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 It's Destiny- Part two

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Jasper Wake

Jasper Wake

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It's Destiny- Part two Empty
PostSubject: It's Destiny- Part two   It's Destiny- Part two I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 28, 2014 10:56 pm

(Jasper leaves the Arena where he had just shot the promo and looked around. He put on his shades and walked towards the street until he sees s kid walk up to him with a pad and pencil. Jasper looks down at the kid then looks up over his glasses towards the kids parents and then back down at the kid.)

Can I help you lil dude.

I know you hate everybody but I'm hoping to be the exception. I have been a fan of yours since I began watching wrestling and I think that your the realist one out there.

Ok well it's oblivious that you have good taste but what does that have to do with why you cheesy ass parents sent you over here for...Obliviously they want you to get an autograph so they can steal it from you later that night and sell it on ebay or something.

Fuck my parents.

(Jasper takes off his sunglasses smiling at the kid.)

Okay you have my full attention.

Yes they sent me over here to get an autograph but all I wanted to do was see if you could do me a favor.

Oh dear god and here I was starting to like you.

Beat the living hell out of everyone who stands in your way, win the number one contendership and then win the title. After that fuck everyone up I mean everyone, man woman or child as long as you show them that this isn't an act but the real you.

Okay I'm adding you on facebook when I get home. So about your tools you call parents I think I can help with that too.

(Jasper signs the old shirt of his from another company and takes his sunglasses off and puts them on the boys face. He then winks at the boy runs over and superman punches the boys dad pinning his head between the car and his fist. Jasper looks at the mother who is clearly in shock)

Lesson to be learned here. I am who I said I am. Don't send your kid over to me to do your dirty bidding come over and at least get knocked out like a man...you should tell him that when he wakes up of course. Look I know your probably big fans and you want pictures and shit but that ain't me. I don't pander to anyone except your kid over there he understands exactly who I am. Sadly by the time he realizes I'm not a very good role model he'll be in jail or dead.

(The dad begins to come too with Jasper looking at him with disgust. He get up to about the Door handle of the car before the kid flies past Jasper and his mother scaring them both as he delivered his own superman punch to his dad again pinning his head between the door and a fist.)

(Laughing uncontrollably) Well I would stay for more laughs but I think lil man here has everything under control.

(Jasper walks away towards his car listening to the mothers screams at the little boy. As he approaches his car he sees a blast from the past standing there. And they beging to stare at each other.)
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It's Destiny- Part two
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