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 destroyers thought on win and losses

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destroyers thought on win and losses  Empty
PostSubject: destroyers thought on win and losses    destroyers thought on win and losses  I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 19, 2014 12:00 am

although snacks is a loose term as its a 4 course picnic lunch buthe sees a familiar light and realizes hes  being filmed yet again he sighs and puts the food away as lunch gets delayed >

You know the crowd of the  xmw must  be blood thirsty since they keep wanting to send people to destroyer to be beaten.... and its all to get a chance  for one of those worthless titles that make people feel worthy

Destroyer needs no title or victories wrestlers might have families ..... destroyer dosent give a damn ... only thing titles would bring is the pusses that hide from him would have to look in their panties to see if they have a pair ......

actually seems xmw lady wrestlers  has a bigger pair tham most males in xmw becuase theyve been hiding these past few weeks  ...... they might  lose but dont wet themselves  in the ring .... you know why destroyer has to break in rookies ? cuase the old geezer veterans cant hobble away fast enough to change their depends  when there told they  have to face me ....

As for title shots ? bah only dissapointment destroyer has in his matches  if no ones sent to emergency room ......after last match xmw bossman threathened to cut destroyers pay becuase of insurance problem.....go ahead ... means more fighting !

So bring mop and  bucket for match youll need it !

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destroyers thought on win and losses
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