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 Welcome, peasants ; Promo 1 vs Tornado

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Man in the Box

Man in the Box

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Welcome, peasants ; Promo 1 vs Tornado Empty
PostSubject: Welcome, peasants ; Promo 1 vs Tornado   Welcome, peasants ; Promo 1 vs Tornado I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 13, 2014 5:09 pm

*The scene is dark at night, in a rainy arena near Buzzards Bay. A man wearing white pants, a black shirt, and a cap is seen walking around the area*

Hello, peasants.. my name is "Man in the Box" and I come from a place I love to call, home. Home is where I reside, in the Buzzards. I have come to XMW for one reason, and one reason only.. to save you people from the horrific thing that is called talent, here. When I look at the roster,I see nothing but disgraces to even grace a ring with me, Man in the Box. I want my name to be heard about this company, and in order to do so, I am going to dismantle, dis-attach, and destroy every single peasant that stands before me, and that includes this buffoon known as, "Tornado." I could not even wrap my head around the idea why he could call himself Tornado. I think a better name for "Tornado" would be, "Train Wreck" because that is the only thing seem fitting for whenever he appears on Affliction, XMW television, or when he has a microphone in hand. This guy is an absolute joke. I'm coming here to XMW to savee everyone, and that includes Tornado. Tornado is here in XMW, and in order to make a name for myself, I must go through this idiot, and I plan on doing that on this upcoming Affliction, in my debut. I will be making a name for myself when I dismantle Tornado, and send this idiot back to wherever he comes from. After I'm done with Tornado, the landscape, the complexity of Xtreme Mayhem Wrestling shall be changed forever, when Man in the Box takes XMW by storm, and changes this place for the better, for good, and for eternity. My name is Man in the Box, let that be known. I'm coming to make a statement, and begins this Sunday.
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Welcome, peasants ; Promo 1 vs Tornado Empty
PostSubject: King Beyond the Wall   Welcome, peasants ; Promo 1 vs Tornado I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 14, 2014 3:38 pm

[Tornado walks out of his Locker Room while Christi Byrd stops him ]

Christi : Tornado. can I get a single word for you just a moment before your match on Affliction show.

Tornado: ¿Como va?

Christi:last Sunday on Affliction show you defeated Ultimate Destroyer on Affliction show and now this Sunday you have to challenge Man in the Box in four days on Affliction show so any thoughts?

Tornado: Well Christi when i defeated Ultimate Destroyer last Sunday night on Affliction i didn't even know that i was gonna defeat Ultimate Destroyer on my first victory win on Affliction but now there's one guy that i have never fought in my life and my Opponents name is man in the box once i get done with him in four days before Affliction then i'm heading to Destiny PPV and show the world that i'm the best Affliction superstar ever until i defeat man in the box on Affliction show this Sunday then i'm gonna challenge Trent Richards at Destiny PPV.

Christi Byrd: Tornado do you really think you can defeat Man in the box of your Opponents  this Sunday night on Affliction show?

(Tornado's talking Continues)

Tornado: Well if it depends on how the match ends up because i'm leaving out as your winner on Affliction show this Sunday night until i head to our new PPV called Destiny PPV so Man in the box you better at least get your things together because once i defeat you in that ring this Sunday on Affliction show because i am none other then King Beyond of the Wall until we first meet each other on Affliction show so make the best Affliction superstar wins because i know that i will when i destroy you in four days before our match on Affliction show this Sunday night.

Christi Byrd: Well there you have it folks and we will see of "King Beyond of the Wall  leader tornado when he takes on Man in the box  of his Opponent and his singles match this Sunday night on Affliction show.

Christi Byrd: So i'm Christi Byrd  and we hope to see tornado take control of  his Opponent on Affliction until he actually defeats Man in the box in four days on Affliction show this Sunday night because i'm watching the both of them kill each other on Affliction show this Sunday night.

[Camera fades while Tornado goes to his Dressing room before another event of Affliction show]
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Welcome, peasants ; Promo 1 vs Tornado
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