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 Spotlight Star: 8/31/14-9/14/14

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Jacob Steele

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PostSubject: Spotlight Star: 8/31/14-9/14/14   Mon Sep 15, 2014 4:43 pm

Rising Star of the Week: Drew Stevenson

Drew Stevenson made an impressive debut at Destiny, winning the Number One Contenders Match for the XMW Uncensored Championship. He took XMW by storm and already he has one thing on mind, Gold.

Match of the Week: Liam Catterson vs. Samuel King - XMW World Heavyweight Championship

It goes without saying that the Match of the Week be the World Heavyweight Championship Match. Not just because it was the Main Event of Destiny, but because the show put on by both Liam and Samuel. The match had everyone on the edge of their seat anticipating the match going either way. Liam retained, but in the end, Samuel stole the show.

Promoer of the Week: Drew Stevenson

See Rising Star of the Week!

Feud of the Week: XMW Uncensored Championship Match

Many could argue that Liam Catterson and Samuel King should be Feud of the Week, or maybe even Kale Mercer and Adrian Thorne. I believe that this feud was just as good. Since XMW's revival, the men in this match had been fighting for their chance to be in this match. With the parking lot brawl between Isaac Hunter and Michael Jordan, to Ignitex taking them both out, to the battle on top of the Cage, to Ignitex winning the Championship. The entire feud was just golden, thus claiming this award.

Champion of the Week: Liam Catterson/TLA

Champion of the Week this week is shared between the World Heavyweight Champion and 1/2 of the Hybrid Champions. Both men were able to retain their Championships at Destiny, giving them this award!

Spotlight Star: XMW Roster

To be completely honest, I had such a hard time deciding who the Spotlight Star would be for Destiny. I'm giving the Spotlight Star award to everyone who participated in Destiny and made Destiny what it was. Give yourselves a hand, win or lose, you're all Champions.
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Spotlight Star: 8/31/14-9/14/14
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