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 King Beyond the Wall

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PostSubject: King Beyond the Wall   King Beyond the Wall I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 21, 2014 5:06 pm

[Tornado walks out of his Locker Room while Christi Byrd stops him ]

Christi : Tornado. can I get a single word for you just a moment before your match on Affliction show.

Tornado: ¿Como va?

Christi:last night on Affliction show you lost to Man in the Box on Affliction show and now this Sunday you have to challenge C5 Ion six days on Affliction show so any thoughts?

Tornado: Well Christi when i lost too Man in the Box last Sunday night on Affliction i didn't even know that i was gonna lose Man in the Box  on my first lost  on Affliction but now there's one guy that i have never fought in my life and my Opponents name is C5 Ion once i get done with him in six days before Affliction then i'm heading to Destiny PPV and show the world that i'm the best Affliction superstar ever until i defeat C5 Ion on Affliction show this Sunday then i'm gonna challenge any Affliction superstar at Destiny PPV.

Christi Byrd: Tornado do you really think you can defeat C5 Ion of your Opponents  this Sunday night on Affliction show?

(Tornado's talking Continues)

Tornado: Well if it depends on how the match ends up because i'm leaving out as your winner on Affliction show this Sunday night until i head to our new PPV called Destiny PPV so C5 Ion you better at least get your things together because once i defeat you in that ring this Sunday on Affliction show because i am none other then King Beyond of the Wall until we first meet each other on Affliction show so make the best Affliction superstar wins because i know that i will when i destroy you in six days before our match on Affliction show this Sunday night.

Christi Byrd: Well there you have it folks and we will see of "King Beyond of the Wall  leader tornado when he takes on C5 Ion  of his Opponent and his singles match this Sunday night on Affliction show.

Christi Byrd: So i'm Christi Byrd  and we hope to see tornado take control of  his Opponent on Affliction until he actually defeats C5 Ion in six days on Affliction show this Sunday night because i'm watching the both of them kill each other on Affliction show this Sunday night.

[Camera fades while Tornado goes to his Dressing room before another event of Affliction show]
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King Beyond the Wall
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