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 A New Opponent, A New Day

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Jay Striker

Jay Striker

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A New Opponent, A New Day Empty
PostSubject: A New Opponent, A New Day   A New Opponent, A New Day I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 23, 2014 11:15 pm

**Jay Striker is seen in the press room with Will Dunham by his side. He's relaxing getting a shoulder rub while Will chugs down a bottle of water. Jay, with his eyes still closed underneath his shades, speaks.**

Jay Striker: I swear to god if I hear one more photo taken, I'm going to get out of this chair and kick your ass.

**The photos stop while Will Dunham gentley elbows Jay and starts sweating bullets.**

Will: Hehe, excuse Jay, he's just a very emotional guy, just what happens when you're in this business. Jay told me he isn't really in the mood to talk at the moment but he did write down a few cards with his general statements.

Press: What is his reaction to his loss last week on Affliction?

Will: Well........

**Will goes through the cards, tossing each of them to the side deciding not to use it before he doesn't have any in his hands.**

Will: You see....

**Jay sits up and moves his lips to the microphones.**

Jay: Okay, it's obvious Free Willie doesn't have a set so allow me. I can describe how I feel with a few simple words: Pure rage. The fact that I came this close to victory, I was just a finger tip away from touching the finish line but when it came down to three count my shoulder got up a split second after and that makes my blood boil. I'm better than that. I know I am. That's why I look at the match this way. Trent Richards didn't beat me. I beat me. Now it's time I show the world my full potential and to correct that mistake.

Press: Since we're on the topic of this week tell us about your opponents.

Jay: Those opponents are no threat to me. Terry you got your ass handed to you just like I predicted. The man is more muscle than talent and more guts than brains, the guy isn't worth my time so I have no idea why this bumbling fool keeps getting booked especially against a world class talent like me when he has been losing matches left and right. The differences between us are just mind blowing I mean jesus christ, being in the ring with you was like looking at a real life Disney villain! As for James Seymour, I've looked him up and from what I've seen he's a second rate version of me. Think of me as a pair of Nike's and then think of him as the cheap knockoff you get from behind that store. He too, will lose just like every other man who faces me from this point on. No more questions, it's time for some R&R.

Press: Thank you for your time.

**Jay goes back to relaxing while Will closes the interview.**
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A New Opponent, A New Day
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