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 Destined to be CHAMPION!

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Terry Chambers

Terry Chambers

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PostSubject: Destined to be CHAMPION!   Destined to be CHAMPION! I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 16, 2014 1:03 am

---Terry is seen unboarding his private jet in Miami, Florida as his assistant Jack carries half his bags and Terry has his usual street attire with some Beats headphones around his neck and he starts walking to his gym as the camera approaches him---

Interviewer: Terry excuse me, I would just like to get your thoughts on your championship match this coming Affliction when you compete in a 6 man Rage in a Cage match for the Hybrid Championship?

Terry: First of all I don't know who the fuck you think you are invading my private time here but whatever because there are some things that I want to get off of my chest!

Terry: You know...alot of you hypocrites at XMW, the fans, the wrestlers or entertainers, and even the commentators say I complain alot instead of taking it like a man.....well I would think if Vincent Price got fucked over ina Fatal 4 Way like that, he'd bitch too but he ain't a wrestler so this time I won't bitch and complain because that's what faggots like Samuel King do...they distract for a win and not do it in a regular fashion which is why wrestling is a big joke as it is today! And to your little girl who "distracted" me......I've seen alot better! It wasn't a big deal to me because this week I have a chance to win the Hybrid Championships!

Interviewer: So your not nervous at all?

Terry: Are you fucking kidding me right now? When I have a big match that involves a contract, a championship, or cash, hell with anything on the line, I am in fucking full focus mode and all I do is eat, sleep, train, repeat! So what if I lost a few matches to some scrub people over the past few weeks because now is the opportunity to reinvent myself and to show XMW and all those idiots why i am called the Wrestling Machine and the Barbaric Carnivore TERRY CHAMBERS! And also why would I be nervous in something that I am very comfortable in? Maybe the boss wasn't thinking clearly when he booked me in this match because the steel cage is MY playground! I have been in so many steel cage matches that I can't keep count and neither can my accountants! I have done things to my body doing things in that steel cage and he also didn't think that it will not be a good idea to lock all of those competitors in a steel cage with THE WRESTLING MACHINE and THE BARBARIC CARNIVORE! I am saying right now that I won't be responsible for any injuries or held responsible and as far as I know you can blame the boss if I do injure you because it's not a good idea to be locked in a steel cage with me! I got a fine to pay cause of the referee incident but that's not big deal to em either, and neither is this match because this match is nothing but in the bag because I will hold those Hybrid Championships up high with pride!

Interviewer: Do you have any thoughts on your opponents in this match?

Terry: All 5 of them have 1 thing in common, and that is standing ZERO chance against me in that Rage in a Cage! There are some opponents who I think have a little bit of talent in this match and some who I think are complete assclowns! One guy who I think is talented in this match and can have a future in this business is Vic Vendetta! I mean I have watched some of his matches in the past and I think not bad but of course he is NOT better than mwa! Vic might try to do something sneaky and do whatever it takes at any risk to win this match but I won't let it happen! If you think that was me over the past few weeks then people, you are sadly mistaken because that was me a shell of my former self but I have woken myself up and I am getting into the shape of my life for this match because it is so important to me and if any of you 5 men try to do anything that involves getting in my way to winning those Hybrid titles, if I have ti hurt you, injure you, or even end your career, I won't think twice about it and if you think I am kidding go ask my previous opponents over the years! Trent Richards is not bad but not good at the same time and I don't wanna hurt him and not hurt him at the same time because I think he can progress and get better but at the same time I want to hurt somebody! But that's where Ion and TLA come in because I believe those 2 are assclowns to the wrestling industry and it leaves me scratching my head wondering why the fuck they are in this Rage in a Cage match, not only because they are worthless talentless fucks, but putting them in the cage with a hungry wrestler whos seeking a win and desperately wanting those Hybrid titles is a BAD idea so either you stay away from me in this match, if you come in contact with me...lay the fuck down, or you can kiss your career and that paycheck you are only here for GOODBYE And you can go ahead and underrate me all you want because that is basically what my whole career has been, then when we stepped in the ring after a week of talking, I say piss running down their leg when we stood across the ring and I won't be surprised if it's like that on Affliction! I bet everybody in this match is thinking "Oh he lost all his matches in XMW so far, we have nothing to worry about!" And I am perfectly fine with that because I could give less than ZERO fucks because I let my in ring skill do the talking! This week on Afflcition I am going to let my in ring skills soar and I am going to do some things that I have promised never to go back to because I am coming in to WIN! Everybody is going to be seeing a different Terry Chambers than they have the past few weeks because I am not just going to "wrestle", I am going to do things where some stuff in the wrestling industry is banned and if some people got to get hurt while doing so, then very well, it's their career not mine! The whole point of what I am trying to get into everyone's tic tac size brain is that I am coming into Affliction to WIN and I have one goal, and that is to hold those Hybrid Championships up high and I AM going to be the new champion because everything I say is A GUARAN-DAMN-TEE! I will see you scrubs in my kingdom, the squared circle this week on Affliction!

Interviewer: Ok um.....

Terry: You know what no! Get the fuck out of my way and go turn in what I said to the XMW production trucks or something because I got a training session to get to!

---Terry pushes the interviewer to the side as he walks through his private gym doors and the camera fades as Terry walks in putting his Beats headphones on then the door closes and the camera fades to black---
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Destined to be CHAMPION!
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