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 Say hello to your Savior.

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Drew Stevenson

Drew Stevenson

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PostSubject: Say hello to your Savior.   Say hello to your Savior. I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 27, 2014 6:46 pm

It was a very warm day here in Kansas City, Missouri which is where the very infamous Drew Stevenson resides. It has been quite a long time since Mr. Stevenson was last seen in the wrestling business on a competitive level but you can bet that every single wrestling promoter has tried acquiring his talent.

As the cameras begin rolling live, we are positioned outside and next to a giant swimming pool that costs more than most people make in a lifetime. In the background, we can see a very luxurious and elegant mansion which goes to show you that Mr. Stevenson, the biggest man in wrestling today has all the money that he will ever need for a million lifetimes. Sitting outside and next to the pool was the man who needed no introduction, that being Mr. Stevenson and as he was lying back in a very expensive chair-the camera was suddenly grabbed and shifted to the right where a heavier set man with short blond hair was sitting wearing a very nice light baby blue suit which accentuated his eyes. As we can see the very toned body of Mr. Stevenson in the background, the heavier set man simply smiles and begins to speak knowing that his every word would be hung on to by everybody listening.

Robertson, "For all of you getting the opportunity to view who will be the next XMW World Heavyweight Champion, I want you to take a moment to realize just exactly who it is that you are getting the pleasure to look at."

Pausing momentarily, he simply smiles and then immediately continues to speak.

Robertson, "You see ladies and gentlemen, the man in the background that you see is none other than Drew Stevenson, a man who needs no introduction and a man who is a certified wrestling icon in this business. Now I know what all of you are thinking, if he is so great then why is he not the one sitting here right now talking to all of us and I can answer that right here and now."

Smiling very arrogantly, he wastes no time at all in letting everybody hear exactly what he has to say and that is the gospel truth.

Robertson, "Because Mr. Stevenson does not have the time to sit here and talk to simpleminded cretins who do not understand his greatness."

Knowing that he is getting nothing but a tremendous amount of boos from this capacity crowd, he stretches out his arms and embraces the hate as he has from the very beginning of his career.

Robertson, "You simpleminded cretins can boo us all you want but you also know that every single thing that I say is the gospel truth, it's as if Jesus Christ himself is speaking directly to you. Now would you boo Jesus Christ? Of course you wouldn't because he is your Lord and Savior just like Mr. Stevenson is your Lord and Savior here in the XMW so I think that all of you should show this man the appreciation that he deserves."

Nodding his head slowly, he straightens his jacket and continues to speak.

Robertson, "Now let's get down to business, shall we? Every single person in the business and every single person in the wrestling world knows that it's only a matter of time before my client, Mr. Stevenson becomes the XMW World Heavyweight Champion; let's just face reality because it's no secret that's going to happen sooner rather than later. Now with that being said, we want you to listen very closely Liam Catterson because since you hold the very championship that my client wants-that means that you are public enemy number one. You see, what my client wants, my client gets and I know you're going to use the argument that Mr. Stevenson needs to rise through the ranks, that he needs to prove himself but you couldn't be farther from the truth because Mr. Stevenson is a thirty four, yes, a THIRTY FOUR time World Heavyweight Champion in this industry so the days of proving himself are long gone."

Smiling devilishly, he knows that all eyes and ears are on the two of them.

Robertson, "So what does that mean for you Mr. Catterson? Well, I'm going to tell you exactly what that means and what that means is that you are on borrowed time. You are only holding that championship until my client gets the shot that he rightfully deserves and when he gets that shot?"

Snapping his fingers, he looks as serious as a heart attack.

Robertson, "You better believe that your time as the XMW World Heavyweight Champion is over! Now we don't expect you to like hearing that and we don't expect you to lay down because we know that you are far too ignorant for that. Oh yeah, we know that Mr. Stevenson is going to have to out wrestle you in front of the world, which he will and when that happens? You and the rest of the world will bare witness to the Stevenson era once again and finally, the XMW can say that it is no longer golden but finally platinum!"

Grinning from ear to ear, his eyes narrow and the smile immediately fades as he nods his head up and down very slowly.

Robertson, "You have our word and our word is the gospel truth!"

Leaning over, he presses the power button on the camera as everything fades out abruptly.
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Say hello to your Savior.
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