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 Jasper Wake - Radio Silence Part Two

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Jasper Wake

Jasper Wake

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PostSubject: Jasper Wake - Radio Silence Part Two   Jasper Wake - Radio Silence Part Two I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 21, 2014 10:35 pm

(Jasper walked out of the radio station to see a man leaning on his 3 series beamer. He walked up to the man with a smile on his face, put his hand on his shoulder and punched him dead in the face. Jasper got in his car and drove to the arena for a house show where he was making an unofficial appearance. Jasper finds himself walking into the arena where he is met by fans booing him. He looks around at the crowd chuckling at them as they chant you suck. As he is walking to the entrance way he is met by Walter Wake his brother.)

No Walter you are not getting a hand out and you can tell dad to fuck off as well. Get out of my way before I place my foot firmly somewhere between your lungs and colon.

Everyone quiet down I have some real news on this man right here. See Jasper I was caller one on your little talk show and I want to know why you won’t tell everyone that you where bullied all thru school, could never be a jock and so you resorted to drugs and violence to ease the pain of your destroyed heart.

(The crowd gets quieter as they are now fully focused on Jasper awaiting a response of some sort.)

(Smirking) You snub nose ass clown. Fine you want backround I’ll give you backround. At five years old I’m in school supposed to be getting protected by you or so I’m told, until I’m beaten up by 4 boys because my shoes are nicer than theirs. Going thru school getting bullied not because they want to bully me but because my older brother is a douche lord who bullies everyone else. Then there is a sperm donor that we are forced to call a father telling you every day “ yeah son make sure to hit him again” and looking at me like I’m supposed to join in the madness. You drove my mother completely insane and then looked at me like it was my fault because I didn’t act like you. Yes I did my fair share of drugs and sold some as well trying to find myself in every aspect that I could. Oh but there’s more. I get into wrestling because I found it soothing to put both of your puny faces on some poor unsuspecting soul’s body and beat the living hell out of them until They were scared to stand up anymore. So when I start making decent money I put ma in place away from you two clowns so that she could live out her days in peace and what was you two’s thing…so where’s mine? And here we are you once again trying to get the upper hand on me but there is one difference…I truly just don’t care anymore. So tell these clowns all that you want I could care less it’s just you letting off hot garbage from your mouth.

(Jasper brushed against his brother as he walked past him and continued walking towards the locker room area. Walter looked at him.)

Jasper you have 3 opponents in your first official match and I wish you luck. I guess I’ll go finish that radio show you walked out on with old Kevin White.

(Jasper eyes got big and he got pissed as he charged towards his brother and speared him thru the glass entry way door. While his brother screamed Jasper just looked at him with an evil stare and ran his hand thru his hair he stood up. He then turned and walked away again.)
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Jasper Wake - Radio Silence Part Two
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