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 Your chances are in negative debt

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Your chances are in negative debt Empty
PostSubject: Your chances are in negative debt   Your chances are in negative debt I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 14, 2014 4:02 pm

*Scene fades in a backstage segment inside the building where this affliction is going to occur at*
*Ignitex walks by in a distance in a hallway then comes close by to the cameraman and finds a ranked tally list in a wall opposite to the camerman*
*Ignitex browses the list and finds himself being tied to Isaac Hunter with 8 points*
*Ignitex brings an uplifting creepy smile on his face, then he looks on down to the last 2 warriors on the list and gives a maniacal chuckle*
*Ignitex then spots the name in capital letters, MICHAEL JORDAN*
*Ignitex laughs even more*
Look what we have here… look at this Neanderthal, just look at where he is at right now.
*Ignitex points to the integer number, -3*
Michael Jordan your score is in debt opposite where my ranking is at. Do you really think there is a damn chance that you have to face against me, none whatsoever. Do you really think also you could stop me from going where I am going for Jordan? If you try to stop me right now where I’m trying to gun for Jordan, just trust me, you’ll meet your doom once the time is just about right for you. And you know Jordan, since you’re so far off against me in rankings… no one is going to give their damn time to go against you Jordan.
Just so you know Jordan, every time you try to challenge against me, you just go 3 steps back into the negative zone. Your road to the XMW Uncensored Championship is down in flames while I get to the top of the mountain for the XMW Uncensored Championship. Just get ready to embarrass yourself Jordan, just get ready…
*Ignitex then walks to the trainer’s room to get prepared for his upcoming match and to get prepared for his destiny to the XMW Uncensored Championship*
*Scene fades out*
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Your chances are in negative debt
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