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 Yasuo Arrives

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PostSubject: Yasuo Arrives   Yasuo Arrives I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 16, 2014 10:41 am

XMW Official Press Conference © -- Top International Star Yasuo and Manager Michael “The Prodigy Creator” Jax Sign With XMW

*Michael Jax comes out to a crowded conference center, trailing behind him is the Japanese prodigal pro-wrestler, Yasuo. Jax takes a seat but Yasuo leans against the wall and pops a cigarette. Official XMW dignitary to Japan Toshiba Chingwa begins to speak*

TC: Welcome to another exciting XMW press conference! Today I am glad to announce that XMW has come to terms with a top Japanese superstar Yasuo, along with his manager Michael Jax.

*Jax rudely interrupts*

Jax: Woah woah woah! Who you callin’ manager baby? It’s business advisor. Sheesh baby. I’m gonna make this short and sweet baby so that Yasuo can get a few words in. But XMW universe, behold the mighty and talented YASUO! Too violent and extreme for Japan said the elders there, but Yasuo has found a new home where his TRUE TALENTS can be touted and appreciated to the FULLEST degree! Let me tell you all a story, the story of Yasuo…

*Yasuo steps in*

Yasuo: Sorry, Michael, but I think that’s a story better told by my own mouth. Listen well because I’ll only tell you this tale once. My father was a great, honorable, traditional Japanese wrestler. He had captured over 20 World Championships in Japan, and is in many Hall of Fames across the globe. When I was born, he intended on creating a wrestling dynasty. I was his star pupil, and his only son. When I came of age, we dominated the wrestling scene in Japan. Father and son, it was something never seen before in the country. Then one day, my father was booked to take on an old rival. My father was significantly old at this time, and his opponent was known to be brutal. I tried talking him out of it but he wouldn’t listen. So he fought and he fought well, but the opponent was too much. A failed neckbreaker killed my father. On that day, all tradition of morality and honor left me. Brutality and blood lust took over. I sought vengeance, so I waited and waited, until I was finally given the chance to fight the man who killed my father. I’ll skip the niceties and just get to the point. We fought until the ring was a pool of blood. It was a sharpened katana to the gut that ended his life. This was a year ago. Once I was exiled from Japanese wrestling, Michael Jax picked me up. After a year of dominating the American independent scene, I stand before you all today. I stand here as a man born again in blood, here to dominate the XMW.

*Yasuo steps back and leans against the wall as Jax nods his head in approval*

Jax: You all understand? You’re in the presence of an extraordinary man, an extraordinary athlete. Ladies and gentlemen, you’re looking at the next big thing. The man reborn in blood is here. And it’s only a matter of fact before he’s world champion, and we’re making big bucks.

*Jax gets up, and he and Yasuo walk off the stage*

TC: Well, there you have it. XMW is proud to announce the signing of Yasuo and Michael Jax. Tune in tomorrow for Affliction, to catch Yasuo live in action against Scotty Paine!

*The screen fades to black*
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Yasuo Arrives
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