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 8.17.14 Affliction

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Alioth Starre

Alioth Starre

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PostSubject: 8.17.14 Affliction   8.17.14 Affliction I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 15, 2014 11:11 am

I have learned a most terrible thing about the depths of this organization. You must see it, but only when you let your eyes see from the peripheral vision instead of what is right in front of you, for this can only be seen when you’re not focused on what’s ahead. It is obvious when you think about it, and it’s natural I see it before any others for I have experienced similar situations in my life’s past, of which you lot do not let anyone discuss. So, I won’t discuss my past, but the issue needs to be addressed at present, and at length.

Last week, on your silly little show, of which you believe to be of little to no importance anyway, but any who, I was to face a man who can’t even spell his own name. His name, as he called it, was Cee-Five Ion. Yes, except I refuse to acknowledge the letter and number portion, and will always address this pathetic little punk more grammatically. Cee-Five Ion is someone with so little talent that, even though he won, his efforts to win were completely lackluster. Suffice to say, ladies and gentlewomen, I was insulted by this.

Yes, gasp if you want, but I was insulted by losing to someone who did not put forth as much of an effort in the ring as I had. I put more effort in my jobbing to him than he did winning. He was so focused on his red, white, and black, that he forgot he was actually supposed to be appearing as a natural in the ring, someone capable of beating a man that has defeated over 80 other individuals in one ring, in one night, but, oops, I’m not allowed to talk about my past, am I?

In the back, just before the match, I was told that the administrator of this organization was going to force me to job to Cee-Five Ion for whatever biased and irrational reason he had. Unlike the administrator of this filth, I am a professional and did my job by jobbing to the little punk who can’t even execute his moves like a real wrestler. I was classically trained in the ring, did he get trained by watching youtube?

This is unprofessional and I am completely, and utterly insulted by the disrespect that was given to me by the owner of this organization. You could call it whining, or say “we’re just here to have fun and nothing else’, but when we wrestlers have put so much into our craft and put an effort to ignore our own lives for the love of what we do, then no, it’s not about just fun, it’s about passion and the desire of accomplishment. I’m pretty sure the only thing Cee-Five Ion has accomplished was barely getting out of bed in the morning.

The owner of this administration has officially spit in my face and I’m not taking this insult lightly. I am Alioth Starre, and though you refuse to know who I am, who I was, and what I come here to be, I am not a puppet, children, I am a grenade. I come in here because I am better than all of you and I will put you all down to prove this. I accept defeat when it is earned, but last week was not an earned defeat, it was a forced defeat. The administrator of operations made a biased decision to force me to lose and that is not good for business. If this happens again, I will quit this company and blast it at every opportunity, in every place I can find. My voice carries ripples through the universe like waves in the ocean. If I could speak on the poor level of english and grammar that the administrator of this faulty organization is used to understanding, I should put it like this; You done goof’d.

Remember, administrator, that other people in the higher up seats of this establishment recognize the faults you make with your own company. They are equally frustrated with it, and how you run this place and treat us. You really shouldn’t treat the people that keep this place running like we’re beneath you, or like garbage. We keep this place going and if you treated everyone the way you did me, then you won’t have a wrestling federation anymore. Remember that, child. The next time you spit in my face, I’m coming after you personally.

I put a lot of effort into what I do, and time as well. Time that could be spent elsewhere, and doing things far more important than helping your little backwater establishment, of which is a complete disorganized mess, by the way. I am here despite the fact it looks like a child threw his clothes all over the room and said, “oh, but can’t you find what you’re looking for? The layout is quite easy to see.” It’s not, kid. It’s not.

In closing, Cee-Five Ion’s victory over me did not happen. At least, it should not have happened. He put less effort in the ring against me than I did against him, and I was the one forced to lose. He is a piece of garbage with little to no talent just surfing his way through here. He’ll be gone and forgotten, but if you treat me fairly, I will make this place as legendary as my name, even though you refuse to let the past be known, by power and my abilities will be known in this current incarnation. Screw that up, and you could very well screw up your entire operation, child. Oh, yes, I’m sure you’ve caught on, administrator, but you’re not worthy of being labeled with any respect. You are a child to me, mentally and emotionally. To address you as anything better is completely and utterly unfathomable. Until you start doing your job right, you are absolutely nothing.


This is now the part where I address my opponent, Maester James Seymour. He considers himself a technical wrestler, but then utilizes moves like a springboard moonsault, suicide dive, elbow drop, shining wizard, springboard clothesline, running lariat, and a split-legged moonsault. These are more than half of the moves I’ve watched him perform. I’m sorry to say, Seymour, but you are not a technical wrestler. I say this only because I actually am. I was trained in the classical ways of professional wrestling, which is chain-wrestling and brawling. Your moves are all the rage with spot monkeys. Quick dives off the board to get a pop from the crowd, but they are not real moves. These moves are not real wrestling, they are just spots for the crowd to think you’re athletic. Could you even chain your finisher, which is the Go-To-Sleep striking maneuver with a back breaker, into a sharpshooter? I could, but I’m guessing you’re more interested in climbing the top rope, waving to the crowd like a child to his mother’s camera, and then jumping off like some Johnny Knoxville.

Great, we know you can run and that you like to kick things, hit things from high angles, and flip your body more times than an enslaved dolphin, but what does that mean for you as a performer? How are these moves going to help you defeat me? I can step out of the way, or duck a suicide dive, giving you true meaning to its name. I can step to the side of a moonsault. I can step to the side to avoid a leg lariat, or lean down depending on the position. I can duck a clothesline, and move to the side of an elbow drop. As for the shining wizard, I don’t believe in magic. However, you claim to be able to perform both a running lariat and transition it into a clothesline, so you think you chain, but I’ve yet to see you accurately perform this combination. You can’t actually do this move, you know that right? When you leap up to kick someone, it’s generally to the face or upper body, which then collapses forward, or backward. Your arms are then out of reach of the upper body, or more accurately the chest, which most wrestlers will then clothesline. How do you combine these two to make it look seamless? Sorry kid, but I’m the seam ripper.

I know I’m tearing down what you have learned, but I do it only because I know better. I actually like you, or at least your name, but only because it reminds me of Final Fantasy X. You know, with Maester Seymour. If you were more like him, which I am more like him than you’ll ever be, then you would know what to do and how to perform your moveset to crisp perfection. Not to say I’m perfect, because I’m not, but in this case, I am your prefect.

Come time for Affliction, you should find that I will both out-wrestle and out-perform you in every way. You may be taller, and heavier, but that is even more explanation for why you are not truly a technical wrestler. At your height and weight, I’m guessing you’d be better as a brawler. Also, by the way, your home town and everything else about you reminds me of a famous wrestler gone rogue. So, now we have plagiarism added to your title. Great work, kid. Welcome to the best organization for you, where the administrator does not give a damn about the effort you put in, whether you go to great lengths to perform well, or just steal the next guys work. This is definitely the place for you, and hey, considering I’m actually spending time to address you personally wrestler-to-wrestler, that means I’m going to lose because I’m putting forth real time and effort and you’re just going to put forth some stolen words from someone who isn’t even a wrestler anymore, but then again, that’s long ago in a galaxy far far away, and in this federation, we’re not allowed to acknowledge the past, the one thing that makes us who we are.

Considering this, I’m sure I’ve already lost. I’d be surprised if the two of us went into the ring and someone said, “Hey, you are fighting for what you believe in against a corrupt organization, you win!” So, I’m going to stop here, Seymour. I wish you, truly, the best of luck in this match at Affliction on Monday at the Toyotoa Center in Houston Texas, even though Texas is the home of my past, which I’m not allowed to be in, or address, and I’ve addressed too many times here already.

All I can say is that this place has now painted me into a trap. I came with open arms to be the person you need, not the person you wanted, but with a corrupt higher power, I can’t be who I am and I can’t even be the person you wanted. I will face you, Seymour, to the best of my ability because I want you to have a completely fair match at Affliction, which is what you, and even Cee-Five Ion deserved. We are both newcomers, for the most part, and both deserve to be welcomed here like a father to the child entering the world. Instead, Someone spat in my face for doing what I love and said I can’t do it better than someone who can’t even spell, because the owner is biased and stupid. I really hope, Seymour, that when our match happens, that you do not experience the same bias and unfair judgement. May our match be untouched so that we can perform and give the crowds the show that they paid to see and deserve to see. I want to play, and I want to have fun doing it, but so far I’m not having fun, and I’m not even being allowed to play they way I’ve always done. So, instead, Seymour is forced to hear me rant because someone wouldn’t let the crowd hear me, and I can’t hear them chant.

Get things together Extreme Mayhem Wrestling. Know your enemies and grow your allies. Know your talents and know your jobbers. At Affliction, I’m putting my best in the ring, but if Seymour and I are forced into another compromising situation because the owner doesn’t know how to run a wrestling federation, then consider it my last match here, but it won’t be the last you hear of these failings. This organization tells us that we're rebuilding a legacy, but you won't let us. Instead, we're building a fallacy.

That is all.

Do with this promo what you will. I don’t care.

That’s my effort, so, goodbye.

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8.17.14 Affliction
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