'm in a singles match this week. I thrive in singles matches because I don't have to worry about the chance of not being pinned and still losing, which has happened over the past few weeks. I have yet to earn points in this tournament and it almost seems as if I don't have a chance, right? That's just fate. Fate has given me the chance to counterfeit what you think and get the Uncensored championship around my waist. You may think it's impossible at this point, but anything is possible.

Isaac, I seen your match. Very, very good stuff, but beating two hopeless idiots ain't an accomplishment. However, squaring off one-on-one with someone like me, whom is undefeated in singles competition, is a huge privilege. It all leads to one question, though. If you can't go bigger and go to the advanced one, how can you expect to even last in a singles match? Look at my debut in XMW and evaluate how I beat the living crap out of Samuel King. Also, while I'm on this subject, how in the hell does he get a world title opportunity instead of me? If you give me the chance, I'll dismantle him for good and take that title away from him instantly. That pisses me off, but back on topic. Isaac, you can be as crazy as you want in that ring, but all it's gonna prove is I'm crazier, I'm smarter, I'm just plain better and you'll never take that away from me. None of you "wrestlers" in XMW will take that away from me. It's no secret that I am the most skillful athlete in this business. Did it show last week? No, it sadly didn't. Did it show two weeks ago? No, it didn't come out, but it will this sunday. When your eyes pop out of your head from disbelief, just know it had to end like this. It was just business. In closing, I would just like to remind you why I am who I say I am and that is the sexiest, strongest, smartest, most gifted athlete this world has ever known. Crossface or Spear, Isaac, choose your demise. Oh it's real, it's damn real.

*A-Will adjusts his sunglasses while facing the camera with a smirk and went back into his hotel room. The camera fades to black*
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Promo #6: Spear or Crossface
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