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 Big bad WOlf

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Vic vendetta

Vic vendetta

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PostSubject: Big bad WOlf   Big bad WOlf I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 15, 2014 9:34 pm

Think about it…. at one point in time TLA was a world renown and respecting for being simply a great ass wrestler in which we all know was his moniker but as time passed and people started to get tired of him he started going to his so called dark and brooding ways and now he's not even a mere reflection of his past. He is nothing more than a person the rest of us in the back look on in pity and just sigh when we see him on the marquee. No one respects him nor even cares about him anymore, why? Because he threw it all away to become a lackey he no longer should be worthy of his own respect regardless ours. I never denied that as I said earlier in my career that he has had success but now he's squandering it by threatening weaklings, shit threaten me TLA come for me in this match and I will make you fear a wrestling God.

Anyone of these fools think they are going to cross me they're in for a long night. I don't need anyone to fight my battles for me or even assist me in this match at the end of the night you and the rest of the world will see exactly what I've said since my arrival, I'm the greatest man in the world and TLA you will just come up short compared to me not just in the ring but other things to hence why your such a hollow miserable human being that you wouldn't even want to be around if you were dying right now. Don’t get me wrong  I use to have nothing but respect for what the man or should I say the self-proclaimed big bad wolf of XMW was capable of doing but now I just pity the fool as Mr. T would say but on Affliction. I'm going to be the Big Bad Wolf's "Wolfbane," so let it be said the end of the Big Bad Wolf is coming you best believe it.
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Big bad WOlf
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