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 Promo #5: Whether or not it counts, it counts

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Samuel King

Samuel King

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Promo #5: Whether or not it counts, it counts Empty
PostSubject: Promo #5: Whether or not it counts, it counts   Promo #5: Whether or not it counts, it counts I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 30, 2014 10:36 pm

All battles come to an end and whether you lose the battle or you win, all that matters is the positives that come from each experience. Many times in war one side will lose a battle and then those apart of the war will become discourage that the outcomes they desire won't be the one to come forth. Then there are those who are motivated by the circumstances of their situation and of their lost. This motivation caused a shift in control as one side even though they may have lost the last time becomes more dangerous than the side who gained a victory. As the old saying goes it isn't over until it's over. Now Catterson last time we were in the ring things didn’t end up being so good for you, but if it is one thing I’ve learned about you it’s that you just never shut up. You probably thought I was going to say that I learned my lesson and I will start taking you more seriously now that I realize who I am dealing with, but actually I just learned how much of a big mouthed bigot you truly are. You go on and on and on about the same thing over and over again. Yes you have a large and powerful vocabulary, and I am sure most of these common folk don’t know what the fuck you are talking about most of the time, but I’m not same common pion. Look at me I am royalty, I am Samuel King. I am God’s gift to women and your gift to wrestling, so you should be careful to treat me like a common street punk from Stockton. If only you would shut your mouth for two seconds and actually pay attention when someone is talking to you, then maybe last week I could have walked out accepted the challenge and went back with just the satisfaction of proving you wrong and in two weeks taking that title off your hands, but no. What do you do? You cut me off. So I took that ample opportunity to have me and my guys teach you a little lesson in listening.

Rule One: Speak when asked a question
Rule Two: Don’t interrupt
Rule Three: Keep eye contact
Rule Four: Break these rules and the speaker will kick your ass.

There you have it folks King’s fundamental rules to being an effective listener. Another thing you apparently need to learn is how to be grateful. You basically disrespected the two men that are the reason why you weren’t in a pile of your own blood on your way to emergency, because if it wasn’t for TLA and Ion you wouldn’t be able to feed yourself let alone compete this week in a 6 man tag team match. The more I look at you Catterson the more I see an insecure, fat, little boy who has had to find the flaw in everything just to keep himself from slitting his own throat at night. You don’t even make sense when you make insults anymore, because any blind man could hear that every time my music hits and I walk down that ramp these people’s jealousy and hatred of me is evident. These people just don’t think they are capable of disrespect, because when I speak they ignore my words, because they don’t want to hear the truth just like you. See these people notice that I am a successful, intelligent, irresistible, black man who made it out the hood without selling drugs and they can’t stand it. They hate to see me succeed in lift and it’s not because of racism, but it is human nature to be envious of those who are clearly above you. The only difference between you and these people with the many women that chase me up and down the streets every day is that they choose to recognize and embraces my greatness. These fans don’t care about us or this match, they would rather neither one of us in possession of the prized glory of XMW, but they watch and they jeer waiting for the moment when maybe just maybe one of us decides to change and become the person they want to be. A person that massages their own egos and makes them feel more important than they really are, they want a man to regard them as the grand force behind every single thing we do. Sound familiar? I’m sure it does because that is exactly the type of behavior you crave from people, and that is why you are so bitter and miserable, because no one is pitiful enough to give it to you.

Catterson you care way too much what these people think, you acknowledge their relevance in your life way too much and soon once I strip that belt off your egotistical waist you will crawl to them and beg them to boost your ego so you can have the gall to look me in my face without getting sick to your own stomach. I will admit you did defeat me, but no one on the face of this earth is greater than I am. TLA and Ion I’ll let Vic and Trent take care of you, the only man on my mind right now is Liam Catterson.

Promo #5: Whether or not it counts, it counts NdV8YfZ

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Promo #5: Whether or not it counts, it counts
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