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 Sacred 7: 8/17/14-8/24/14

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Jacob Steele

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PostSubject: Sacred 7: 8/17/14-8/24/14   Mon Aug 25, 2014 2:08 pm

1. Liam Catterson: Is Catterson really worthy of being the champ or are we going to see a new champ sooner than expected. Catterson remains at the top spot even though he wasn't able to survive an obvious attack from King, Richards, and Vendetta. If it wasn't for TLA and C5 Ion saving him he might not have been able to make it to the match at Destiny. Will he be able to put his ego aside and work with them next week or will King and his group get the upper hand again.
Last Week: #1 (-)

2. TLA: Not only did he retain his half of the Hybrid Championship against Vic Vendetta added with some slight assistance from C5 Ion he saved the XMW World Heavyweight Champ from ending up in a hospital bed. Is TLA on a roll or will he be stopped dead in his tracks next week in the main event?
Last Week: #3 (+1)

3. Samuel King: Well looks like King maybe down, but not out. After losing last week and the opportunity to be XMW first XMW World Heavyweight Champion, Samuel King accepts Liam Catterson's open challenge at Destiny after delivering a little party crashing beat down.
Last Week: #4 (+1)

4. Trent Richards: Richards drops a spot after not being able to help Vic Vendette secure a win over TLA this week, however his aid to Samuel King in attacking Liam Catterson with a team this collection of minds like to call "The Playboys" he doesn't fall down too much.
Last Week: #3 (-1)

5. Issac Hunter: After beating Ignitex in his shocking last match in XMW he becomes the clear favorite to win the Uncensored Championship at Destiny. If he plays his cards right next week might be a vacation for him in his handicap match partnering with Michael Jordan to take on A-Will who is in a bit of a slump as of late.
Last Week: Unranked (+2)

6. C5 Ion: Without the aid of this man, TLA might not have walked out the Hybrid Champion so for that he jumps up a spot. Let's see if he can keep his Superhero saving streak going in the main event next week on Affliction.
Last Week: #7 (+1)

7. Alioth Starre: Alioth Starre falls due to some bigger impacts made in the show by others, but after a win this week and stirring up enough backstage commotion to get the attention of the GM Nick Angel he is getting a shot at the Universal title against his new found friend Thomas Minns.
Last Week: #6 (-1)

Look Out:
Thomas Minns:
With a win this week and some trouble backstage Minns is getting a chance to compete on XMW first FPV Destiny for the Universal title and a win could spell a bright future for this young man.

With his departure from the company concludes to his departure from the Sacred 7. We wish you the best in all your future endeavors.
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Sacred 7: 8/17/14-8/24/14
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