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 Promo #1: So, this is XMW, huh?

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Jay Striker

Jay Striker

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Promo #1: So, this is XMW, huh? Empty
PostSubject: Promo #1: So, this is XMW, huh?   Promo #1: So, this is XMW, huh? I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 13, 2014 5:51 pm

**Max King is seen standing by the panel at an official XMW Press Conference. Chatter about Destiny and the world championship match is heard in the background along with the clicking noise of a photo being taken. Jay Striker walks toward him, sporting a suit and shades. A fat, balding, greasy haired man follows him. The camera zooms in to show that it's none other than Jay's manager Will Dunham. **

Max King: My guest at this time: Jay Striker! Jay, how does it feel to be apart of Xtreme Mayhem Wrestling.

Jay Striker: You want to know how it feels? It feels like a piece of me just died. It feels like I was just kicked in the stomach. It feels like I have just went to hell. It feels like I have lowered myself, Max. I am a world wide star, my matches in Japan have been watched by people all around the world, people go to insane lengths to get their hands on my DVD's, to put it simple, I am an international superstar, and now here I am working at some pissant little death match fed. The board knows I'm better than this, that's why they were desperately calling me every day, begging to sign, they need legitimacy, they need me! You know what, I feel like a big fish in a very small pond. Wait, not even a fish, a hungry, blood thirsty shark that's about to feast on every fish in the sea.

Max King: Strong words there, tell me Jay, you have a match this Sunday for the Hybrid Championship, care to share your thoughts?

Jay: Not really but I guess I'll do it anyway. I'm glad there is someone semi-competent in this place. Thank god I wasn't forced to work from the bottom like those ham sandwiches you see working the opening matches. You did a smart move XMW, you saw the money on the table and you took it, bravo, I raise my hat to you. There's always a problem though, I notice Samuel King and Liam Catterson have a world title match. Why am I not in that? Some horn dog who would rather spend his time wooing the ladies and a pretentious, money grubbing, greedy cunt who doesn't care about the business get to main event and fight for the biggest belt in this company. Why sign an A list talent like myself only to have me fight for second best? You know I blow away every talent on this roster, you know I'm the best pure athlete, the best talker, the best wrestler and most important of all the best possible person to be your champion. I don't know who to be pissed at more the morons in the back or a certain someone who couldn't get the job done during negotiations.

**Jay turns his head to Will. He stares a hole into him with his cold eyes while Will sweats a bit, pondering a response.**

Will: W-w-well, you see Jay, I tried my best, we spent hours in that room negotiating, they weren't even going to give you any kind of title match but I said how much of a money making talent you were! Listen, I'm here to help you Jay, those bookers don't know what they have in you, I gave you the platform to showcase, you just need to do what you do best, win.

Jay: Pfft, fine, I guess I'll settle for this, Hybrid Championship gold is better than no gold at all. Even if I'll end up having to share.....

Max King: Alright than, thoughts about your opponents?

Jay: My opponents? They aren't anything to worry about, I heard who's in that little rage in the cage, trust me, I'm winning that thing, unfortunately at the end of it I'll be saddled with some dead weight. Nobody in there can keep up with me and that's a fact. Tell me, who in there can out wrestle me, TLA? That little pint sized thug can't keep up with me. He's the type to attack someone from behind, or get a chair to bash somebody in the head. A garbage wrestler like him deserves to be fighting on the streets for food, not in a professional match for what should be a prestigious honor. TLA, you run your mouth, that's all you're good for, that's your bread and butter, maybe you should be a manager, but all I know is you don't belong in that ring. I do not enjoy wasting my time on hood rats, it's bad enough I have four other wastes of space, but then we have a bottom feeder like you, the type who probably works for fifty bucks and a hotel room. Why embarrass yourself, why give any of these people false hope, I know you're just going to get in front of this camera, do your usual ghetto shtick about how you're going to kick my ass to act hard in front of your fans but we all know at the end of the day I'm better than you, you can just look at me and tell who is meant to be in this ring. I await your profanity laced "badass" response.

Moving on, we got Vic Vendetta. Vic, I've seen your name around for years, and in those years I haven't heard about you really accomplishing anything. So far you haven't accomplished anything here either, you're just another one of those jerk offs running around with a bunch of floosies by his side. You're nothing special kid, all I've seen you do is latch on to people, you mooched off Samuel and now you're riding on Trent Richards, it's almost as if it's in your nature to be a coat tail riding little bitch. Maybe when you grow a pair you can play with the big boys but for now I'm having you pegged as first out, that's not even an insult, it's just how it's gonna be.

Hey, why don't we talk about the man who has become Vendetta's buddy, Trent Richards. I've looked into you, you have a respectable amateur background, pretty good wrestler, the only problem is you spout nonsense. You go around saying how you are the best and how you are better than every one, but news flash, now that I am here that has become no more than just a phrase. You can no longer take pride in being the spec of dirt in a pile of crap. You've already been slipping too, you lost to that carny TLA just a few days back. It seems that the chosen one has been repicked and from what I hear it's a good looking guy with an impeccable ability. You say you're a god, well like the real thing you're just another myth.

Jay: Who else is in this thing?

Will Dunham: *whispers* C5 Ion.

Jay:.....Who in the blue hell is C5 Ion!? I have never in my life heard of this guy, and I've been everywhere! Just goes to show how irrelevant you are.  I have no reason to care about you, you're just some random punk put in so you have something to do, congratulations, you are the weakest link in this match, I would say I'll be the one to get you out but you're so invisible I probably won't notice you. You could surprise me, most likely you won't, but you can try. Think of this as a learning experience, you get to be in the ring with a star, something you can espire to be. Keep on chasing the dragon kid, but just know, you're gonna end up on fire.

Max King: As for Terry Chambers?

Jay: He's a six foot six, two hundred eighty seven pound mammoth of a man who still manages to be a gigantic failure, the guy is the equivalent of a school yard bully hitting up the nerd for lunch money. Terry Chambers should be a champion but is getting rolled up on the undercard, you can be the biggest guy on the planet but if you're that stupid and untalented you can't even beat somebody on the level of Tornado. You claim to be the barbaric carnivore but the only thing you seem to be eating is losses. There seems to be a little mix up, barbaric means, brutal, savagely cruel, that's me in a nutshell, I'm everything you were supposed to be, and I'm about fifty pounds lighter! You can't act like this dangerous man until you face me, and even when you end up in the ring against me, the only thing you will be able to call yourself is beaten. Drink your protein shakes, eat your mountain of rib eye steaks, get your suppliments, hit the weights, do some more whining to the camera, do whatever you do to get ring ready, you're going to need all the preperation you can to come close to me, big fella.

For all you slow minded, exceptional individuals, in short, all five of those goons don't compare to me. You can head to an indy show at your local high school gym, you'll see the same type of guys. I will be the one half of the XMW Hybrid Champions, it's the perfect fit, I'm the very definition of a hybrid athlete, I can fly, I'm one of the best catch as catch can wrestlers, I can even get down and dirty and do that hardcore, brawling BS that all you bleach drinking, yard tard loving, brain dead virgin XMW fans love so much! Now that I've dotted my I's and the ink is dry on my contract, this company is officially mine. All the titles are mine, all the rings are mine, all the arenas are mine, and every one who buys a ticket is mine. I've said what I wanted to say, that good enough for you, Max? Let's go Will, you're going to buy me dinner.

**Jay Striker walks out of view as Will Dunham follows him, looking inside of his wallet.**

Will: I knew I should have brought more money, that bastard's going to order the whole damn cow........
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Promo #1: So, this is XMW, huh?
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