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 Promo #7: In the end, A-Will gets the win

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Promo #7: In the end, A-Will gets the win Empty
PostSubject: Promo #7: In the end, A-Will gets the win   Promo #7: In the end, A-Will gets the win I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 21, 2014 12:03 am

I'm in such a great mood, I feel like venting my feeling in a positive way tonight. I mean, it's my first three points in this whole tournament. I may be third place, but I'm not last place. I've not had my fair share of matches to earn a total amount of points for me to be in 1st place anyways, but I'm working toward earning those points and emerging victorious in this tournament and eventually becoming the first ever XMW Uncensored Champion. Speaking of that, all
I've heard from my inferior peers in this tournament is that they're fighting for pride and legitimacy. Why not have both? There is a gray area in this tournament, but you all pretend that there isn't one. The XMW Uncensored Championship is no toy. The XMW Uncensored Championship symbolizes your potential and,depending on how long you hold it, it can determine your success into the future and maybe even earn you a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, which I would to beat that conceited troll Liam myself. Back on topic, I hope you all know that. If you do, then you're doing a damn good job at not showing it and, sadly, your wrestling skills aren't on par with your acting skills. I could rant on and on about you all, but it's better this way. It's better for me to hurt your feelings one at a time because you're not even worthy of my words.

Right now, I'm about to lay the truth on the table about you, Michael. Why you call yourself Michael Jordan is beyond me. If your parents gave you that name, then they probably should have reconsidered it because your criteria doesn't fit any of the real Michael Jordan. Then again, they can't look into the future and see what a failure you've become. What have you done that was memorable? Please tell me because I can't think of a simple thing you did that makes me even the slightest afraid, if you even done anything at all. Even right now, you're trailing behind and will be the first man eliminated because you can win a damn thing. My objective goes far beyond this tournament, I don't know about you, but I'm aiming at the XMW Uncensored Championship. If you get in my way, I will have no choice but to end you like the others. I will make you tap out with the millions of submission holds I know, ranging from the Ankle Lock to the Scissors Head Chickenwing. The possiblities are endless. I'm going to run wreckage through this tournament and XMW to rocket shot all the way to that title. This whole idea that I'm behind is deluding you if you truly think I'm behind. In the end, it's always the unexpected person in the story that has a happy ending and guess who that is. With the way your "career" has been headed lately, I'm surprised Michael Jordan, the iconic one, didn't kill himself yet over the travesty that is you and I will make sure he doesn't kill himself because, after I'm done with you, you'll be no more. Oh, it's real, it's damn real!
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Promo #7: In the end, A-Will gets the win
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