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 Promo #3: I'm Ready...

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C5 Ion

C5 Ion

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PostSubject: Promo #3: I'm Ready...   Promo #3: I'm Ready... I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 17, 2014 12:53 am

Promo #3: I'm Ready... S6q2w0

Sunday Night Affliction
Match Stipulation: 6 Man Rage In A Cage Match | Reward: XMW Hybrid Championship
TLA vs. C5 Ion vs. Trent Richards vs. Vic Vendetta vs. Jay Striker vs. Terry Chambers

Insider: Matrix Insider!
...Ever since he debuted for Xtreme Mayhem Wrestling, he's been undefeated for two weeks straight. The night he debuted, he won a Triple Threat match. He was very impressive, but the following edition of AFFLICTION was what set the bar as C5 Ion defeated Alioth Starre one on one in an hard fought battle. Ion was on the verge of losing that match, but he had a little more resiliency on that match and managed to get the win. But this week on AFFLICTION, Ion has been given the opportunity of a lifetime in XMW as he was given an championship match for the Hybrid Championship. Ion had the chance to become the first XMW Hybrid Champion on AFFLICTION, or he could blow his chance and that's what he's not looking forward to at all. So today on AFFLICTION, Ion has to compete at his fullest potential as he has to show that he's also a rookie in XMW and in his career, but show that he's actually championship material no matter where he competes...

The scene opens up with a silhouetted  figure in what looks like a production room. The figure looks to already be in his ring gear as he is looking at all the monitors with footage of a superstar competing. The superstar who's competing turns out to be the undefeated one, C5 Ion. One of XMW's recent signings. The man pauses all of the monitors except one and it's Ion performing the Seal the Matrix on his opponent from the day he debuted.

You see that? That was when I proved that it doesn't matter how many opponents are in this match no matter what...Welcome to my holy grail as I am C5 Ion...I plan on capturing the Hybrid championship tonight as I face five other men in this match. I don't want to be that guy to come in and be cocky to the max and over guess my prediction, but I'm going to...

Ion turns around towards the camera.

All of my opponents in this match will witness myself go zero to one hundred real quick. I will be going at a different pact than these last past two weeks as I have to step it up. My opponents in this match will realize why I  the 'Creator of the Matrix'...During my weeks here so far, I've been analyzing every single Warrior in this company that competes in that very ring. Doesn't really say anything to you right? We'll let me tell you...By me standing back and analyzing every Warrior, I can see what they are capable of doing and what there weakness is. All I have to do is pick the right target and go for it...

Ion turns back towards the monitors.

Everyone that's involved in the XMW in someway, will find out that I'm actually an flying hybrid of a special force. I say that because when I get in the ring, I control the match by entering the matrix and taking over as the top guy in the match...I have people wonder why I am I such at a high level...You know what I say? I say it's because I'm just ME...

Ion then hits a button that brings up his current ally, TLA.

My new ally TLA had been in the business for a minute now and it's time to see where that experience has gotten him as he is also in this match...TLA, I respect you, don't get me wrong, but I have to win this for myself tonight as this is a six man match. There's five other Warriors in this match that I have to go against, and one of them includes you. This is everyone for themselves and that includes us going at it in the ring. I see that your a type of guy that's been on the streets for a long time and was basically forced to...Well here in XMW, we are here to rebuild a legacy, meaning we are here to show what this company was before...And that's legendary...

Ion then flicks another switch.

Vendetta...I want you guys to think about something...You say your the big bad wolf, but can you really blow my house down? Haha...But to be real...I will show you what a wolf is all about and that's straight from the matrix...

Ion then starts to smirk.

...Striker...It's funny because you don't know who I am...I say that it's funny because I don't know who the hell you are to be completely real with you. Chambers...I seen how you move in the ring...It's good, but not up to par with me. I say that because I see you might want to defeat me, but I can't let that happen as we get into this match. Your destined to be champion, but I know that I'll be champion. I strive to be the greatest in everywhere I go and that's something that you need to know about because...

Ion then puts his head down as he is preparing for his final words.

...It's time to Seal the Matrix...

Ion then cuffs his hands around his mouth and howls as the cameras cut to commercial break.

My Original Character-Portrayed by; Robert J. Tevis
Signature specially Made For Me by Mike of Another Efed
Promo #3: I'm Ready... Acrdrp
•All-Time Championship Accomplishments•
1x XWA Genesis World Heavyweight Champion
1x XWA Television Champion (current)
1x WWEFE NXT Champion (current)
1x XMW Hybrid Champion (current)
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Promo #3: I'm Ready...
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