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 Timing is Everything

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Samuel King

Samuel King

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PostSubject: Timing is Everything   Timing is Everything I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 15, 2014 5:16 am

OOC: sorry guys I had to do this from my phone my laptop trippin

*Samuel King is sitting in a reclining chair with a glass of red wine and a beautiful woman on his arm.*

Some of you may wonder why it has taken me so long to answer Liam Catterson in his challenge but when you do realize what you're up against you don't rush into anything. I'm not like you idiotic parasites. I'm very careful and calculated in my word choice. I've thought about this and I've marinated on my situation and I marinated on this match and so after the conclusion that I have come upon is that nothing Liam says means anything. Now, now, now, let me explain where I'm coming from. I have an addiction to research so I searched in Google and watched old footage of you and what I've come to realize is you're nothing by mouth. You put forth no action. Take that company you referenced I remember that you had a group of guys doing your dirty work. All the wins you had weren't of your wrestling superiority or skill or because of your own ability, but because of your persuasive content of your words to other misguided individuals who just couldn't succeed on their own. See I've never needed anyone else to help me get what I need to get done and for that reason is why Samuel King is going to defeat you in a few short days. Catterson look at yourself and really ask do you even believe the trash that comes out your mouth? Believe in yourself, but can you? Trust in your ability, do you have any? Live by your own rules well just call me the law. I am going to shut you down I am going to ascend up the corporate ladder I am going to become world champion you with all your experience and past history doesn't mean a thing to me. Tell me what makes you so sure you've ever faced a guy like me me. You just don't think you're capable of disrespect to you? We know you're not prettier than me soon you'll figure out you're not a better wrestler either. Come on dude look at me, I'm fast, I'm agile,  I'm strong, I'm young, and I'm just too smart.

It pisses me off when you old guys think that just because they have been around forever that they'll be able to halt the progress of the next generation. If you only knew what do and who you up against you wouldn't be so quick to run your mouth about how glorious and great you think you are. I'm glad the championship is going to be competed in a Elite Rules match. That way there will be no way for you to run or hide and there'll be no way for you to complain after I take that championship in becoming the first ever XMW World Heavyweight Champion. I can't wait to hear your anguish and screams.

If I say anything more I believe in my being it will be a waste of my breath because I know you're the type to not to listen to anything. You're the type that has to get slapped around before he realizes not let the cross the line so I'll see you in a couple days old man. Oh and Nick make sure my championship shined up real nice. I want it to be fit for a King.
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Timing is Everything
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