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 Destiny 2014

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Jacob Steele

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PostSubject: Destiny 2014   Sun Sep 14, 2014 3:10 pm

( XMW Logo Flashes )

( A scene of random XMW Warriors plays. A video of Jay Striker getting his hand raised plays. )

Jay Striker: We’ve been put up against numerous obstacles.

( A video package of Adrian Thorne’s return plays. )

Adrian Thorne: We’ve put each other through hell.

( A video package of Kale Mercer jumping off the top turnbuckle plays. )

Kale Mercer: We put on the show of our lives every week.

( A video package of Alioth Starre and Thomas Minns’ history plays. )

Alioth Starre: Alliances were formed and broken up in seconds.

( A video package of TLA and C5 Ion’s alliance plays. )

TLA: We looked out for ourselves and our homies.

( A video package of Ignitex’s winning streak plays. )

Ignitex: We’ve made it this far...

( A video package of Samuel King and Liam Catterson’s Championship Match plays. )

Samuel King: This is our destiny.

( A replay of Liam Catterson winning the XMW World Heavyweight Championship plays. )

Liam Catterson: This is my destiny!

( “Battle Born” by Five Finger Death Punch begins to play as the cameras fade in to the sold out Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The sold out crowd is on their feets, signs throughout the arena, and the volume of the screams are completely intense. Blue, silver, and gold pyro begins to go off on the stage, then the camera cuts to the announcers table. )

Vincent Price: WE FINALLY MADE IT! THIS IS IT! THIS IS DESTINY! After a long road on our way to Destiny, we have finally made it and man am I glad to say I haven’t felt this good yet!

Chris Walker: I’m right there with you! I have so much energy and I have no idea what to do with it because I’m stuck right here on commentary with you!

Vincent Price: Oh how funny. Let’s get this show started!

( “Battle Born” by Five Finger Death Punch begins to play as Nick Angel steps out in a grey and blue suit with a mic in his hand. The crowd gets ecstatic, not letting Nick be able to talk. )

Nick Angel: This is what I like to hear. Just settle down for a minute. I have an announcement.

( The crowd settles down. )

Nick Angel: Yasuo vs. Crow will not be taking place tonight. That is all. Enjoy the rest of your nights.

( Nick Angel exits the arena while the crowd lets out a roar of boos. The camera cuts back to the announcers table. )

Chris Walker: Well, there goes a match for tonight. I guess he has his reasoning behind it, so whatever it may be, so be it.

Vincent Price: Sometimes I wish he would explain himself, but I guess he doesn’t have to. Let’s go backstage with Christi Byrd and her guests, TLA and C5 Ion.

( The camera cuts backstage to Christi Byrd. )

Christi Byrd: Thank you, Vincent! I’m back here with TLA and C5 Ion before their big night.

( TLA and C5 Ion step into the picture with TLA holding his Hybrid Championship on his shoulder. )

TLA: Thanks for having us.

Christi Byrd: What are your chances of carrying both Hybrid Championships tonight?

C5 Ion: I’d say they’re looking pretty damn good. TLA and I have been working hard and I know for a fact that TLA and I will become the XMW Hybrid Champions.

Christi Byrd: What do you have to say about this, TLA?

TLA: My homie is right. Trent and Vic are what you call… well… perras. They bend the rules in order for them to win. That’s all they’ve done since they formed their little alliance or whatever you would call that bullshit. All I know is that holmes and I here are going in, taking the belt right from Trent Richards, then looking for some better competition. That’s all there is to it.

Christi Byrd: One more question… No one has even heard from Trent or Vic since last Affliction, do you think they’ll show up tonight?

C5 Ion: I know they will. They have the chance to carry both Hybrid Championships, why wouldn’t they? Unfortunately for them, they won’t last long.

( Trent Richards and Vic Vendetta walk into the picture and stand face to face with TLA and C5 Ion. No one speaks. )

Christi Byrd: Alright, back to you guys before things get outta control here.

( The camera cuts back to the announcers table. )

Vincent Price: A lot of bad blood between those four. A match we’re definitely anticipating to be a great one. Let’s get this first match started!

( The camera cuts to the ring where AJ Richards is standing by. Garrison Grey and James Seymour are already in the ring. )

AJ Richards: This match is scheduled for one fall and is a Number One Contenders Match for the XMW Uncensored Championship! Introducing first, already in the ring… GARRRISONNNNNNN GREYYYYY AND JAMEEESSSSSSSS SEEEYMOURRRRRRR!!!!!!

( “Loaded and Alone” by Hinder begins to play as the crowd begins to boo. Jasper Wake walks out onto the stage and runs down into the ring. )


( “Ancient Spirit” by Jim Johnston begins to play. Tornado sprinChris Walker and slides into the ring. )

AJ Richards: Now in the ring… TORRRRNAADOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

( “The Preacher” by Jamie N’ Commons starts to play as the crowd erupts into a roar of boos. Drew Stevenson steps out onto the stage then makes his way down to the ring. )


( “Say I” by Creed begins to play and the crowd continues to boo. Jay Striker makes his way down to the ring. )



Vincent Price: These guys aren’t wasting any time! Jasper takes down Garrison Grey with a vicious clothesline! Tornado is already on the top ropes… High Angle Senton Bomb! Garrison rolls out of the ring before he gets covered! Tornado is still on the attack as he directs his attention to James Seymour! Northern Lights Driver! Tornado turns around… SPEARRRR! Jasper just broke Tornado’s body in half! Tornado also rolls out of the ring.

Chris Walker: Jay Striker brings Seymour to a vertical base and sends him flying out of the ring with Tornado and Garrison Grey. Striker, Wake, and Stevenson are the only Warriors in the ring right now! Striker and Stevenson gang up on Jasper, connecting punches until they back him up into the corner. Striker connects a high knee to Jasper in the corner, then Stevenson finishes him off with a powerful stalling suplex slam.

Vincent Price: Stevenson tries to cover, but immediately gets broken up by Striker. Striker grabs Stevenson and pulls him up to a vertical base. He whips him into the ropes and connects Walker a running neckbreaker! Stevenson immediately gets back on his feet. Striker attempts a clothesline, but Stevenson ducks! Striker makes his way back, OH! Stevenson with a dropkick sending Striker across the ring!

Chris Walker: Garrison Grey, Tornado, and James Seymour are battling out on the ouChris Walkeride of the ring, with Tornado mostly in control! Wake is finally back on his feet and him and Stevenson lock up! Stevenson spins around Wake and connects a back suplex. He goes for the cover!

Ref: ONEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Vincent Price: NO! Striker breaks up the pinfall! Stevenson grabs Striker and lifts him onto his shoulders. Samoan Drop! Wake is waiting for Stevenson to turn around… Superkick! That had to of hurt! Wake goes for the cover!


Chris Walker: Stevenson kicks out right before the two count! Wake drags Stevenson over to the ropes and begins to push on Stevenson’s head with his boot, choking him with the ropes. Stevenson is trying to get out of this, but he can’t! Finally Wake let’s go of the hold and backs up into the corner. He waits for someone to get back to their feet. Tornado slides into the ring with Garrison Grey and James Seymour both laid out on the side and Jasper charges at him. JASPER JUST SPLIT TORNADO’S BODY IN HALF ONCE AGAIN WITH ANOTHER SPEAR! He goes for the cover!








( “The Preacher” by Jamie N’ Commons begins to play as Drew Stevenson gets his hand raised in victory. )

AJ Richards: Your winner and the Number One Contender for the Uncensored Championship… DRREEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW STEEEEVVVVENNNNNNNNNSONNNNNNNNN!!!!!!

Vincent Price: That was a very quick match, but Drew Stevenson was able to take control of a great opportunity and he did just that. What a show between Stevenson, Striker, and Wake! The three of them made this short match well worth the watch.

Chris Walker: Don’t forget about Tornado in the beginning and during the match! Tornado started out strong and took control of Garrison Grey and James Seymour outside the ring. Unfortunately for him, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Vincent Price: What a debut match for Drew Stevenson picking up a debut win and becoming the Number One Contender for the XMW Uncensored Championship!

( The camera cuts backstage to Adrian Thorne walking through the hallway, looking at everyone in complete disgust. )

Adrian Thorne: What are you looking at, you piece of shit?! Is there something on my face? I didn’t think so. Be on your way.

( Adrian walks a little further before running into Christi Byrd. )

Christi Byrd: Adrian, do you mind if I get a word for a second?

Adrian Thorne: What do you want?

Christi Byrd: Can you explain your actions from your return?

Adrian Thorne: What is there to explain?

Christi Byrd: I’d just like to know what made you--

Adrian Thorne: I did what I had to do. I took out Xavier Serikaz once and for all. I hit Kale Mercer with the lead pipe because he wouldn’t shut his mouth and kept talking to that tramp that follows Y2Impact around like a little puppy. I have no shame in anything I do, and to be honest, I’m completely glad I did it. I have the opportunity to make another statement here at Destiny against Kale Mercer, and I’m going to do just that. Kale Mercer doesn’t stand a chance. He’s weak. He’s pathetic. Kale, if you’re listening to me, Pandora’s Box will be opening tonight. Beware.

( Adrian walks away, leaving Christi Byrd just standing there. The camera fades back to the ring where Thomas Minns is already in the ring. )

AJ Richards: This match is scheduled for one fall and is for the XMW Universal Championship! Introducing first… Already in the ring… THOMASSSSSSSSS MINNNNSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

( “The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell” by David Bowie begins to play through the speakers. A mixed reaction of cheers and boos erupt. Alioth Starre makes his way to the ring. )

AJ Richards: And his opponent… Weighing in at one hundred and sixty five pounds… From Brixton, London, England… ALLLIOOOOOOTTTHHHHH STAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRREEEEEE!!!!!!!

Vincent Price: I'm excited for this one both of these men are going to leave it all in the ring tonight.

Chris Walker: Two enter the ring, one leaves as champion...I just love this business!


Vincent Price: The bell sounds and both men go straight after each other in a trade off of right hands until Thomas gets the upper hand. Thomas Throws Alioth off the ropes meets him on the way back with a running lariat. Thomas flexes and runs his hands threw his hair before picking up Alioth. Alioth pokes him in the eye as Thomas was picking him up and proceeded to punch Thomas into the corner.

Chris Walker: Alioth goes to throw Thomas from post to post but it is reversed by Thomas then reversed by Alioth who ducks winds up behind Thomas and delivers a back drop. Alioth raises Thomas and gives him a strong knife edge chop that bruises almost immediately. Thomas flips out and begins with a flurry of knife edge chops until Alioth is dazed then lands a brutal exploder suplex to Alioth.

Vincent Price: Thomas picked up Alioth and they begin to trade blows again until they both knock each other down. They both go for Figure Four Leg Locks reversing one another until they were on one knee. Both attempts fail and they both end up on their feet staring each other down, circling around the ring. They lock up, but Alioth is able to spin around to the back of Thomas and dropkick him into the ropes. He rebounds off the ropes and Alioth rolls him up!

Ref: ONEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!




( “The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell” by David Bowie begins to play again as Alioth Starre gets his hand raised in victory. An XMW Official steps into the ring and hands over the XMW Universal Championship to Alioth. He holds it up high as a mixed reaction from the crowd forms. )


Chris Walker: Alioth sure made quick work of this match. That just goes to show how deserving of this Championship.

Vincent Price: Now the real question is, will he be able to defend it enough times and successfully cash the Title in for a World Heavyweight Championship match when the time comes?

Chris Walker: Don’t get too ahead of yourself, Chris. There’s still plenty of time before that happens. Focus on what’s happening now! We have a new Champion!

Vincent Price: Congrats to Alioth Starre on becoming XMW Universal Champion!

( The camera cuts to Nick Angel sitting in his office on his laptop. A knock is heard outside the door. )

Nick Angel: Come in.

( Jasper Wake enters Nick’s office, enraged. )

Jasper Wake: Did you see what happened out there tonight?

Nick Angel: Yeah, you lost.

Jasper Wake: I got fucked over! I want a rematch! I deserve a rematch!

Nick Angel: You lost. How do you deserve anything?

Jasper Wake: How do I deserve anything? How don’t I deserve it? I should be Number One Contender right now. I should be winning the Uncensored Championship soon. I want a rematch.

Nick Angel: I’ll tell you what. Next week, if you can win your match on Affliction, you’ll get your rematch. If you lose, your opponent gets the rematch.

Jasper Wake: Okay, who’s my opponent?

Nick Angel: Jay Striker.

( Jasper gets a little smirk on his face. )

Nick Angel: That’s your cue to get out of my office. Now.

( Jasper walks out of Nick’s office as the camera fades back to the announcers table. )

Chris Walker: Well, next week Jasper Wake will be taking on Jay Striker in an attempt to get his shot at being the Number One Contender for the XMW Uncensored Championship!

Vincent Price: Of course he had to whine his way to getting that shot, but it worked, so I’ll give him that. Who do you think will win the right to face Drew Stevenson for the Number One Contendership?

Chris Walker: To be honest, I’m not entirely sure. I want Jay Striker to win. I feel like he’s going to be a good opponent for Drew.

Vincent Price: See, I’d think Jasper would be a better fit. Anyways, let’s get on with the next match.

( The camera cuts to the ring where AJ Richards is standing by. )

AJ Richards: The following contest is a GRUDGE match, scheduled for one fall!!!

( "Wild Eyes" by Parkway Drive and at first nobody is there. Soon the entrance way opens up to reveal a huge hole and slowly but surely out comes Adrian Thorne as the spotlight comes over him. )

AJ Richards: Introducing first, weighing in tonight at 217 pounds, from Chicago, Illinois, he is a four time world champion and "The Hero with No Name" Adrian Thorne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Walker: What a spectacular entrance by Adrian, this just enhances the spectacle that is XMW's first ever PPV!

Vincent Price: I'll have to admit, that was pretty cool, but pageantry isn't going to matter in this match, this will be a down and dirty fight, no spectacle involved, this is the equivalent of two tough guys brawling on the street.

Chris Walker: I don't know if I would say two when one of those tough guys has a baby face like Kale Mercer.

Vincent Price: Oh will you stop? Like I said, nothing matters in this except the hatred these men share, now quit the side comments and get back to your job because Adrian's opponent is coming.

( "Blow Me Away (Remix ft. Valora)" by Breaking Benjamin plays to Kale Mercer walking down the ramp, blue strobe lights bringing color to the darkened arena while his special red and black robe drags across the aisle. )

AJ Richards: And his opponent, making his way to the ring, weighing in at 220 pounds from Los Angeles, California, a man knowing for his finisher, the Final Awakening....he is "Seraph" Kale......MERCEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Walker: This match just turned ten times more boring, Kale's dull technical style is just going to drag down Adrian's exciting offense.

Vincent Price: Wouldn't that be a good thing as opposed to just letting Adrian get his burst of offense?

Chris Walker : Eh, whatever, it still doesn't make for a fun match.

Vincent Price: If you're looking for a fun match this isn't going to be it Chris.


Vincent Price: Here we go, Kale going for the double leg takedown but is denied with a swift kick from Adrian, he rolls through only to run into a dropkick, and another! Kale goes to catch his breath in the corner but - OH- forearm smash by Adrian Thorne and a clothesline, cover!

Ref: ONEE!!!!!!



Vincent Price: Kickout by Kale Mercer and that just leaves an opening for more punishment! Shot after shot by Adrian and now he's just having the time of his life stomping away at Kale's chest!

Chris Walker: I guess I was wrong, this is fun! It's only the opening moments and already Adrian has taken control. Come on, stay on him, stay on him, NO!

Vincent Price: Kale caught the boot and hit a nice Dragon Screw Leg Whip to get Adrian off him but that's not a move that can put somebody away and Kale knows that. Look at him follow Adrian, he's getting closer and....a kick right to the leg taking Adrian off his feet!

Chris Walker: Adrian is leaving the ring though, this is a good game plan but god damn it, Kale has the hair! He's pulling Adrian in..oh lord...he hits a rope hung DDT!

Vincent Price: Adrian gets to a knee and goes for a punch but Kale catches it and hits an inverted backbreaker, keeping hold of him and transitioning it into a neckbreaker, Kale is on a roll here!

Chris Walker: Kale just hit a springboard moonsault from the middle rope, he's covering!

Ref: ONEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!


Chris Walker: Thankfully, that isn't it, Adrian needs to get back into this quick, and I think he's doing that, both are on their knees and Adrian is firing away with european uppercuChris Walker!

Vincent Price: Kale is getting to his feet though, superkick to the jaw!

Chris Walker: Not so fast there, Adrian caught it and put Kale on his shoulders! He's running now, holy crap, a powerbomb into the turnbuckle!!!!

Vincent Price: Kale is hurting right now and runs right into a back body drop. Adrian follows up with a knee drop and now has Kale in a chinlock!

Chris Walker: Adrian doesn't need Kale gaining momentum yet again, he needs to wear the man down, keep him grounded. Kale's trying to get to his feet, he's about to stand up- Adrian jams his knee right into Kale's spine and brings him back down for a variation of the camel clutch!

Vincent Price: So close but no cigar there. Adrian switches over to a front facelock now and turns it into a cover but only gets a one! Adrian hooks up Kale and hits a suplex......another.....and a third one for good measure now!

Chris Walker: Adrian jumps onto the apron, I know what he's going for, this is it Vincent! The Diving High Knee!!!!!!!!!!!


Ref: ONE!!!



Chris Walker: No, no, no, it's not it, ADRIAN JUST KICKED OUT! He's rolling away from the ring, he knows if he stays he could get pinned, this has been a well thought match by both sides- mostly Adrian.

Vincent Price: Kale is in hot pursuit, he charges after Adrian....only to get hit with reverse STO into the barricade!

Crowd: HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Walker: These fans are stomping and cheering for a move against their hometown hero, Adrian is just that damn good!

Vincent Price: They're cheering because of the move, not the man behind it but I digress. Adrian placing Kale on a chair in the corner, he backs away anddddddddddd BIG BOOTS KALE SO HARD IN THE FACE HE FLIES OVER THE RESTRAINTS AND JOINS THE FANS!

Chris Walker: Adrian Thorne has the biggest smile on his face right now and he deserves to, go on, admire your work, you have the guy down for the count you have the time to breath, any man would take this opportunity. His smile has just turned devious, the wheels are spinning right now, he's standing on top of the chair and is shakily standing on the barricade, what in the hell is he about to do!

Vincent Price: Even you seem worried, Adrian's perched up, waiting, right now. Kale is like a wounded animal about to be put down in Adrian's mind. He dives but gets caught with the Call of Seraph, the Back to Back Underhook Piledriver was just hit on that concrete floor!

( The crowd begins stomping their feet and banging against the restraints in a frenzy. )

Crowd: XMW, XMW, XMW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Walker: I am lost for words......

Vincent Price: I have two right now seeing as this is uncensored....HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

( Both men lay on the ground right between two sections of fans. They lay motionless for almost a minute and fans worriedly begin to stand up and stare. Their attention is pulled away by a disturbance from the fifth row. )

Vincent Price: It seems a fan is so worried they are actually about to check on the wrestlers.

Chris Walker: They need to get the camera off that scrub! Wait a minute....

Vincent Price: Is that...is that....IT'S TROY ARCHELLO! THE FORMER AWF PURE CHAMPION, THE XTREME PREDATOR, IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( Troy stands over Adrian and slowly gets to a knee, lightly slapping his face before gripping it and speaking directly to him. )

Troy Archello: Yo, wake up. I thought XMW was for the real men, men don't get up and lay on the floor. Hehehe... especially when a predator is waiting to make his next move.

( Troy lets go and walks off, leaving the crowd stunned. )

Vincent Price: This is just getting more and more crazy, I'm speechless right now!

Chris Walker: This is ridiculous, shame on the camera crew for zooming in on that goon, he's not a member of the roster so he deserves no screen time!

Vincent Price: This is what happens when XMW goes live though, it's nothing but unpredictable craziness. The craziness is continuing as we speak right now, both of these guys are finally stirring!

Chris Walker: The guts of these two men, Adrian and Kale drag themselves over the barricade and are crawling on the steps opposite to each other, Adrian is beating him to the ring might I add.

Vincent Price: Enough with the ass kissing Chris! The two are in the ring now, face to face! Adrian throws a right, Kale fires back. Adrian throws another and again Kale has a response, this is a fantastic showing!

Chris Walker: It just broke down into a street fight, they're going blow for blow, you can't tell what's connecting and what isn't, the nose of Kale has been smashed and is gushing blood over Adrian's arm and Adrian is sporting a wound above his eye!

Vincent Price: Adrian managed to duck a strike and hit a german suplex, can he capitalize?

Chris Walker: He damn sure can, he runs the ropes....PANDORA'S BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE COVERS....

Ref: ONEEEEEEE!!!!!!!




AJ Richards: Winner of this match.....ADRIAN.....THORNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Walker: What a match, this exceeded the hype, what a close to this feud!

Vincent Price: For once I agree, these two delivered in what could be a match of the year candidate, I know that this will be talked about for years, and years to come!

( Adrian Thorne staggers off to the back as the camera cuts to see a unknown man in the back talking to Nick Angel. )

Nick Angel: It's great to have you on board man, you'll be on Affliction real soon, can't wait to see what you bring to the table.

???: Trust me, I won't let you down.

( The two shake hands and the new Warrior leaves the office. We then cut back to ringside for the next contest. )

Chris Walker: Another new signing, our GM Nick has really pulled out all the stops for this show!

Vincent Price: I’m excited to see who it is! AJ Richards is in the ring ready to announce our next match!

( The camera cuts to the ring. )

( “Ambitionz az a Ridah” by 2Pac plays. )

AJ Richards: The following contest is a tag team match for The XMW Hybrid Championships!!!!!!!!!!!! Introducing first, at a total combined weight of-

Vincent Price: Woah, TLA and C5 Ion just came flying down the ramp! Well I'll be a son of a bitch...Vic Vendetta and Trent Richards are following them down with chairs right now, I think they jumped the duo from behind, how despicable!

Chris Walker: It's a dog eat dog world when it comes to pro wrestling, you have to do what you have to do in order to win.

Vincent Price: Look at them pick the bones now, rolling them into the ring....


Vincent Price: The match now officially starts, this isn't looking good for TLA and C5 Ion.

Chris Walker: Trent and Vendetta still have those steel chairs while TLA is getting up, they're looking to sandwich him between them. A SWING AND A MISS!

Vincent Price: TLA ducks and the two young guns are feeling the whiplash from that! They drop their chairs in pain and run into C5 who has a shoe for both of them with a springboard dropkick!!!!!!!!

Chris Walker: Vic rolls into the corner so C5 follows him to attempt the monkey flip. It succeeds but Vic lands on his feet and manages a superkick to the face of a kneeling TLA!

Vincent Price: Vic goes for an okada roll on C5 but C5 turns it into an advantage, gets to his feet and jumps up for a tornado DDT that takes out Trent as well with his swinging legs!

Chris Walker: C5 looks hyped up, he has a full head of steam and goes for a splash on Trent but Trent catches it and gets him in sidewalk slam position, here comes Vic with a jumping leg drop to complete the double team! They go for a cover but TLA manages to hit a back senton to break it up!

Vincent Price: Trent goes for a clothesline but TLA ducks it and gets Richards out of the ring with a clothesline of his own! Vic regained his senses and goes on the attack but TLA maneuvers around and hits a cutter right on the chair!

Chris Walker: TLA is waiting for C5 to come to, C5 is climbing the turnbuckle, he's on top, looking to finish this!

Vincent Price: Trent is back up on the floor but his hopes of stopping this are ruined with a plancha by TLA! There's no way they can break this up, C5 WITH THE 450, COVER!!!!





( “Ambitionz az a Ridah” by 2Pac begins to play again as TLA and C5 Ion get their hands raised in victory. TLA gets his Hybrid Championship back and C5 gets his newly acquired Hybrid Championship. )

AJ Richards: The winners of this match and our NEEEWWWWWW HYBRID CHAMPIONS....TLA AND C..5...IOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vincent Price: Even with the pre match attack, TLA and C5 Ion put away Trent and Vic in convincing fashion here tonight!

Chris Walker: TLA and C5 Ion are our new Hybrid Champions! This is awesome! I knew this was going to happen.

Vincent Price: Don’t piss your pants out of excitement, Chris. There’s still the Uncensored Championship match and the World Heavyweight Championship match!

Chris Walker: What’s this? I’m getting word from backstage that there’s a brawl going on! That’s tune into that real quick!

( The camera immediately cuts to the parking lot where Isaac Hunter and Michael Jordan are brawling. Hunter suplexes Jordan onto a car, putting a huge dent in the hood. Hunter climbs onto the top of the car next to Jordan, then connects a leg drop onto Jordan. Hunter drags Jordan off the car and pulls him up to a vertical base. He swings with a right hook, but Jordan blocks it and spears Hunter into the front of a truck. Out of nowhere, Ignitex charges at Jordan with a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire and nails him in the head with it. Jordan is bleeding profusely now. Ignitex swings it at Hunter and connects to his mid-section, opening up a gash. Ignitex walks away. The camera cuts back to the announcers table. )

Vincent Price: I’m speechless at this point. I have no idea what to do or say. I’m pretty sure Isaac Hunter and Michael Jordan will not be taking part of the XMW Uncensored Championship now after the injuries they just sustained by each other and Ignitex.

Chris Walker: I wonder what even sparked a parking lot brawl between Hunter and Jordan to begin with. I think Ignitex just saw this as an opportunity to get rid of two of his three opponents. Good strategy, but could end in consequences. I guess we will just find out.

Vincent Price: We’re about to find out pretty soon, because the Uncensored Championship is up next!

( The camera cuts to the ring covered up by a cage with a ladder sitting on top of the cage. AJ Richards is in the ring with a mic in hand. The XMW Uncensored Championship hangs 20 feet above the cage! )


( “Sick Of It” by Skillet begins to play and the crowd begins to cheer. A-Will walks out and makes his way down to the ring. He opens up the cage door and slides into the ring. )

AJ Richards: Introducing first… From Memphis, Tennessee… Weighing in at two hundred and forty four pounds.. He is “The Cerebral Submissionist” ANTTTOONNNIOOOOOO WWILLLLLIAAAAMMMMSSSSSS!!!

( “Not Strong Enough” by Apocalyptica begins to play and the crowd erupts into a sea of boos. Ignitex walks out with the same 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire that he used to dismantle Isaac Hunter and Michael Jordan. He opens the cage door and climbs into the ring. )

AJ Richards: And his opponent… Weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds… From Minneapolis, Minnesota… IGGGNNNNNNNNITTTTTTTEXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!

Vincent Price: We have just received word that Isaac Hunter and Michael Jordan will not be able to participate in this match!

Chris Walker: That’s a damn shame, too.


Vincent Price: Ignitex doesn’t waste any time as he charges at A-Will with the 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire! A-Will shuffles out of the way and kicks Ignitex in the gut, making him drop the 2x4. A-Will begins throwing fists of fury at Ignitex, backing him up into the ropes, then whips him to the other side of the ring. Ignitex comes back looking for a clothesline… But no! A-Will ducks and connects a drop toe hold, then rolls over and gets Ignitex in a headlock! BUT WOW! Look at the power of Ignitex! He’s lifting A-Will up while he’s still got the headlock locked in!

Chris Walker: Ignitex powers back into the turnbuckle, but A-Will still has the hold locked in! Ignitex powers back into the turnbuckle again, this time A-Will releases the hold and sits in the corner. Ignitex charges at him with a body splash! A-Will drops to the mat. Ignitex brings him to a vertical base, then picks him and slams him with a belly to belly suplex! Ignitex picks up his 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire and waits for A-Will to stand up. He gets up and turns around…

Vincent Price: Ignitex stabs A-Will with the 2x4! A-Will is bent over AND IGNITEX SLAMS THE 2X4 ONTO A-WILLS BACK! A-Will is bleeding from his back! Ignitex slams the 2x4 on A-Will’s back again! AND AGAIN! IGNITEX IS FUCKING INSANE! He drops the 2x4 then exits the ring. Ignitex opens the cage door and begins climbing the cage! IGNITEX COULD HAVE THIS MATCH WON EARLY! He reaches the top of the cage, picks up the ladder, and positions it right below the Uncensored Championship!

Chris Walker: He starts to climb the ladder! Little does he know that A-Will is climbing the cage right now! Ignitex reaches the top of the ladder! He’s trying to get the Uncensored Championship unlatched! BUT OH MY GOD! A-WILL CHARGES AT THE LADDER AND KNOCKS IT DOWN! IGNITEX IS ON THE EDGE OF THE CAGE! HE’S ABOUT TO FALL OFF! A-WILL IS TRYING TO PUSH HIM OFF! BUT IGNITEX KICKS HIM BACK! OH MY GOD I’M ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT! Ignitex geChris Walker back on his feet! A-Will charges at him… IGNITEX CONNECTS THE HAVOC BUSTER!!! OH MY GOD! THIS IS IT! IGNITEX IS CLIMBING THE LADDER!

Vincent Price: Wait… What is he doing? Ignitex dropped down off the ladder and picks it up… OH MY GOD! IGNITEX SLAMS THE LADDER ONTO A-WILL! THIS MAN IS A FUCKING MONSTER! He sets the ladder down and picks A-Will up! DROPLOAD ONTO THE LADDER! IGNITEX JUST CONNECTED THE SAMOAN DROP ONTO THE LADDER! MY GOD! A-WILL IS LIFELESS! Ignitex picks up the ladder and sets it back up below the Uncensored Championship! He’s climbing! A-Will is still lifeless! He has hold of the Championship! WAIT! HERE COMES ISAAC HUNTER FLYING DOWN TO THE RING! AND RIGHT BEHIND HIM IS MICHAEL JORDAN!



( “Not Strong Enough” by Apocalyptica begins to play as Ignitex holds the Championship! )


Chris Walker: THERE’S NO TIME FOR CELEBRATIONS AS ISAAC HUNTER AND MICHAEL JORDAN ARE ON TOP OF THE CAGE WITH A-WILL AND IGNITEX! Ignitex has the ladder in his hands and nails both men. He grabs the Uncensored Championship then climbs down off the cage and runs up the ramp. He stops at the stage and holds up the Championship and the crowd lets out a roar of boos!

Vincent Price: I’ll tell you what, Ignitex got the job done tonight, no matter how he did it. There were no rules and he took advantage of that! Now he’s the Uncensored Champion! One can only wonder what’s going to happen to Jordan, A-Will, and Hunter after this match or if they’ll even be able to compete next week!

Chris Walker: We’ll get all the info we need throughout the rest of this night into next week. For now let’s focus on DESTINY!

( The camera cuts to backstage where Liam Catterson and Samuel King are passing each other. )

Samuel King: This ends tonight.

Liam Catterson: You’re right, just not how you think it’s going to end.

Samuel King: Exactly how I KNOW it’s going to end.

( They continue walking past each other as the camera then cuts to Adrian Thorne in his locker room. Someone knocks on the door. )

Adrian Thorne: What do you want?!

( Suddenly, the door swings open and a man runs into the room beating the living hell out of Adrian Thorne. Adrian tries to defend himself, but this man is too fast for him. The man slams Adrian’s head on his locker several times before slamming him with a suplex onto the bench. He grabs a chair and begins slamming it all over Adrian’s body. He lifts Adrian off the bench and DDT’s him onto the chair. Blood begins pouring out of Adrian’s head as he lays there lifeless. The man stands there over him for a second, then walks out of the room. The camera cuts to the announcers table. )

Chris Walker: What in the world just happened? Who was that man?

Vincent Price: Your guess is as good as mine, Chris. Whoever that was just completely demolished Adrian Thorne and probably injured him pretty bad.

Chris Walker: I would really like to know who that is right now, because he just did a good deed for XMW. That man was sick.

Vincent Price: I don’t think he did it for XMW as much as he did it for himself.

Chris Walker: Whatever… IT’S MAIN EVENT TIME!

( The camera cuts to the ring where AJ Richards is standing by. An XMW Official is in the ring holding the XMW World Heavyweight Championship high. )

AJ Richards: Ladies and gentlemen this match is scheduled for one fall! It is for the XMW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! INTRODUCING FIRST!...

( “The Val Venis Song” by King Louie begins to play as the crowd pops with boos. Samuel King makes his way down to the ring. )

AJ Richards: The challenger… Weighing in at two hundred and nineteen pounds… From Stockton, California… SAMUEEEEELLLLLLLLLLL KIIIIIIINGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!

( Interrupting Samuel Kings music, “Rules of Nature” by Jamie Christopherson blasts through the speakers and the crowd continues to boo. Liam Catterson steps out onto the stage with the XMW World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. He makes his way to the ring. )

AJ Richards: And his opponent… Weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds… From Shildon, United Kingdom… The XMW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… He is “The Malicious Assassin” LIAAAAAAAAAMMMMMM CAAAAAATTTTEEERRRRRSSSSSOOONNNN!!!!!!!


Chris Walker: This is it, folks! The main event! King obliges after taunting Catterson a bit for being a rookie. King now runs off the ropes and goes for a flying crossbody. Catterson catches King, though, and turns into a huge whipping powerslam!!! King's back hits the canvas pretty violently. Catterson now goes for a quick cover!

Ref: ONEE!!!


Vincent Price: King gets an arm up! Catterson lets King stand up, after that powerslam King doesn't seem to know where he is. He bumps into Catterson's chest and then seems to realize he is still in a match. King tries to laugh it off that the powerslam didn't do any damage. He now tells Catterson that he has a free shot, Catterson doesn't waste time in taking advantage and hits with a huge straight right!

Chris Walker: Catterson brings King up to a vertical base then picks him up for a huge spinebuster!!!! Catterson drives King into the canvas for the second time of this match! Catterson now pins King again!



Vincent Price: KICKOUT!! Once again King has to kick out at the last second. Catterson picks King up off the ground now. King goes to shake Catterson's hand, but then catches him off guard with a right hook to the face. It does nothing to Catterson, though. Catterson now rushes at King with a clothesline, King is able to duck it at the last second, though and Catterson instead nearly takes the ref’s head off. King looks like he just avoided a car crash, while Catterson is worrying about the ref. King collects himself and then takes advantage of Catterson being worried about the ref and hits him with a bums rush!!! King goes for the pin, but the ref is knocked out and can't count it.

Chris Walker: Stupid ref, get up, you weren't hit with one of my clotheslines, you should be able to get up!!! King is worrying about what to do as he sees Catterson already stirring. King now goes to the outside of the ring, and he pulls out a chair from under the ring. NO! King can't win this way. Catterson gets behind King and turns him around and wrestles the chair away from him. Catterson looks like he is going to hit King with the chair AND HE DOES! He lays King out with that chair shot! Catterson sets the chair up on King’s leg and stomps in it! King is writhing in pain now!

Vincent Price: Catterson pulls the chair away and covers King!

Ref: ONE!!!!


Vincent Price: NO! KING KICKS OUT! The show goes on! Catterson looks furious and pulls King to a vertical base. He whips him into the ropes, then connects a drop toe hold and locks King’s already hurt leg! King is screaming! Catterson pulls harder and lifts King’s body up! My god! Catterson is giving it all he’s got! King rolls over and kicks Catterson off of him then rolls out of the ring! King is very lucky he was able to do that. If not, I’m pretty sure Catterson would’ve broken his leg!

Chris Walker: I’m sure you’re right, Vincent. Catterson still isn’t wasting any time as he’s outside with the chair! He swings it at King, but King dodges! Catterson turns around! OH KING JUST DROPKICKED THE CHAIR INTO CATTERSON’S FACE! Catterson drops the chair and King DDT’s him right onto it! King takes this time to recover from the beating his leg has taken. Moments later, he gets to his feet and picks up the steel chair. He hits Catterson with it a few times then throws the chair back in the ring.

Vincent Price: King has Catterson by the hair and rolls him into the ring. King rolls into the ring right after. He picks up the chair again and hits Catterson a few more times with it, then sets the chair on top of Catterson. King gets on the top rope and jumps off with a moonsault! IT CONNECTS! KING’S BODY JUST SLAMMED THAT CHAIR INTO CATTERSON’S, HURTING BOTH OF THEM! They’re both laying in the ring in pain! King get’s back to his feet first, right before Catterson. They begin trading blows to the face, then Catterson blocks King’s punch and connects a scoop slam.

Chris Walker: Catterson is getting on the top rope! King is slowly getting up but he notices Catterson on the ropes! King quickly gets to Catterson then lifts him on his shoulders! He could be looking to finish this with the Uncrowned King onto the chair! AND… NO CATTERSON SLIDES OFF! HE KICKS KING IN THE GUT! THE CATTERSON IMPACT ONTO THE CHAIR! OH MY GOD! THE PEDIGREE JUST CONNECTED RIGHT ONTO THE CHAIR! CATTERSON COVERS!







( “Rules of Nature” by Jamie Christopherson blasts through the speakers as Liam Catterson is handed the XMW World Heavyweight Championship! )


Chris Walker: I honestly thought Samuel King was going to win it, but unfortunately he was unable to finish! The man has heart, you gotta give him that! He’s suffered loss after loss, but he doesn’t give up!

Vincent Price: And look! Samuel King is up and looking to shake Catterson’s hand! Catterson reaches in to shake his hand! OH MY GOD! KING STARTS THROWING FISTS OF FURY AT CATTERSON! HE LIFTS CATTERSON UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS! UNCROWNED KING! UNCROWNED KING! HE CONNECTS IT! CATTERSON IS LAID OUT AFTER THAT ROYAL FLUSH! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! What’s he doing now?

( Samuel King signals for a mic as and XMW Official hands him one. King stands above Catterson. )

Samuel King: This isn’t over yet. This is far from over.

( Samuel King drops the mic and walks backstage. Catterson starts to get up and holds his head while picking up his XMW World Heavyweight Championship. )

Chris Walker: What an event! Samuel King leaves Destiny with a loss, but makes a huge statement to the World Champ!

Vincent Price: What a night it has been, folks! It’s time to end the show, but we’ll be back next week with Affliction! Stay tuned to see a lot unravel!

Chris Walker: I’m Chris Walker!

Vincent Price: And I’m Vincent Price signing off for the night. Goodnight everyone!

( The camera begins to fade to black with Liam Catterson standing in the ring, holding his head, and holding his World Heavyweight Championship in the air. )

( XMW Logo Flashes. )
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