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 Destiny Strikes

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Jay Striker


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PostSubject: Destiny Strikes   Sat Sep 13, 2014 1:45 am

(The Airport, Friday Night, 1:35am.)

(We get a nice view of the runway as a loud sound can be heard, getting closer. A black jet comes down and lands. The steps shoot out and the door opens to show Jay Striker and his manager Will Dunham, who's sweating and blabbing on his phone like always. Wearing shades and sporting a polo shirt with the collar popped out, Jay has an air of confidence, walking down toward the pavement as we hear the thud of his luggage banging against one step at a time. Jay gets to his final step and stops, keeping his foot in the air for a second.)

One step towards greatness.

(Jay Striker hits the ground and begins walking. He is instructed where to go but first he slaps the camera man.)

Will Dunham: What is your problem!?

Jay Striker: Give me that damn camera! Will, you hold it, I don't trust that rat faced goof anywhere near my hotel room. Why don't you go get me some coffee or something like the bitch boy you are. While you're at it how about shave that neck beard of yours it looks like a birds nest, it's disgusting. Go on now, shoo, shoo!

(The camera crew member runs off while Will positions the camera to record.)

Jay Striker: Now the Jay Striker experience can officially begin, you people get to see me right before I win the number one contendership on XMW's biggest stage yet and just how I spend my time. Tonight has been one hell of a night, I specifically requested to be the last flight for maximum training time. I don't just think, I know I'm ready to win this thing, while everyone else was having a pissing contest to see who's better I was doing the proper preperations. I spent hours running miles, I've switched how I eat to cut weight and I changed my work out regimine to fit the style of a Japanese dojo. Nobody has my strength ot my endurance, my discipline so it's damn sure going to be hard to throw me over the top rope. Some can argue Jasper Wake but...

Camera Man: Here's your coffee sir. Warning. I had to rush to 7-11 so it may not be the best.

Jay Striker: Well it's too bad I expect nothing but the best. Better hope this is good for your sake. Bottom's up!

(Jay Striker takes a swig and spits the hot coffee right in the face of the man.)

Jay Striker: No sugar!? How do you expect me to drink black coffee!?

(Jay punches the camera man in the face and then slams him into the wall a few times, following up with a few knees to the gut.)

Jay Striker: I'm going to be next in line for the Uncensored title damn it, you give a star what he wants! Hope you learn from your mistake, have napping in what you are: trash.

(Jay delivers a few more punches to the face before picking the guy up and laying him in the dumpster.)

Jay Striker: I made my point, let's roll Will.

(Jay Striker walks off but before Will Dunham follows him he heads over to the dumpster.)

Will Dunham: Sorry for your troubles, I don't have much on me..uh...here's thirty bucks. Wait, let me take ten back, I'm going to need that later. And didn't you say there was a 7-11 nearby? Hmm, I do deserve a little snack after this....

(Will drops ten dollars into the dumpster just before the camera cuts to the duo in the car.)

Jay Striker: Now, as I was trying to say about Jasper. The guy is yet another one of those roided up "bro's" who are green as hell in the ring. It seems that wrestling has turned into more muscle than talent, anybody can beat some two bit losers, and anybody can get some cheap cheers by talking about being in the military on the anniversary of 9/11. It could be argued he is just as disciplined as me if not more but here's a little fact for ya. The wars I go through in that ring have affected me physically more than you. I broke my leg, I dislocated my shoulder, and I can barely hear out of my right ear. But when you look at me in that ring my offense is crisp, everything I do is balanced, overall I am smooth in that ring. I am the ring general and everyone else are soldiers lined up before me, well except Tornado since the army isn't for citizens, but you get my point.

(Will turns the camera to out the window to show us that they arrived at their hotel. They open the door and head inside. They check in and are given room keys as both head up stairs.)

Jay Striker: Speaking of Tornado, what exactly is he doing here? The guy hasn't won anything of importance in over a year! he can't do anything I can't do better and if we got into a fight I'd send his ass back to selling tacos in Tijuana. The guy is a joke and always has been a joke, you could get far much more enjoyment from one of his interviews in broken english than his poor matches and to be blunt the only reason he's still around is out of novelty, fact.

(Jay Striker reaches his room and opens the door. He lays on his bed for a moment in relaxation only to sit up.)

Jay: As for Drew Stevenson, the many of five thousand words, all I have to say to you is words don't matter when you are in the best shape of your life.

(Jay Striker takes off his shirt to reveal he's in noticably better condition this week.)

Jay Striker: This is what fifteen hours of workout daily and three percent body fat looks like! I am a world class athlete, that is undeniable. I beat an almost three hundred pound man with a brainbuster and he hasn't been seen since I dropped him on his head, that's how badly I hurt him. Still unsure? Well I have another story which is an old favorite of mine. Way back in an old southern fed, Interpromotional Wrestling Federation, I faced a man known as Biff Stevens. I kicked the crap out of him. His chest was red, he was having breathing issues, it was just terrible. Biff was on his knee's and I came from behind him with a vicious kick to the back of the head. I kicked him so hard his eye came out of it's socket and he had to pop it back in. If you were wondering if I was legit, that more than answers your question. Destiny is all I'll have to say this Saturday when I throw all of my opponents over the top rope.

(A hotel worker walks into the room to see Jay laying shirtless on his bed with Will holding a camera.)

Worker: No, you can't film those type of movies here!

Jay Striker: Beg your pardon mam?

Worker: I said we don't film those kinds of movies!

Jay Striker: What are you talking about?

Worker: Get out, get out!

Will: *whispers* It seems we have a bit of explaining to do so that's it. Order Destiny tomorrow on Pay Per View to see my client in action....

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Destiny Strikes
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