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 Promo #1: 6 Man Rage in the Cage (Trent Richards)

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Trent Richards

Trent Richards

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Promo #1: 6 Man Rage in the Cage (Trent Richards) Empty
PostSubject: Promo #1: 6 Man Rage in the Cage (Trent Richards)   Promo #1: 6 Man Rage in the Cage (Trent Richards) I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 16, 2014 3:14 pm

Last week, I was in a first time ever match, so-called, by our general manager, Nick Angel. I was put up against a great challenge in one of XMW's next generation's superstars, TLA. Now, as much respect I have for TLA, I'm trying to take him out. He is a guy, one of many, rather, standing in my way at climbing to the top and becoming a "household name" if you will in this company, and I needed a victory last week in order to put myself footsteps ahead of him, but I was unable to do so, but in grand fashion, we had the best match, and stole the show on Affliction. But this week is different.. I am getting inside the ring with that man, TLA, once more, but is with 4 other men as we will compete in a 6 man cage match for the XMW Hybrid Championship.

Now, I have taken a step back and realized my spot in this. TLA has handpicked his "partner" if you will, as C5 Ion. I have picked my man, Vic Vendetta.. and then we step toe-to-toe with Terry Chambers and Jay Striker. Now, this is Jay's first match in XMW, and he looks to be very promising, putting himself on a very high horse. He talks a lot of smack, and I dig that. Jay belives he has to "settle" for the XMW Hybrid Championship. I respect that, Jay. In order to make in somewhere, such as a wrestling business, or anything of that sort, you need to have confidence and believe in yourself in order to become something bigger and larger than life. You need to have confidence, because, quite frankly, confidence is the key to anything, because without believing in yourself.. nobody else will. And whether people see you as a cocky s.o.b or the greatest thing since sliced bread, you will most likely achieve that goal you wanted to, and that's what I plan on doing this Sunday, tomorrow night, on Affliction.

Stepping into the ring with four other men, that doesn't scare me. Nothing really does scare me, to be completely honest. I am hell bent on walking into Affliction with nothing, and walking out with the XMW Hybrid Championship. But here is the kicker, my "hand chosen partner" doesn't even have to win the title, himself. It could be someone else. It could be even my "greatest rival" in TLA. TLA and myself could be both holding the XMW Hybrid Championships when we clearly don't like eachother, and that makes all the better for XMW, and all the better for the Hybrid Championship. You don't have to like your partner, because, it is basically chosen at random. Nevertheless, I plan on walking into the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, and I plan on making history. While greats such as James Harden and Dwight Howard have failed to make history in their own city, I plan on making history when I walk out as the first ever XMW Hybrid Champion, dig my path in the history of this company, and walk into Destiny, Staples Center, Los Angeles, California as the greatest champion this company has ever or will ever yet to see. I really don't care who wins the World Heavyweight Championship, because without Trent Richards, the Greek God, the World Heavyweight Championship title picture, it means nothing without me. The focal point of XMW is going to be the Hybrid Championship, because I am the best damn thing in this company.

If you need proof, look no further. I am the best looking, strongest, most athletic wrestler on this entire roster. You could say I'm the best. Every morning when I wake up, I piss excellence. Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Trent Richards, I am the greatest wrestler in this company, I am the Greek God of Nightmares.. I am YOUR worst nightmare, and whether you like it nor, love it, hate it.. I am the NEXT XMW Hybrid Champion.
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Promo #1: 6 Man Rage in the Cage (Trent Richards)
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