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 Hatin' the Haters

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PostSubject: Hatin' the Haters   Hatin' the Haters I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 21, 2014 3:05 pm

(TLA is shown with a bucket of ice water.)

TLA: Awww yea it's yo boi TLA here and I am 'bout to participate in that ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. But not only that, I am gonna straight donate all my winnings from my XMW Hybrid Championship win last week to the ALS Association charity. I challenge my opponent this week Vic Vendetta as well as his butt buddy Trent Richards to take part in this challenge, also I challenge mah ese dat vato loco C5 Ion. I challenge y'all and the rest of the XMW Universe cuz I believe in this cause and together we can make a difference.

(TLA dumps the ice bucket over his head ruining his weed.)

TLA: That shit be cold, but TLA always hawt. Bitches want that warm d and the Sexual Panther is always willing to provide. But first... this week on Affliction I gotta be feastin' and beastin' as I fuck up Vic Vendetta. Vic Vendetta you think just cuz I whipped yo ass in that Rage in a Cage Match last week, I forgot all about that attack you brought to me two weeks ago? TLA never forgets. Oh no TLA remembers and he will unleash his fury upon you. So keep hatin'. Keep runnin' yo mouth cuz you have no idea what you are even getting into. Just like that time I went to North Carolina. I had no idea what I was getting into.

(TLA shivers and then dries himself off with a towel as he lights up a new joint.)

TLA: Vic Vendetta thinks he's such a badass cuz he cares what nobody thinks. But what he doesn't understand is that while he may not care, TLA gives no fucks! My lack of fucks giving is far superior to his lack of cares and I will prove just how superior my methods are. Yet he still goes around calling Americans "average". Well maybe he dick be average but there ain't nothin' average about what TLA be packin' south of the border. His bitches gonna find that out later tonight. I will fuck the American patriotism into them so hard, they ain't never gonna forget that this is the greatest country in the world.

(TLA chiefs hard on that pure American weed.)

TLA: I grows my own weed here in Florida soil cuz I support American agriculture. Also, Vic Vendetta can shit all over XMW management cuz I got intense beef with them as well. If you no longer fuckin' with Nick Angel we should team up and fight the man together. The machine cannot withstand our combined rage. But I gotta say I am confused. I thought Vic Vendetta and Nick Angel were tight. I thought they ran together and were like brothers or lovers. But now Vendetta out here runnin' his mouth shittin' on the way XMW is run and sayin' this place is twisted. Maybe he just gotta beef with the fans. But he say he don't give no fucks about what nobody thinks. It gotta be one of the other Vic what is it? Do you gives fucks what the people think? Do you suck Nick Angel's dick? I am pretty sure you do in both cases. But I would rather not find the evidence to prove it. Cuz what y'all do behind closed office doors is yo business holmes.

(TLA takes off his wet t-shirt as he flexes his sexy abs.)

TLA: I take pride in my hard work and it shows. I don't need to run my mouth braggin' bout all the weights I lift cuz y'all see how hard TLA be workin'. I keep my workout regimen top secret cuz it is the secret to my success. And the bitches both see and feel how hard TLA be workin'. Samuel King don't got a monopoly on bitches, you gotta go through TLA to get to them hoes. Vic Vendetta you gotta get in line. If you mad cuz the fans don't love you no more, maybe y'all should show them some love. TLA is a man full of love and he is spreading it to all especially to hot Asian bitches spreadin' they legs.

(TLA places his XMW Hybrid Championship around his waist.)

TLA: Vic you want to know if TLA is willing to die for this belt. I should let you know I been willin' to die for less. Y'all come up on the streets like this motherfucker, you been willin' to put yo life on the line for some dumb ass shit. And I still livin'. Why? Cuz I am the baddest motherfucker out. The Hottest XMW Hybrid Champion Out is here and he is here to say. All the weak ass runners fell somewhere down the line. I'm among the last of my kind. Viva mi gente. Estoy luchando por mi vida y por su muerte. You in Xtreme Mayhem Wrestling. You gonna go Xtreme or you gonna die in the Mayhem cuz that's how we roll.

(TLA rolls a joint to show how he rolls.)

TLA: I don't never give up. I ain't never taken my bag home. I can't even afford a bag tho but I ain't no quittin' bitch. When TLA here, he here till he can't be. I go till I can't go no more. Where you been Vic? You got yo head in the clouds? You got better things to do? This the first time I hear from you brah. I seen you runnin' round attackin' eses actin' like you a big shot, but this the first time I see you talkin' shit. You feelin' it finally? Good good. You better be cuz this is when shit gets real. We are headlining Affliction. Fuck Liam Catterson and his poser ass celebration. We are the main event fight. And we better deliver. Cuz that is what this company and these fans deserve. A professional wrestling main event. Fuck yo diss that imma sports entertainer. Imma wrestler. I be born for wrestling, imma die for wrestling. Live and die. 305. TLA is reppin' Miami, he reppin' the Pride. He people. What you reppin' Vic Vendetta? You reppin' for Trent Richards? For Nick Angel? Or you done with them now too? Figure it out. Maybe you just doin' it for yourself. If you doin' it for yourself then you are gonna have to take out the Franchise by yourself. You gonna have a war on your hands. Cuz imma have millions and millions strong standin' behind me when I bring down our power on you with the quickness. You ain't gonna see shit, but you gonna feel the hate. You gonna feel the hate in each eye as you try to ignore it. But in the end, you ain't gonna be able to do shit. In the end, the hater, is gonna be the hated.

(TLA shoves his championship title into the camera as it falls to the ground and fades to black.)
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Hatin' the Haters
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