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 Promo #1: We're Kings

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King of the Fall

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PostSubject: Promo #1: We're Kings   Promo #1: We're Kings I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 18, 2014 8:12 pm

I’ve been asked the same question over and over the past few days. Why did I do what I did? Why did I leave Xavier on his own to get beat down? There’s an obvious answer for that. Xavier is a joke. He isn’t fit to lace up my boots. Did you all really think that we were actually friends? Xavier is nowhere near good enough. He didn’t even deserve to grace my presence. I deserve better than him and I know that I have found that in my new friend, Alioth Starre. We have both been mistreated and underrated by the political machine that is the Xtreme Mayhem Wrestling staff. Guys like Nick Angel and Jacob Steele have a vendetta against Alioth and I. They treat us like we are absolutely nothing when we are the real stars of Xtreme Mayhem Wrestling. Every single week we go out there and give it our all to entertain these parasites in the crowd. They don’t even deserve to see us every week. Those and the staff here don’t deserve us. However, we’re such great guys that we bless you with our presence every single week. You should be more thankful. We deserve better than we get. You don’t appreciate us and that’s a disgrace. You should all be punished for it. Alioth and I should be out fighting for the World Heavyweight Championship, not facing rookies like Casey Jones and guys like that. Liam Catterson isn’t a worthy Champion, I should be World Champion right now. How come Liam Catterson and Samuel King just get thrown in a World Heavyweight Championship match like that? How come I didn’t even get a match last week? I joined forces with Alioth because we both are too good for this company. We both know how good we really are. We appreciate each other unlike everyone else. We’re incredible by ourselves but even stronger together. We’re unstoppable together. Who do you really think can stop us? Does the upper management here really think that the pathetic team of Yasuo and Crow can stop us? Don’t make me fucking laugh. They have absolutely no chemistry together. Their egos will not be able to survive on the same team. I can tell you with 100 percent confidence that they both think they’re too good for each other. The truth is, they’re actually perfect for each other. Both talentless, so called superstars who don’t even deserve to be in this company. As much as I want to focus on those two peasents, my eyes are firmly locked on the ultimate prize. The Xtreme Mayhem Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship. That illustrious championship deserves a proper Champion. Liam Catterson is just keeping it warm until I get my chance at the big time. When the management finally realise what a talent they have on their hands and give me the opportunity to win what should rightfully be mine. I should be the face of this company. I should be the poster boy. Liam Catterson just doesn’t fit the bill. I am a megastar. Didn’t you see me in that advert? I am marketable as fuck. Liam doesn’t have the ability to shine like I do. He’s an embarrassment to that Championship. I suppose that I do need to focus a little bit on my match this week, I am of course going to carry on my incredible undefeated streak. Nobody has been able to beat me since I stepped foot in this company. Do Crow and Yasuo really think they have what it takes to beat Alioth and I? We are technically sound in the ring whereas their ring work leaves a lot to be desired. Let’s be honest, who had even heard of these guys until they joined here? I for one hadn’t. How about I talk a little bit about my opponents? I know that you would all love that and I do my homework even if it’s not necessary that I do. Let’s start with Crow. He considers himself some sort of anti-hero. He’s an outspoken warrior according to himself. I’ll put that in real terms for you all, he’s a fucking creep. Just looking at him tells you everything you need to know. He hides behind that face paint because he’s a coward. He hides behind his mouthpiece because he’s a coward. He doesn’t talk much because he’s a coward. I’m starting to see a recurring theme here. He needs to be locked up like the rest of the creeps. Put him in some mental asylum and protect our streets. The women of the world will be able to breathe easier when he’s in a strait jacket. Let’s move swiftly on to Yasuo. He’s the guy who’s still living off his father’s fame. The only reason he’s made it as a professional wrestler is because of his name. If his father wasn’t such a famous wrestler he wouldn’t have made it in this business. I’m sure you’ve all heard about this poor guys story how his dad died and him became more darker. Oh wah wah you’re dad died. There are thousands of people who don’t even know who their dad is your ungrateful twat. I will take great pleasure in putting you out of your misery.
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Promo #1: We're Kings
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