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 Affliction 8.24.14.

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Affliction 8.24.14. Empty
PostSubject: Affliction 8.24.14.   Affliction 8.24.14. I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 23, 2014 10:28 pm

We are carbon based lifeforms. As black as the empty void we call the soul. Under pressure we are like perfect reflections and sharp, cold edges that pierce life with precision. Sometimes, however, we will never be like diamonds in the sky, Lucy cannot see us all. Sometimes we are just blunt creatures, in a dark world, and burn like oil until the fuel runs out and we become nothing but fossil in a box.

We are cattle in a biosphere. Cee-Five Ion was a demise, as was the administrator of this organization. To put me down was a shame on their end. Cee-Five Ion will not transcend higher than the lower card because he is not worth his weight in lard. He is a garbage wrestler and a piss poor performer. I shall consider him a nemesis henceforth.

However, I’ve had a little bit of a retrospective on things these past two weeks. Though I plan to take all of my frustrations out on the owner and Cee-Five, I understand that this organization is as relaxed as a heavily meditated pot-user. I’m not against the use itself, for it has wondrous properties for the ill, but not the young at mind.This place is like a child that’s found his father’s plant and intends to use it at school like his God told him to. Light them up, bring it down, and the world is just fine.

That is how it is here at Extreme, which is ironic, because this place is incredibly laid back. I could gaze up into the stars with Gandalf, smoking a pipe of the longleaf and just wonder about what’s going to happen when the ring reaches Mordor, but none of that will matter, because in the moment, we will be wholly there.

Anakin Skywalker raced toward the finish line with perfect results. He crafted the world he needed to be in to become someone, whilst everyone else stood back and let it happen. The Jedi Council became the epicenter of ignorance in their lust for war and power. A single Sith rival took down the entire galaxy, all with thunderous applause. Emperor Palpatine was a field-head. Always in the game, and always changing things to fit his needs, and even his wants. That is what I must be if I’m ever to be come something here with you guys.

I must become like the Chancellor, the dark lord of the Sith, and the wise old wizard. Neither individual sat back and let things happen. Ironically, in Lord of the Rings, Sauron allowed things to go with the flow. It may not have even started a war until well after the departure of the cowardly elves. It took an ancient wizard and a band of hobbits to take down a lazy empire. Only when Palpatine sought fit to sit back and relax did the rebels, of whom got things up and running, were able to take him out. Most unwise.

This brings me to my match against Yasuo and Brandon Lee’s wannabe, known as Crow. Either that, or he watches too much Game of Thrones, in which case, let us hope he is more like the complacent Starks, of whom will never win, and less like the Lannisters, the family that crafts a world they need to be in to become something powerful. Winter is not coming, Crow, not for you, or for Yasuo. I will douse you within the land of perpetual sun and you shall feel the full force of destruction within the harsh light of day. Yes.

Welcome to the end of the end. When one world ends, someone else’s begins, but without a scream.

Do you love your guns, your god, and your government? Let me hear you, Godless damn it! I want to hear your mothers to hear their baby wants a gun!

Listen to me on the box children. All that hates me will soon take its toll, for soon I will be taking control. All the rest that lives in their hate, you cannot fascinate. I’ll build a God and I will be it, when children lie we’ll blame the hit. This is what you deserve. When I have accepted complacency, may my brain lay all over thee, for I am the angel of death and deceit, and you will all fall to my feet.

I am in the angel in the lobby. Waiting to put you all in line. Don’t ask forgiveness, my faith has gone dry.

When you hear the songs that you shouldn’t hear, you get in line. One. Two. Three. Now you will lay down. For you like to do it. You like to move it now. Some do it faster, better, or in small amounts. The affliction spreads within you all, but I will incite dissent in your decent descent into mundanity.

I don’t care how this match goes. I know I’m better than all of you. So if you spin around and tell me to go now, then I’ll walk away, a winner to this day, because I wear the crown.

Affliction 8.24.14. InContext
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Affliction 8.24.14.
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