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 Jasper Wake - Radio Silence Part One

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Jasper Wake

Jasper Wake

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PostSubject: Jasper Wake - Radio Silence Part One   Jasper Wake - Radio Silence Part One I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 19, 2014 8:47 pm

(Jasper is appearing on Wrestling Today being hosted by Kevin White who is probably the only friend Jasper actually has.)

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I am Kevin White and today we have a special guest in the house! New XMW superstar Jasper Wake.....I think i'm going to let him take it away from here.

People listening to this broadcast shut-up your kids, turn up your radio and really listen to what's about to be said. I don't care how you really feel about me, I could care less, I am not even here making championships my main priority. See i heard before that a man can tell how much the "crowd" likes him by the cheers and boos. That's not how i roll. I'm here to hurt people plain and simple. When I don't need all the snazzy catch phrases, and punch lines. When i say welcome to my circle of hell it's because you are entering a realm unlike anything you've ever been in before. I looked the board in the eye before i signed and told them exactly what I was going to give them, punishment. The crowd doesn't exist. You don't buy my T-Shirt fine, you don't buy my over priced mug that's great, that's not what they pay me for anyway. So know that your boos give me power and your cheers do not exist. It is how I have survived for this long. But no unfortunate I promised Kev-o here that I would take some of you ass holes questions so hurry up I don't have all day.

Alright we have a caller and keep in mind I'm leaving all names out for the reason of knowing this man. All right caller ask your question.

Caller One:
Jasper, what is your backround story and why are you so damn mad.

(sighs) I'm regretting this already, Listen mud duck, my backround story is irrelevant everyone has one and some people don't want to share. Look just keep paying your money to see me every week and while your at the show hoping the repo man doesn't find your car I'm do my one good deed in life and punch him in the face. I'm mad because I can be, it brings me great joy to be able to get instantly pissed at someone...because i can. Next caller PLEASE!

Caller Two:
Jasper how many hits with a sinapore cane is enough for you?

Oh...I kinda like this person. There is never enough hits well maybe when they pass out and can't feel it anymore, then I politely wake them up and start hitting them again. Yeah sounds about right. Look I would...okay i almost lied I don't want to answer any more of these questions I'm out.

(Jasper Drops his headset bumps fists with Kevin and walks out.)
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Jasper Wake - Radio Silence Part One
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